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Hey my dear fashion lovers,
It was last week when I mentioned at work that I have no series to watch when Gossip Girl or Made in Chelsea are not on. Somebody said why don’t you watch Revenge? It is set in glamorous location of Hamptons and the plot is exciting as well. So I thought I was going to give it a go and guess what I could not believe my eyes when I saw one of my favourite fashion bloggers Ashley on the show. So now I not only get to see her style weekly on her blog but also on TV :) Not bad after all to have double fashion inspiration :)
Minuly tyden jsem v praci vzpomela, ze bych chtela sledovat nejaky serial, kdyz Gossip Girl a Made in Chelsea maji pauzu. Znate to? Tesit se na komercni serial, kdyz sedite v praci a rikate si, ze to bude vase odreagovani dneska vecer. A nekdo navrhl Revenge. Dej je hodne zajimavy a odehrava se v Hamptons. No tak jsem si rekla, ze to zkusim. A hadejte co? Nemohla jsem verit svym ocim, kdyz jsem v serialu videla jednu z mych oblibenych blogerek Ashley. Nyni nejen ze bude mou inspiraci nekolikrat tydne na svem blogu, ale muzu na ni koukat i v televizi:) Dvojta modni inspirace neni vubec spatna :)
Preji vam vsem krasny den.
Love Glamazon xoxo

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