I have added something extra to my skincare routine and it was the best decision ever. I had the privilege to test out the Silk’n FaceTite Ritual skin rejuvenation device for the last ten weeks and I am very happy with the results. The older I get the more I am interested in testing out different tools and massagers that can postpone me using more radical treatments like botox or fillers. I am proud to say that I have not had any of these and love discovering easy things like this I can use at home. Plus it is quite fun to try new wonderful products for home use. It is also a much cheaper alternative that gives you more flexibility. I am a busy mum and something like this gives me flexibility to do it at times I want.

It is a very simple set that includes Silk’n Bright silicone facial cleansing brush which helps to clean your skin much more effectively. It works on the basis of sonic technology and can clean deeply plus provide massage for your face. It is 5 times more effective than cleansing by handand I have been using this twice a day to make sure I am getting the best results out of the whole FaceTite Ritual. It is waterproof so perfect for those relaxing times in a bath or shower and you can kill two birds with one stone. I am a firm believer that clean skin is the basis of a good skin so this step is very important. The vibrations are very pleasant on the skin and you can use it with your regular cleanser. Just try to avoid products that have exfoliating effect as this tool itself has got good cleansing effect already and you should not overdo it.

However the main tool FaceTite is the one that will help you to reduce wrinkles and improve elasticity and the whole appearance of your skin. I have started to see results as soon as 5 weeks into the routine. I was using this twice a week and would treat my critical areas like forehead, eye areas, lip area and chin and would use it at maximum heat 15 minutes on each critical area. You can expect red skin after as in contact with the skin the electrodes will create heat and the tool will produce red light. Both these contribute to renew collagen and lead to better skin and less visible wrinkles. The set also contains a special gel and a hyaluronic serum that just helps to achieve better results and I have been using those exclusively when treating my skin. I will not lie that some areas like eyes are more sensitive than others so for using the higher scales on fine lines around eyes you need a bit more time to get used to. The results are worth it. It is one area that demonstrated the best results.

You may think that this is quite time consuming. However if you stick to a routine and perhaps do this while watching a movie with family or yourself you will see how easy it is to fit this in. My favourite part of this was that at the weekend when we had on favourite series I would clean the skin and whilst watching a good movie I would also do something good for my skin and use this comfortably whilst sitting on the sofa.

I have also filmed a video where you can see how I have been using this and also more results like before and after pictures as well. I cannot wait to continue using this as If these are the results after just few weeks then imagine after months of using FaceTite Ritual. I can highly recommend this product. You can purchase this at different online retailers and also here at official website.







V poslednich nekolika tydnech jsem pridala do sve pece o plet dalsi krok, ten sice zabere vic casu, ale jsem moc spokojena s vysledky. Jsem moc rada, ze jsem mela vyzkouset Silk’n FaceTite Ritual a podelit se s vami o me zkusenosti. Cim vic mi pribyva let, tim vice se zajimam o ruzne metody, ktere nejsou tak radikalni jako botox ci fillers a snazim se pridavat ruzne kroky, ktere mohu delat v pohodli domova.

V tomto setu najdete Silk’n Bright, ktery slouzi k ocisteni pokozky. Je petkrat efektivnejsi nez bezne cisteni rukou a jde to znat. Pouzivala jsem ho rano i vecer pokazde dve minuty s mym beznym cleanserem a jsem velmi spokojena. Produkt diky vibracim a specialni technologii cisti pokozku hloubeji a take dokaze masirovat. Jakykoli produkt se tak dostane do hlubsich vrstev vasi pokozky. Ja verim, ze cista plet je zaklad vseho.

Hlavnim produktem je ale FaceTite, ktery po pravidelnem pouzivani vyditelne zlepsil moje vrasky a take elasticitu. Vrasky vam nezmizi, ale vyrazne se zlepsi. Ja jsem videla nejvetsi zlepseni na vraskach kolem oci a take na elasticite pokozky na brade. Produkt ma 5 rychlosti/stupnu a idealni je, kdyz pouzivate FaceTite 2x tydne na nejvyssi stupen 15 min na vase problematicke casti. Priznavam, ze to zabere cas, ale ja jsem si vzdy vecer sedla k televizi, vzala male zrcatko a pekne pomalu si jednotlive casti obliceje osetrovala. Pokozka bude po pouziti cervena, ale toho se nebojte, elektrody jsou horke a v citlivych castech jako oci je to trosku narocnejsi. Pak se vse ale upravi. Neni na skodu si po osetreni dat nejakou chladivou masku.

Opravdu nejvetsi vysledky vidim asi kolem oci na drobnejsich vraskach. Necekala jsem se, ze vrasky zmizi, to by bylo asi proti prirode, ale kdyz jsem natacela video, ktere je na youtube, tak jsem videla rozdil i na vraskach na cele. Vypadaji proste mene vyrazne.

Jestli jsou tohle vysledky za par tydnu pouzivani, tak se tesim na vysledky pri dlouhodobejsim pouzivani.


Paid collaboration with Silk’n

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