Victoria Beckham approves this facialist – Sarah Chapman facial review


It is known that Sarah Champan is a facialist for many A-listers including Hollywood stars, supermodels and Victoria Beckham herself shared that she is the secret to her glow.

I was over the moon to be able to try one of their more express facials which is great solution for those who are looking for a quick fix. If you prefer to get out and have it done in the salon rather than home spa. I may not have had Sarah Chapman herself but I had the honour to be treated by the loveliest facialist Charlotte. Sarah Chapman’s store and salon is just off Sloane Square – Skinesis clinic. The store is so well located and downstairs amongst all the fantastic products you have something called Glow Zone where these shorter period facials are done and you also find more private space with LED light machine.

I opted for Glow Boost + LED therapy and loved every second. Charlotte created comfortable environment, gave me water when I had to fill in health form and then provided cosy blanket for the treatment. The glow boost took 20 minutes and then it was followed by LED therapy. This treatment costs 65 £ and if you decide to try the LED therapy the total is 100 £. The focus is for the client to leave with glowing skin. I can swear the result was exactly what the brand promises. Although I am not a supermodel I decided to show you the picture after the facial without any makeup, filter or retouching.

The facial is very relaxing. We started with cleansing steps and Charlotte suggested 10 % lactic acid peel to help with my texture. It is usually one of the main concerns. My favourite part as always was the massage which Sarah Champan is so famous for. When the facialist gave me sheet mask she did hand massage when the mask was doing it’s magic. And that is always very relaxing and incredible touch.

I can highly recommend this as a quick facial on the go or if you have important occasion and you want to get your skin ready for the big event. It is also fairly priced considering the location and the name of the brand.

I was keen to share with you also the products Charlotte shared specifically during my bespoke facial.

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