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Outfit: How to dress during Holidays

Pictures: Margita

Wearing: Boots: H&M, Bag: Chanel, Dress: Zara, Blazer: Zara 

We are so close to Christmas and I am trying to keep the Christmas spirit by doing things I love in December. I make mulled wine more regular type of drink in the evenings, I try to watch Christmas movies and as each year I went to see Nutcracker. One thing where I feel I have been failing is fashion and dressing. It is such a good time to wear sparkle, dresses, velvet and more fun stuff so this time I finally pushed myself and put on this sequin dress that has been in my closet for few months. However, everytime I look back at my Vlogmas videos I see I opt for comfort because it is either cold, I have no time and I am rushing. LOL

So, I would suggest we all enjoy the fashion in December. Let’s embrace velvet and all the gorgeous puffy sleeves that are trending right now. Let’s wear big statement earrings and sparkly shoes and just have fun. Let’s get out of the comfort zone when it comes to makeup as this is the time. January will come soon and people will moan and will be depressed. I know it as it repeats each year…same old story. Your best gown will be your Sweaty Betty leggings and you can say bye to a party as you will be more likely trying the latest detox. LOL

Vanoce jsou za dvermi a ja se snazim delat veci, ktere si nejvice uzivam prave v prosinci. Delam si doma dobry svarak, koukam na vanocni filmy a jako kazdy rok jsem si zasla na Louskacka. Je to takova moje tradice. V jedne oblasti trosku pokulhavam a to je obleceni. Miluju flitry, samet a vubec krasne saty a toto je to nejlepsi obdobi jak toho vyuzit a tak jsem se konecne rozhodla si dat tyto flitrove saty prave na balet. Musim priznat, ze kdyz se zpetne divam na letosni Vlogmas, tak si vzdy volim pohodli, protoze bud specham, nebo se mi nechce, nebo je zima. LOL 

Ale myslim, ze na sebe musim byt prisnejsi a vyuzit toho, ze je to idealni doba na to si dat krasne saty a vsechny ty bluzy s velkyma rukavama a vyrazne nausnice. Leden je za rohem a jako kazdy rok se vse obrati, vsichni kolem budou na detoxu a jejich obleceni budou hlavne leginy do fitka. Kazdy ma deprese, nechce si dat ani sklenicku vina a vetsina lidi je akorat zalezla doma nebo ve fitku. A tak toho pojdme vyuzit dokud se da. LOL 


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Four 2019 Autumn Trends

We are very close to August and although it may not seem like it Autumn isn’t that far. So for some fashion enthusiasts it may be normal to start to consider some first purchases for autumn. I decided to do a nice selection of what is currently available to purchase amongst luxury and high-street shops and online shops so you can be one step ahead. Here are 4 trends you will see in the shops and on the streets in autumn 2019.

Srpen je pomalu za dvermi a mozna se to tak nezda, ale podzim se blizi za par tydnu. A pro modni nadsene je to bezna vec, ze zacnou uz ted premyslet, co na sebe jak se ochladi. Neni tedy na skodu si osvezit co bylo na videni na prehlidkach a co se bude nosit na podzim 2019. A tak jsem udelala vyber obleceni od luxusnich i cenove dostupnych znacek. Vsechny tyto kousky jsou momentalne k zakoupeni. 

1 . Dark Florals – As seen on the catwalk like  Balenciaga, Prada and others

Florals have always been around as majority of trends but many designers are bringing lot of autumn florals on darker dresses, blouses etc. We can expect some gorgeous dark tone dresses with variety of floral prints.

1. Kvetinovy potisk – Balenciaga, Prada …

Kvetinovy potisk jako takovy snad ani nevychazi z mody, ale vetsina je ma spojene spise s teplejsim pocasim. Navrhari ale letos prinasi spousty krasnych potisku a to spise na tmavsich podkladech. Je to skvely kousek na podzim a napriklad maxi saty s kozenou bundickou ci sackou jsou klasikou, ktera se nosi velmi dobre. 

2. Bright colours and Neon – As seen on catwalks of Jaquemus, Prada, Off-White, Fendi and others

Bright colours are fun. I must admit I am not the most colourful person but over the years I got definitely much better. I personally think it is so refreshing to see bright shades of purple, green, yellow, orange when the temperature drops. As majority of people in the streets just tend to wear neutrals. It just brings a bit of fun to fashion.

2. Vyrazne a neovone barvy – Jaquemus, Prada, Fendi…

Vyrazne barvy jsou nahodou velmi zabavne a to hlavne v dobe, kdy vetsina lidi presedla na neutralni tony jako bezova, cerna a hneda. Letos ale uvidite v kolekcich vyrazne barvy jako fialova, zelena, zluta, oranzova, zelena a jine. 

3 . 70’s Bourgeois  – Victoria Beckham, Gucci, Chloe, Balenciaga and many many

I have always loved 70’s. If you have followed me for a while you will know and this is one of the favourites trends for me this year. It is chic, love the colours and how much you can layer and play around. Imagine chic pleated skirts with blouses, sweaters and blazers. Loving the boots with midi skirts and it reminds me of Paris and chic style so much. I am really excited to take out my pleated skirts this autumn.

3. Burzoazni sedmdesatky – Victoria Beckham, Gucci, Chloe, Balenciaga a spoustu dalsich

Tohle je jeden z mych oblibenych trendu. Miluju sedmdesata leta obecne, vidim v nich tolik inspirace a fakt, ze tolik svetovych navrharu letos prinasi tento trend klasicke mestske holky ze 70. let mi dela fakt radost. Je to chic, je to elegantni, vidim v tom Pariz, jednoduche neutralni barvicky, kostkovana sacka, plisovane sukne, sem tam nejaky potisk v mensi mire jako leopard, ci satek s potiskem a je to zkratka parada. 

4. Disco – even for the day – Chanel, Celine, Dior

I adore this trend. This reminds me the time when I moved to UK years and years ago. I loved how girls wore sequins for the day. You could rarely see this amount of sparkle in Czech. And we are talking sequins for the day. It is so cool to wear it for special occasion but even cooler to pop on bit of glitter with your jeans or white t-shirt. I mean so much sparkle and disco fun on shows like Chanel, Celine, Dior or Gucci. Love it.

4. Kralovna Disko – I pres den – Chanel, Celine, Dior

Trend flitru a vubec cokoli se trpyti je pro me. Pripomina mi to me zacatky v Londyne. Byla jsem nadsena, kdyz jsem videla holky ve flitrovych vecech jenom tak pres den. Ne zadna specialni udalost ci ples…proste takhle hodit neco flitroveho k dzinum a triku. A presne tohle bylo k videni na prehlidkach jako Chanel, Celine a Dior. Gucci ma ted k prodeji cool flitrovou bundu a jsem si jista, ze neco takoveho bude brzo i v klasickych retezcich. 


Pictures: Eva

Wearing: Shoes: Manolo Blahnik, Jeans: Revolve, Top: Revolve, Blazer: River Island, Bag: Aspinal

I am the type of person that has got huge inner drive to be constantly doing something. I am always on the go, always filling free time with some activity and I find it very difficult to just switch off. I almost feel guilt if my day isn’t productive. I can say I rarely have days when I can say I did nothing. To me doing nothing is really is doing nothing…reading books, watching favourite TV show, having bath, pamper day and so on. However even on those days I always realise I did a lot whether that is work around the house or anything blog related. And I need to constantly find ways to justify why is it ok to have a lazy day and here is why…

  1. Balance is important – Keeping things in balance is important in most areas of our lives. You know it – balance, jing & jang, extremes are not good. So keep balance in between relaxation and work.
  2. Other people do that so can you – Every time I feel guilty again about taking things easy I think about other people and that we all do it sometimes.
  3. Do not force it – Yes sometimes we need to push ourselves for example when going to gym however from my experience if I am tired or not motivated forcing it does not end up well. You do not work as well and the result is not great either.
  4. Tomorrow is another day – If I decide to rest one day I have so much more energy following day that I manage huge amount of work and the quality is great.
  5. Love yourself – Loving yourself means also listening to your body and taking time off.

Jsem typ clovek, ktery ma vnitrni motivaci a nedokazu vetsinu dni zastavit. Musim porad neco delat, jsem rada produktivni a dokonce citim pocit viny, kdyz mam takovy uvolnenejsi a liny den. Nedokazu si pomoci, ale vycitky se casto dostavi. Jsem ten typ, ktery si pise seznam kazde rano s tim, co chci udelat a kdyz nezvladnu vsechno na na seznamu, docela tezce se s tim vyrovnanam. A tak take casto hledam ruzne duvody, abych se presvedcila, ze i takove dny jsou treba a klidne jich muze byt vic po sobe. A prisla jsem na tohle. Priste az si to budu vycitat, tak si prectu tento clanek :) 

  1. Balanc je dulezity – Balanc je dulezity ve vsech oblastech nasich zivotu a tak i balanc mezi odpocinkem a praci! Vyvazenost je tou nejlepsi cestou. Znate to jing a jang, vseho s mirou, rovnovaha….
  2. Delaji to ostatni tak proc ne vy – Tolik lidi v mem okoli ma dny, kdy zkratka vypnou. I prolezeny den u knizky a prochazky v prirode jsou treba.
  3. Neni dobre se nutit silou – obcas je dobre prekonat lenost, ale kdyz vam telo rika stop, musite poslechnout. Rika se, ze kazdy den se ma zit tak jako by byl ten posledni, tak proc se hnat neustale, aby bylo udelano to ci ono. A uz se vam nekdy stalo, ze kdyz se opravdu nutite, tak vysledek neni moc dobry? LOL urcite to znate. 
  4. Zitra je taky den – Moje zkusenost je, ze kdyz si opravdu lenosim, tak dalsi den mam tolik energie, ze stihnu dvojnasobek a ve velke kvalite. 
  5. Sebelaska je dulezita – Sebelaska je dulezita a to znamena, ze budete poslouchat sve telo a date mu vse co je treba a to i den volna.   


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Happy New Year 2019

Wearing: Tights: Gucci, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Coat: Topshop, Top: Zara, Skirt: Revolve, Bag: Chanel, Hair Clips: The Triplets

And just like that 2019 is here and they say it will be a good one. So let’s hope so. This article is not about looking back at 2018 and doing reviews or anything like that. This article is about looking forward.

I think for the first time in years my intuition is not that clear and maybe that is a good thing. Most years I have felt something whether the new year bring me this or that and I just do not feel much so perhaps there will be some great achievements and surprises that 2019 will bring. Who knows?! One of the resolutions for me will be just to try to let the life flow as it is and see what happens. I have always loved to be in control but sometimes you just have it take things easy and live your life.

One thing I wanted is to start the year right so I went for very early morning run and bumped into so many people who were leaving wild parties and guess what. I wasn’t jealous at all. Whilst they will probably feel tired and hangover all day I will feel good LOL. I then had the most rewarding bath and did a fabulous skincare routine and finished everything with healthy breakfast. I read a book and I plan to clear my wardrobe todays so I can give some items to charity. These things make me feel good and it is all about feeling good isn’t it?

However, I am not just some robot who loves lists and healthy lifestyle so I will also watch a nice movie, read, eat some delicious lunch as nobody wants to overdo it on the first day of the new year.

I hope your 2019 will be the best ever and I hope you will still be coming back and enjoy my work.

Thank you.

A mame tu 2019 a nechce se mi tomu ani verit. Cas bezi tak rychle, ale po nekolika letech se neohlizim zpet a nechci aby tento clanek byl o tom predchozim roce. Spise se chci divat kupredu. 

Poprve po mnoha letech me moje intuice mate. Nebo spise mi nic nerika, abych to upresnila. Vetsinu let jsem mela takove pocity o tom jaky nasledujici rok bude a co mi prinese, ale letos nevnimam vnitrne vubec nic. Tak muzu jenom doufat, ze to bude rok hezky a prijemny. Jedno z predsevzeti urcite bude nechat zivot vice plynout. Jsem clovek, ktery ma rad kontrolu a je asi nacase se celkove vice uvolnit a brat veci tak jak jsou. 

Jednu vec jsem si ale prala a to je zacit dnesek a vlastne novy rok prijemne. A tak jsem si sla brzo rano zabehat. Po ceste jsem narazila na spoustu lidi, kteri prave opousteli vecirky a rikala jsem si, ze jim vubec nezavidim. Zatimco ja dnes budu plna energie a bude mi dobre, oni budou cely den spat a nebo hledat neco na zahnani kocoviny. A po kratkem behu jsem si dala horkou koupel v soli a pokracovala ve zkraslovaci rutine…veci jako maska a vsak to znate. Dala jsem si zdravou snidani a chvili si cetla. A dneska mam v planu jeste protridit par veci ze skrini, ktere pujdou na charitu. Zitra je tady totiz svoz primo z domu a chtela bych toho vyuzit. 

Ale tak prece jenom nejsem zadny robot, ktery si akorat pise seznamy a odskrtava co uz zvladnul a tak se urcite odpoledne podivame na nejaky film a treba si zajdeme na prochazku.

A Vam preju jenom to nej v roce 2019 a snad Vas moje prace bude bavit i nadale. 



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