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Pictures: Eva

Wearing: Shoes: Manolo Blahnik, Jeans: Revolve, Top: Revolve, Blazer: River Island, Bag: Aspinal

I am the type of person that has got huge inner drive to be constantly doing something. I am always on the go, always filling free time with some activity and I find it very difficult to just switch off. I almost feel guilt if my day isn’t productive. I can say I rarely have days when I can say I did nothing. To me doing nothing is really is doing nothing…reading books, watching favourite TV show, having bath, pamper day and so on. However even on those days I always realise I did a lot whether that is work around the house or anything blog related. And I need to constantly find ways to justify why is it ok to have a lazy day and here is why…

  1. Balance is important – Keeping things in balance is important in most areas of our lives. You know it – balance, jing & jang, extremes are not good. So keep balance in between relaxation and work.
  2. Other people do that so can you – Every time I feel guilty again about taking things easy I think about other people and that we all do it sometimes.
  3. Do not force it – Yes sometimes we need to push ourselves for example when going to gym however from my experience if I am tired or not motivated forcing it does not end up well. You do not work as well and the result is not great either.
  4. Tomorrow is another day – If I decide to rest one day I have so much more energy following day that I manage huge amount of work and the quality is great.
  5. Love yourself – Loving yourself means also listening to your body and taking time off.

Jsem typ clovek, ktery ma vnitrni motivaci a nedokazu vetsinu dni zastavit. Musim porad neco delat, jsem rada produktivni a dokonce citim pocit viny, kdyz mam takovy uvolnenejsi a liny den. Nedokazu si pomoci, ale vycitky se casto dostavi. Jsem ten typ, ktery si pise seznam kazde rano s tim, co chci udelat a kdyz nezvladnu vsechno na na seznamu, docela tezce se s tim vyrovnanam. A tak take casto hledam ruzne duvody, abych se presvedcila, ze i takove dny jsou treba a klidne jich muze byt vic po sobe. A prisla jsem na tohle. Priste az si to budu vycitat, tak si prectu tento clanek :) 

  1. Balanc je dulezity – Balanc je dulezity ve vsech oblastech nasich zivotu a tak i balanc mezi odpocinkem a praci! Vyvazenost je tou nejlepsi cestou. Znate to jing a jang, vseho s mirou, rovnovaha….
  2. Delaji to ostatni tak proc ne vy – Tolik lidi v mem okoli ma dny, kdy zkratka vypnou. I prolezeny den u knizky a prochazky v prirode jsou treba.
  3. Neni dobre se nutit silou – obcas je dobre prekonat lenost, ale kdyz vam telo rika stop, musite poslechnout. Rika se, ze kazdy den se ma zit tak jako by byl ten posledni, tak proc se hnat neustale, aby bylo udelano to ci ono. A uz se vam nekdy stalo, ze kdyz se opravdu nutite, tak vysledek neni moc dobry? LOL urcite to znate. 
  4. Zitra je taky den – Moje zkusenost je, ze kdyz si opravdu lenosim, tak dalsi den mam tolik energie, ze stihnu dvojnasobek a ve velke kvalite. 
  5. Sebelaska je dulezita – Sebelaska je dulezita a to znamena, ze budete poslouchat sve telo a date mu vse co je treba a to i den volna.   


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Outfit: One shoulder shirt

Wearing: Shirt: Tobi, Bag: Aspinal of London, Boots: Boden, Belt: Gucci, Jeans: Asos

Who doesn’t love Friday? Weekend ahead, that Friday atmosphere in the air knowing you have two sweet days ahead called Saturday and Sunday. And this week I attended the private screening with Aspinal of London and watched the brilliant movie The murder on the orient express. What a fantastic start of the weekend! The movie was great, perfect choice for this season and great cast. I just wish I was in better frame of mind. I had super hectic day, arrived late and my mind was non stop. I must blame full moon for this as I do feel it can affect us to this level.

For this occasion I have picked very casual yet lovely outfit. All it needs is one cool piece like this one shoulder shirt. I got this shirt on Tobi and love it so much. And today I am glad it is Saturday. Sometimes you just have to go to bed and wait for another day.

Kdo by nemiloval patek? Je pred nama vikend a takova ta patecni atmosfera ve vzduchu. A fakt, ze nas cekaji dva dny volna vykouzli na tvari usmev nejednomu cloveku. A tento tyden jsem si zprijemnila patek akci, na kterou me pozval Aspinal of London a to privatni promitani filmu Vrazda v Orient Expresu. Film je skvely, jen to byl takovy hekticky den (trosku to davam za vinu uplnku), ze jsem prisla na akci pozde, zadychana a nejak jsem se nemohla soustredit. 

Na promitani jsem vybrala jsem si velmi jednoduchy a pohodlny outfit, kteremu asi vevodi tahle zajimava kosile se spadnutym ramenem. A reknu vam, ze jsem rada, ze je sobota a dalsi den. Nekdy je treba se proste vyspat a zacit znovu. 

Love Glamazon xoxo

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Outfit: Pink Teddy Coat

Pictures: Derek Bremner for APT

Wearing: Coat: Topshop, Jeans: Topshop, Shoes: Gucci, Sunglasses: Dior, Bag: Aspinal, T-shirt: Levis

When I posted these pictures on my Instagram feed I did not expect this coat to get so much love from you. However, looking back I get it. It looks so cosy but with the classic cut it creates a perfect item for winter right?

I just love jackets and coats but I may need a bigger house soon or throw everything out as I have one designated wardrobe just for coats. LOL I am that kind of person that has emotional ties with her things. And I should not as I have so much (and trust me I feel very lucky) that I could dress five other people. Well, it is time to get better so need to clear and clear and clear.

You can find some of the stuff I am selling on my depop (evaglamazon). Well, time to make some room in my wardrobe. Yeees!

Kdyz jsem dala pred par dny tyhle fotografie na Instagram, tak jsem necekala jak moc se bude tento kabat libit. A ted kdyz o tom zpetne premyslim, to dava smysl. Je to krasny a hlavne teply kousek. I kdyz to neni uplne klasicka barva, diky strihu vypada vice nadcasove.

Bundy a kabaty mam vubec moc rada, akorat to vypada tak, ze zachvili budu potrebovat vetsi dum, jinak se sem nevlezeme. Vzdyt ja mam jenom jednu skrin vyhrazenou na bundy a kabaty. Vite co je u me nejhorsi, ze sem hrozne citove zalozena a lpim na svych vecech. Kdyz neco davam pryc ci prodavam, vzdy mam pocit, ze to budu potrebovat, uplne je mi zalostne. Ale jinak to nejde, musim se polepsit. Diky tomu co delam mam tolik veci, ze bych mohla satit dalsich pet lidi. Takze tridit, tridit a tridit. 

A pomalu zacinam tridit i kosmetiku, pokud si chcete neco koupit, vetsinu veci prodavam na depop a najdete me pod evaglamazon. Jak jinak? LOL 

Love Glamazon xoxo

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Outfit: Sock boots trend

Pictures: Derek Bremner for APT

Wearing: Boots: Russell & Bromley, Bag: Aspinal, Sunglasses: Dior, Belt: Temperley: Skirt: Zara, Blazer: Zara

Shall I admit that only two minutes ago I had colander on my head? Well, maybe not but Liam keeps taking stuff out of the cupboards and puts things like pans all over the house. To be honest I find it hilarious even though my place does not look very tidy these days. LOL

Well, that is life with kids and even though one day you wear the latest trends like these sock boots the next day you may end up with a piece of banana on the pocket of your jeans. So unpredictable. LOL

You honestly never know what to expect with kids. I am just heading out and I should defo check if there is no milk in my shoes or something. LOL

Mam se priznat k tomu, ze jsem mela jeste pred chvili na hlave cednik? Asi ne co? Liam porad “kramari” a moje hrnce a veci vubec konci na nejmene ocekavanych mistech. Ochranne pojistky jsem dala spis jenom tam, kam jsem mela pocit, ze to bylo treba, ale ty hrnce mu zkratka nebudu odpirat, kdyz ho to tak bavi.

A to je zivot s detma, ze? Jeden den muzete mit na sobe horky trend jako treba tyhle “sock boots” (premyslim jak se to preklada do cestiny – ponozkove kozacky zni docela uchylne ne? ) a druhy den vyjdete z domu a zjistite, ze mate kousek rozplkleho bananu na dzinech. Haha 

Tak a ted se chystam ven, tak si zkontroluju, zda nemam v bote vylite mleko. S nima clovek nikdy nevi. Hezky den. 

Love Glamazon xoxo


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