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10 Autumn and Halloween nails desing ideas


Autumn is in full swing and Halloween is round the corner. Not everybody is a huge fan of Halloween however halloween nails come highly in search on so many platforms that I decided to bring you my favourite autumn vibe nail ideas.

I am not personally such a good fan of crazy nail designs but tried to cherry pick the best yet wearable nails to get you in to the halloween spirit. In general I love burgundy and cherry red shades and I also love browns and khaki shades for this time of the year. I am a simple kind of girl but there are so many halloween lovers so nothing wrong with little ghost or spider web for living your halloween life for few weeks.

I can really see myself personally wearing lot of mink tones, grey or even black and keep things very simple but it is not for everybody and there are just many girls that stick to one thing. I personally love the first image very much and despite each nail looking so different the whole design is so cohesive and really brings on the right atmosphere.

Whether you go to salon to have your nails done or do it at home here is some inspiration for you. You can also browse my favourite burgundy nail varnishes that are very affordable. If you are like me and decide to go for more simplicity you can look at my personal favourites at Amazon. The khaki shade is incredible for autumn and one of my top shades.

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