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My favourite face masks

I have been planning this post for sometime and I finally put together a list of my favourite masks. Using masks is that little extra you can do for your skin and for me it is all about relaxation, sometimes about quick fixes. I am at the point when a cream and toner is just not enough so I want to make sure I always look after my skin in the best possible way especially when your child does not let you to have good night sleep.

Tento clanek jsem planovala delsi dobu a konecne se mi ho podarilo dat dohromady a je o mych oblibenych pletovych maskach. Pouzivani masek patri k memu ritualu, mam pocit, ze relaxuju a delam pro plet zkratka neco vice. Jednou mam pocit, ze je treba hydratace, podruhe zmensit pory. To opravdu zalezi. S pribyvajicim vekem se objevuji vrasky a hlavne unava z nevyspani ( po narozeni Liama) jde na pleti hodne videt.

Charlotte Tilbury – Instant Facial Dry Sheet Mask

This is a product that got so much hype and I am not surprised. I am a huge fan of sheet masks and I was so curious to see how can it change your skin when it is dry and plus you can use it three times I believe. How amazing? Just put it back in the packet and off we go. There is something about it for sure as I felt the skin looks more radiant and what is even better you can use it over your makeup. So my ideal scenario is when I have makeup during the day and I feel I need a refresh before going out. You can put this one, retouch your makeup and you are ready.

Tento produkt jsem chtela hrozne dlouho vyzkouset a je uzasny. Nechapala sem, jak muze byt maska sucha a pritom neco pokozce dodat. Navic se da pouzit i na makeup. Je to dobry produkt a hodi se zejmena na ty dny, kdy mate na sobe makeup pres den a potrebujete trosku pokozku ozivit a pak jenom upravit makeup. Produkt fungujici rychle a efektivne. A uzasne je i to, ze masku muzete pouzit vickrat. Staci ji vratit zpet do baleni a zavrit. 

Vichy Quenching Mineral Mask

Mineral based products have quickly became so popular. And I could not stay behind. This mask is very quick and it hydrates so nicely. I love the texture as well and the instant results.

Produkty obsahujici mineraly zacaly byt v posledni dobe popularni a taky jsem jim minuly rok hodne propadla. Tahle maska je skvela na hydrataci a je rychla a navic da i vysledky. 

Clinique Pep Start Double Bubble Mask

I love this product so much. I always take it when I travel as even if you are going on quick rush trips you manage to squeeze this one in and I love using it to prep my skin before putting on makeup. It literally takes few minutes but the skin feels amazing and the bubbles are so much fun.

Tento produkt jsem si okamzite zamilovala, beru si ho casto na kratke cesty, protoze i kdyz mam nabity program, staci ji pouzit opravdu kratkou dobu. Je to opravdu rychla maska a me se nejvice osvedcila ji pouzit pred tim nez si nanesu makeup. Krasne plet pripravi a ve finale vse pak vypada jinak. 

Lancer Magnetic Younger Revealing Mask Intense

This is a pure luxury and although it is more expensive than most products in the market it will totally steal your heart. I looooove this product so much but keeping it for rainy days. It is so innovative and actually fun to use as it is a magnetic mask so after the application you take it off with a special magnet included in the box. No other mask gives such a smooth texture to your skin instantly.

Tahle maska je luxus a to myslim vazne. Je ale take nejdrazsi, ale pokud mate dostatecny rozpocet, urcite ji zkuste. Je to magneticka maska a sundava se pomoci magnetu, ktery je jeji soucasti. Je to docela zabava ji aplikovat, ale trva to dele. Kazdopadne mi nikdy zadna maska nedala jemnejsi texturu pleti hned po pouziti. 

Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask

I have been using this product for many years and it used to be my go to mask especially when I had breakouts. It really works magic on your pores and gives you that deep cleaning effect. Definitely one of my old times favourites.

Tuhle masku pouzivam uz par let a hlavne mi pomohla, kdyz jsem mela horsi plet a vice akne. Krasne cisti pory a ma takovy ten cistici efekt. Jedna z mych oblibenych klasik. 

Sand & Sky Pink Clay Mask

You will love everything about this. I love the pot, the brush for application and the colour too. This is a hit from Australia and I am on my second pot. It really tightens your skin, cleans your pore and gives you radiance.

Tahle maska by se vam mohla opravdu libit. Zamilovala jsem se jak do baleni, tak do stetecku na aplikaci. Je to velky hit z Australie a je to maska z ruzoveho jilu. Krasne stahuje pory a plet hned rozzari. Uz mam druhe baleni. 

Guerlain Abeille Royale Repairing Honey Gel Mask

At the moment I call this mask Queen of the masks. Not only it gives me a sense of luxury but it honestly works. When I am very very tired and my lines are visible and in general I look dull I go for this one. And I personally love to just leave soak into your skin. Little miracle.

Tehle masce ted rikam Kralovna. Nejen ze mi dava pocit luxusu, ale opravdu na mou pokozku zabira. Pouzivam ji casto, kdyz jsem unavena, mam pocit, ze mi vzdy vylepsi drobne vrasky a taky plet po ni vice zari. Ja osobne ji necham vsaknout do pokozky stejne jako krem. 

Erborian Spray To Mask

When I got my hands on this mask I could not way to try it. You spray it on. Yes you read it correctly it is in a spray. It is Korean mask and I love trying out Korean beauty products in general. And it is fantastic. It is so easy to apply and it hydrates so well. Another great product out there.

Kdyz jsem tuhle masku dostala, tesila jsem se moc az ji vyzkousim, je totiz ve spreji a nikdy predtim jsem masku ve spreji nezkousela. Je to korejska maska a ja obecne miluju Korejske kosmeticke produkty. A je opravdu skvela, hlavne co se hydratace tyce. 

Rodial Super Acids X-treme Hangover Mask

This is another of my old time favourites. I have been using it for few years and love it. It really is hangover mask. And I often use it after a night out :) It works magic on your pores and dullness of your skin.

Tohle je dalsi maska, kterou pouzivam uz par let. A opravdu si ji davam casto den po te, co jsem byla vecer venku a pila. Krasne plet rozzari a stahne pory. 

Malin + Goetz Detox Mask

This is the newest addition to my bathroom shelve but I am in love already. It is so easy to use. You can leave it on only for 5 minutes and that is all. It gives me nice radiance and hydration. I loved applying makeup straight after. The final effect was brilliant.

Tohle je muj nejnovejsi prirustek a jsem moc spokojena. Je to velmi dobra maska a take rychla, staci vam pet minut. Po pouziti byla plet rozjasnena a hezky hydratovana. Krasne pripravila plet na liceni. 

Shiseido IBUKI Beauty Sleeping Mask

This is one my hero products in general. I love adding this mask few times a month to my skincare routine at night and just let it work over night. I often use it after I have used my derma roller and there is a huge difference in the morning. I would also say it is a great mask for lazy people that do not want to bother with the whole application and taking it off process. I simply love this product.

Tohle je jeden z mych nejoblibenejsich produktu. Rada ji pouzivam nekolikrat do mesice a necham pres no hezky pusobit. Casto ji pouzivam, kdyz pouzivam muj domaci derma roller a rano to jde skutecne videt. Rekla bych, ze je to vyborna maska pro linejsi povahy, ktere nebavi cely proces aplikace a odstranovani pletovych masek. 

Shiseido Benefiance Multi Target Mask

One of my favourite sheet masks ever. It is great it comes in two parts if you only want to target one area. It works magic instantly and leaves skin looking very dewy and fresh. Shiseido is really an amazing brand when it comes to face masks.

Jedna z mych nejoblibenjsich platynkovych masek. Je na ni super, ze muzete pouzit bud spodni nebo horni cast, vlastne se muzete soustredit jen na urcitou problematickou cast. A opravdu zanecha plet krasne stavnatou a svezi. 


Beauty: Why using facial oils can benefit your skin?

Facial oils have got so many benefits however still many people that have not tried any. To be honest I have been using them for few years but in the past I believed that oils would give me more acne and breakouts. Well, after trying out different brands I realised it is about what oil you use. There are days where I do not even touch cream and use purely oils for hydrating my skin.

And why are they so good? Well, they prevent wrinkles mainly, they hydrate, they protect and some of them can even make your pores smaller. I personally find them somehow soothing. When I was pregnant I was obsessed with oils and also I used oils during my Accutante treatment as the skin was really dry.

These would be some of my favourite facial oils and there are different reasons why I love them.

  1. Samaya Ajurveda – this oil has got definitely one of the more interesting concepts as before you purchase you need to do a test and find out what your dosha is. If you are into yoga and ajurveda this is one thing to try. I was half kapha and vata and picked this one which is more suitable vata purely based on smell preference. It is a gorgeous oil with gorgeous smell and became a big fan very quickly.
  2. Clarins Blue Orchid – Face Treatment Oil – I have been using this only shortly but even after few uses I felt a big difference in the morning. Mainly how even the skin tone was and bare in mind I would use it after a night when I had few glasses of wine. It smells very natural and very herbal base so if you like that kind of thing this is the winner.
  3. Rodial Snake Booster Oil – This is my old hero product and I still love it. This must be my third bottle and I still use this product. It helps to almost freeze expressions lines and reduce signs of ageing. It is very good before you want to apply your foundation as I do believe there is almost instant effect when it comes to fine lines. Not huge fan of the smell but everything else is top class.
  4. Pixi Rose Oil Blend – this oil improves skins elasticity and brings lot of glow. And it does deliver. I had this with me travelling and it worked wonders after full day on the sun. It does not feel greasy whilst it hydrates nicely and I love the smell so much.
  5. Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate – I started to use this product many years ago when I was going through  Accutane treatment and it is a wonderful lightweight oil. It is great for daily use, hydrates beautifully and also creates great block from all the radicals around us on a daily basis.

Let me know if any of these are familiar or perhaps there are other wonderful oils I should know about.

Olejicky na oblicej maji spoustu vyhod a presto potkavam spousty lidi, kteri by si zadny na oblicej nedali. Ja se priznam, ze pred par lety jsem mezi ne patrila. Myslela jsem si naivne, ze pouzivat oleje bude znamenat akne a mastna plet. Ale spis je to to tom najit takovy, ktery sedi vasi pleti. Dneska jsou dny, kdy si ani krem nedavam a spoleham se pouze na ruzne oleje. 

A proc jsou tak dobre. Samozrejme si musite najit ten svuj, ale vseobecne krasne hydratuji, chrani vasi plet, bojuji proti vraskam a nektere dokonce dokazi zmensit vase pory. Ja osobne je shledavam hrozne uklidnujici. Kdyz jsem byla tehotna, oleje jsem si vylozene uzivala a take jsem je ve velkem pouzivala behem Accutane lecby. Pokozka byla v te dobe opravdu extremne sucha.

Mam vyzkousene spousty ruznych oleju, ale tyhle mam momentalne hodne rada z ruznych duvodu. 

  1. Samaya Ajurveda – tento olej si vyberete na zaklade urceni vasi dosi. Pokud jste na jogu a ajurvedu a tyhle veci, urcite se na produkt podivejte. V mem testu vyslo, ze jsem napul kapha a vata. A rozhodla jsem se pro vatu jenom diky tomu, ze tento mi vonel vice. A velmi rychle jsem si ho zamilovala. 
  2. Clarins Blue Orchid – Face Treatment Oil – Tento olej mam ze vsech nejkratsi dobu, ale jsem spokojena. I pri prvnim pouziti jsem videla vysledky a to hlavne v tom, ze pokozka byla mene zarudla a to i po veceru, kdy jsem mela par sklenicek vina. A pokud mate radi vylozene bylinkove vune, bude se vam libit. 
  3. Rodial Snake Booster Oil – Tento olej pouzivam asi nejdele a je to jeden z mych nejvetsich oblibencu. Je navrzeny tak, ze ma zmirnit vrasky a zpomalit proces starnuti. Ja ho rada pouzivam, kdyz si chci udelat hodne dobry makeup. Mam pocit ze ma temer okamzity efekt a po na naneseni makeupu jsou vrasky mene vyrazne. Takovy docasny botox v lahvicce. Uprimne mi moc nesedi jeho vune, ale fakt, ze uz mam asi treti baleni asi svedci o tom, ze je dobry. 
  4. Pixi Rose Oil Blend – Pomuze vam vylepsit elasticitu pokozky a krasne ji rozzari a je to pravda. Mela jsem ho sebou na cestach a je uzasny po celem dni na slunicku. A navic krasne voni. 
  5. Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate – Tento lehky olej jsem zacala pouzivat prave v dobe, kdyz jsem prochazela lecbou accutanem. A zamilovala jsem si jej. Je prirodni, ma vytazek z korene zazvoru a nadherne hydratuje. Vasi plet chrani a vytvari skvely blok pred skodlivinami, ktere mame kolem sebe. 

Dejte mi vedet jake vy pouzivat oleje a proc a treba zrovna nektery z techto je take vas oblibenec.

Love Glamazon xoxo