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Outfit: How to spread positivity on social media

Wearing: Belt Bag: Gucci, Boots: Allsaints, Dress: Allsaints, Blazer: Zara, Sunglasses: Rayban

When I started blogging years and years ago I shared very little on social media from my private life. And that is the way I went for years. For me it was a way how to express something I loved and how to talk about fashion. I wanted to keep things positive, talk positive and do not bring negativity on to any of my platforms. Nothing less and nothing more.

 However, blogging has transformed. People want to know more and more and although I still stick to what I love the most I share a bit more than I used to. And so do other people in this industry. Some people vlog daily and let thousands of people see what they do daily. And that reveals a lot from how you make your breakfast, how tidy  your house is, how your bring your children up or how you look without makeup. Although it should not be like that then it can bring lot of judgment from the readers, followers and watchers. We all are so different, we like different things, we were naturally given things we cannot change, we have different mannerism, we are different body sizes, religions, skin tone or body type. And that is perfectly fine. Each of the person online is unique and there will be people that love them and follow them. They will be grateful that the bloggers are offering them free content that inspires and entertains them.

I personally see social media as something that could help spread positivity. Anybody whether you are a follower, viewer or content creator can add something positive. People can add value, make people smile and make others to feel good. They can share information that can help and support, help people to improve. It is simple.

  1. Share positive thoughts, appreciation posts, positive comments and talk positively – Even if you do not like somebody’s new skirt it is fine (your personal taste) it is all about how you phrase things. Surely there are other elements you can comment on that are positive and and you can mix the negative comment amongst two positive ones. Criticism should be constructive, try to avoid abuse and try not to offend. Always think how would you feel if you were facing this person in real and you would say the comment out loud. If you are criticising make sure it is politely and it is something that the individual person can improve. Saying to a person things like your teeth are horrific isn’t going to help them to improve their video content or writing skills.
  2. Share inspiring quotes, articles, posts – Sharing interesting quotes or other people’s content is the way forward. I do it a lot myself. I repost things so it reaches more people. It feels great to share positivity further and further.
  3. Your actions and words should add value – If you are content creator try to give something to people each time. If you are a watcher or follower your comments should add value to others or the content creator. Comments like I hate when you touch your hair all the time is not adding too much value. It is probably something the creator is doing subconsciously and cannot help it. We all have mannerism like this. However, if you say things like you should try this for better results of x,y, z gives something to the creator and people reading the comments.
  4. Use social media to help – Lot of bad things happen daily so use social media to create awareness and ideas how anybody can help. Share information about charities, create awareness and let’s try to use social media together to achieve something good.

Kdyz jsem zacala s blogem, nesdilela jsem prakticky nic ze sveho osobniho zivota. Byla to pro me zabavna platforma, kde muzu sdilet svou lasku k mode a mluvit o tom, co mam rada. Chtela jsem vzdy a za tim si stojim mluvit spise positivne a sirit positivitu skrze sve clanky, fotografie, skrze slova a ted i videa. Nic vic nic min. I kdyz se dotknu negativniho tematu, snazim se drzet toho, aby melo vse positivni spad ci positivni zpravu pro sledujici a ctenare. 

Ale i blogovani se meni a lide zajima vice osobnich veci.  Chteji videt do vaseho zivota a tak blogeri odhaluji vice nez je obcas moudre. Dneska je nespocet blogeru a youtuberu, kteri vam ukazuji jejich kazdodeni zivot a ukazuji veci jako jak si delaji snidani, jak vychovavaji deti, jak si jdou udelat botox a tim padem otviraji velkou cast sveho soukromi. To bohuzel dava prostor sledovatelum soudit. Casto narazim na komentare, ktere ja osobne nechapu. Vynesene soudy lidi treba nad tim, ze si nekdo, kdyz si vari caj nejdriv do hrnku naleje mleko. Ale vzdyt je to uplne jedno. Kazdy clovek je tak jiny, ma jine zvyky, kazdy ma jinou konfekcni velikost, ton pleti, kazdy ma jine zuby a jinak se chova. Kazdy z nas je nejaky a to je cini unikatni. A vzdy se najde skupina lidi, ktera toho ci onoho bude milovat a bude vdecna za to, ze jim onen bloger nabizi zdarma inspiraci a zabavu. 

Ja osobne vidim socialni media jak neco, co nam muze pomoci sirit lasku, radost, positivni mysleni dal. At uz je nekdo bloger, ci jenom pasivni ctenar a odberatel. Socialni media maji velkou silu a bohuzel urciti jedinci je casto pouzivaji k sireni nenavisti apod.  Kazdy z nas muze denne rozdavat lasku, positivni energii a vytvaret lidem usmev na rtu. 

  1. Sdilejte positivni myslenky, positivni komentare a posty – I kdyz se vam nelibi Maricina nova sukne, vse je to o tom jak to podate. Pokud se opravdu musite k sukni vyjadrit (ne vsem se libi jedno a to same) a neda vam to, muzete okomentovat treba dalsi vec, ktera se vam libi. Kritika by mela byt konstruktivni, snazte se neurazet. Vzdy si reknete, kdybych ted mel onoho cloveka tvari v tvar rekl bych mo to takto? Nebo rekl bych mu to vubec?  Snazte se lidi zbytecne neurazet. Kdyz nekomu reknete, ze ma tak silene zuby, ze nema radsi mluvit, moc to cloveku neda. Kdyz mu reknete, ze si ma zapracovat napriklad na zvuku videa, koupit jiny mikrofon. To je konstruktivni kritika a ta ho posune dal a k vam se priste dostanou kvalitnejsi videa.
  2. Sdilejte online mota, positivni clanky, rady a posty – Sdileni zajimavych mot je inspirujici a povzbudi. Ja sama rada sdilim tvorbu ostatnich, dostava se tak k dalsim lidem a je dulezite positivni a motivujici mysleni posilat dale. 
  3. Vase slova by mela davat smysl a hodnotu – Pokud jste bloger, snazte se tvorit obsah tak, aby lidem opravdu neco predal. At uz je to tip na restauraci, jak usetrit penize, novy recept, ci jenom rozdavat radost. Pokud jako sledovatel napisete nekomu pod video, ze nenavidite jak se smeje, moc to nepomuze. Je to asi neco co je mu prirozene a kazdy z nas je nejaky. Nekdo si saha casto na vlasy, nekdo ma tiky apod. Ale pokud nekomu napriklad reknete, at priste do testa da vice mleka, ze bude mit lepsi vysledek, to mu neco da. Je to komentar, ktery ma nejakou hodnotu a pointu. 
  4. Pouzivejte socialni media k pomoci druhym – Na svete se denne deje tolik spatnych veci, pohrom, smutnych udalosti. Zkuste pomahat i kdyz nemate vice nez 100 sledovatelu. Sdilejte informace, napady jak pomoci a snazme se tak vsichni spolecne vytvorit lepsi a positivnejsi svet. Snazme se pomahat a podporit jeden druheho. 


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The real reason behind negativity on Social media

Wearing: Boots: Givenchy, Bag: Chanel, Trousers: Allsaints, Cardigan: Zara, Hat: Asos

Social media is quite new world. Yes it has been around for several years but it is not something people had centuries before. And that means spreading news and information is going faster than before. What people have always had was variety of behaviours, certain type of characters and understanding of good and bad. And even hundreds years ago we had wonderful leaders and philosophers that inspire the world even in these days. Thanks to them we now have incredible knowledge about balance of life, law of attraction, how to find what our purpose of life is.  Those amazing quotes are now so much easier to spread thanks to media and social media and these days we are surrounded by knowledge gathered over many years. There are so many amazing books about things like law of attraction or about the path of your life.

And we are lucky and I am lucky as we now understand so much more about certain behaviour and why people act in a certain way whether that is a negative comment or their actions. As we come to this world and we grow up until early teen years we absorb everything that is being said, we absorb patterns from parents and close family, we create our own image of the world. Unfortunately during this period we create blocks that influence how we react to certain things for the rest of our lives and we can also subconsciously attract these things repetitively. And from a pure person that came to this world is now a brand new person full of prejudices and ideas that they gained based on their environment.

And that leads me to explaining why people would be negative in life or on social media. That explains those negative comments. It is people that absorbed certain patterns and created blocks during early years of their lives. The thing is it does not have to be just a negative comment but it can simply be an opinion. If you hear a lot as a child that rich people only got to their wealth by fraud you will assume that about most rich people, if you hear that age should define what you wear that is what you believe. We have ideas about money, looks, behaviours, food and everything you can think of. However, it does not mean that what was passed on to you is right. Somebody gave you that idea and it stuck and now millions of opinions and different points of view are circulating around social media and turning into negative comments, hate and more. Instead of spreading love, positive energy and joy we see total opposites.

What it means is that it is only somebody’s point of view and their beliefs and it has got nothing to do with you. It is that person’s personal view and there is not much they can do about that until they decided to change it themselves. We all can work on balancing our lives, spread only the good, stop being judgmental and trust me it is hard work. No matter how many books I read about this topic even I am influenced so much by things I was being told for years. Whatever somebody says about you or does to you has got nothing to do with you at all. It is them and their inner believes. So next time somebody tells you you are materialistic, stupid, ugly, fat, old or whatever it is. Remember, it is not you…it is them. You are only a mirror to them and that triggers their behaviour. If somebody has got an issue that some Youtuber bought another expensive bag it only shows something about that person commenting. It can be anything that they believe in and picked up during the years whether a thought that expensive bags are not achievable, that expensive things ruin character….whatever it is. You are the mirror and the comment is the reflection.

I am very lucky that when I forget this and a bad comment appears I discuss this with my best friend. She is such a smart person that she always reminds me of this and says always something so relevant that I cannot argue and always admit it has got nothing to do with me. The main thing is that negativity on social media has got nothing to do with you.

We all have the right to express and opinion but this is more message for those who receive or encounter negative situations, comments that it is has nothing to do with them.

Svet socialnich medii je docela nova zalezitost, ano uz par let je nasi soucasti, ale jako takovy neexistoval pred stovkami let. A diky tomuto svetu se dneska informace siri mnohem rychleji. Co tu ale bylo vzdy jsou lide ruzneho charakteru, ruzna chovani, ruzne nazory a take schopnost vnimat dobro a zlo. A kdyz se na to tak podivam tak po celou dobu pokazde existovali velmi chytri filozofove a vudci, kteri dokazali inspirovat a predavat svetu jejich znalost. Dnes kdyz ctu knizky o vecech jak najit sam sebe, jake je moje poslani, zakon pritazlivosti, tak je ve vetsine z nich pouzito tolik starych mot a hlasek. A vlastne i ty se siri diky socialnim mediim obrovskou rychlosti a muzou nam pomoci v kazde zivotni situaci. 

Ja mam to stesti a vy take, ze dneska uz muzeme konecne pochopit, proc se urciti lide chovaji jistym zpusobem, proc se nekdo chova spatne, slovne ublizuje nebo treba necha nekde na Instagramu negativni komentar. Kdyz se clovek narodi, narodi se cisty, bez predsudku nazoru ci strachu. To se bohuzel meni a jak deti rostou tak do urciteho veku, dejme tomu do nejakeho obdobi puberty nas opravdu hodne ovlivnuje nase blizke okoli, ktere nam predava sve predsudky, nazory a vzorce. A tak vznika uplne jina osoba, ktera si sebou nese ruzne bloky ulozene nekde v podvedomi, ktere ovlivni dalsi chod zivota a take to jak na urcite veci reaguje. A dalsi veci, kterou si clovek odnese jsou ruzne “mylne” nazory. To co je nam opakovano a vkladano, tomu jednoho dne zacneme verit a to pro nas bude ta nase pravda. A to ze o tom pisu neznamena, ze ja jsem perfektni. Jako kazdy mam sama co delat, ma spoustu bloku a take opakujicich se veci, ktere se mi budou porad dit, dokud neprijdu na to proc. 

A to me vede k tomu vysvetlit proc je tolik lidi na socialnich mediich negativni a proc nekdo zanechava takovy a takovy komentar. Kazdy z nich vlastne ukazuje sam sebe, predstavuje jejich prebrane nazory a stare vzorce a neni to nic jineho. Vy jim pouze nastavujete zrcadlo. Takze to co nekdo napise se vas vubec netyka. Jenom to vypovida o dane osobe a co si sebou z rannych let vzal. Kdyz vam jako diteti nekdo bude porad opakovat, ze kazdy bohac zbohatl zlodejinou a podvodem, tak uz tomu budete verit cely zivot. Kdyz vyrostete v prostredi, ze vek ma definovat to co nosite, tak tomu budete i verit. A tak na socialnich siti cirkuluje tolik ruznych nazoru, komentaru at uz pozitivnich ci negativnich, ale cokoli je vysloveno ci napsano vzdy jenom odrazi osobu, ktera to pise. Jak rika pan Jaroslav Dusek – Mne se to netyka. Sama s tim obcas bojuju a neni to jednoduche si to rict ve vsem pripadech, ale kdyz se opravdu zklidnite a zapremyslite o tom, zjistite, ze to tak opravdu je. A to je takova zprava pro ty, kterych se to tyka. Kdyz ma nekdo problem s tim, ze mate dalsi novou designerskou kabelku, neni to vas problem. Vy jste obraz v zrcadle a onen komentar je jenom odraz a tento odraz ma toho cloveka vest dal. Ma se zeptat sam sebe, proc mi to vadi, proc me toto chovani vyvadi z miry a neco s tim delat. 

Vsechno je proste jenom neci nazor, jejich vira a presvedceni a s vama to nema nic spolecneho. Kdyz vam nekdo rekne, ze jste hlupak, tak to svedci jenom neco o te dane osobne a vas se to netyka. Je to jenom nazor a vlastne pokud se dany clovek nerozhodne sam s tim neco udelat, vy moc nezmenite. Kazdy se musi rozhodnout sam. Je to o tom zit zivot v balancu, sirit dobro a lasku a prestat soudit ostatni. Verte mi, ze je to obrovska prace a takova nekonecna cesta. Ja mam treba tyden, kdy si vedu dobre a pak se mi stane neco a mam treba hodne negativni den, ktery me strhne zpet na spatnou cestu. A prestoze ctu knihy na toto tema, i ja jsem ovlivena vzorci z detstvi. Jedno je ale jasne, ze to co o vas nekdo rika s vama nema co delat. Takze kdyz vam nekdo rekne ci napise, ze jste materialista, hlupak, tlusty, stari nebo cokoli je to jejich vnimani sveta. Nejste to vy, ale oni…..

Obcas se taky zaseknu a kdyz mi nekdo napise nazor, ktery treba nevnimam podobne, ci mi nekdo zanecha negativni komentar. Ale nastesti mam svou nejlepsi kamaradku a ta mi vzdy pripomene jak to vlastne je. Pokazdne mi rekne neco tak trefneho, ze musim ten komentar hodit za hlavu i kdybych nechtela. Hlavni veci je, ze vam predhazovana negativita na internetu se vas proste netyka. 


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