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5 things you can do for your body and soul this spring

Outfit: Sunglasses: Dior, Bag and Top: Zara, Trousers: H&M, Belt: Vintage

Picture by Iva 

I firmly believe that our soul and body are so well connected that it is a genius mechanism. And that it is why it’s so important to look after both in order to achieve good balance, happy state of mind and feel good.

Spring brings better weather but also lot of people suffer from fatigue, mood swings and our immunity can be weakened. So it is crucial to do the best we can for ourselves. And by that I do not mean just to walk in to Dior and walk out with a new pair of bag (but would be nice cherry on the cake). So here are 5 things I like to do in the spring and that help me.

  1. Meditate in nature – Mediation in general really helps me on a daily basis. 10 minutes can really change how you feel and how you see things. What is also amazing is to meditate in nature and that is just by sitting in a quiet spot and letting your thoughts flow. Just take in what is around you and enjoy that moment.
  2. Take your workout outside – Working out is one of the best things you can do but working outside is another level. It is almost a way of meditation and if you are not that fit even fast walking is good enough, it will help your blood circulation and your mind.
  3. Exfoliate and use sun protection – In spring I am always motivated to look after my body more. I exfoliate a lot so my skin is fresh and bright and I use sun protection. These are the small things that will pay off long term.
  4. Eat your superfood – Spring also offers a lot when it comes to food. We have lot of seasonal food that will benefit you but the intake of superfood is important to support your immune system.
  5. Slow down if you need – Only you know how you feel. You have to do what your body tells you to do. If you feel you need to rest…then do it as you are the one running your life and body and nobody else will do that for you.

Let me know if you have any other tips that help you the most in the spring.

Pevne verim, ze nase duse a podvedomi ovlinuje nase telo a  opacne, je to takovy dokonaly mechanismus, ktery nelze osalit. A tak je dulezite se starat o oboji. Casto to, co je dobre pro nase byti je dobre i pro nase telo a obracene. Nejlepsi je, kdyz dosahnete balancu a citite se dobre a hlavne stastni.

S jarem prichazi lepsi pocasi, ale casto take unava, zmeny nalad a s nejvetsi pravdepodobnosti mame i oslabenou imunitu. Kazdy bojuje po svem a prestoze udelat neco pro sebe a pro radost muze byt, ze si do Dioru zajdete pro novu kabelku, je to hodne o kazdodennich malickostech. Je to o tom si najit cas pro sebe, poslouchat signaly naseho tela a neco pro to udelat. Tady je par tipu, ktere na jare pomahaji v mem pripade. 

Meditace v prirode – Meditace jako takova mi hodne pomaha, ale meditovat muzete uz i tim, ze si sednete v prirode na klidne misto a nechate plout sve myslenky, vnimate vse kolem a nacerpavate energii. Je to opravdova ocista pro telo i dusi.

Cviceni venku – Pohyb je vzdy dobra rada, ale co teprve pohyb venku v prirode. Je to vlastne takovy zpusob meditace, ale zaroven si zlepsite kondici. A staci klidne chuze sviznym krokem a telo vam podekuje.

Starost o pokozku a ochrana pred slunickem – S jarem se mi nastartuje chut se o sebe vice starat a tak si rada delam peelingy, at se mi obnovi pokozka a hlavne je treba se chranit pred slunickem. To vse jsou male kroky, ktere se dlouhodobne vyplati.

Jist vyvazene a dodat telu superfood – Unava jde casto ruku v ruce s tim, co jime. A na jare je dobre vyuzit cerstvych bylinek, ktere rostou a dodat telu to nejlepsi. Muzete si vyhledat ruzna superfoods a zvysit jejich prisun. Jaro nabizi tolik moznosti co se jidla tyce, tak toho vyuzijte. 

Zpomalit, kdyz vam telo da signal – Neni dobre se telu vzpirat. Kdyz telo hlasi stop, poslechnete ho. Jenom vy vite jak se citite, druzi za vas neudelaji to ci ono a nasledujici den, jste to vzdy vy, kdo se musi vzchopit. A tak se nepremahejte, pokud nemate silu. 

A jake mate na jare ritualy vy? Je neco co vam urcite prospiva? 

Love Glamazon xoxo