Topshop Unique SS15

Pictures: Myself , Bara, Official Topshop

Every season this show is a show with capital S. I was very lucky to experience this with other bloggers and of course I will tell you more about this soon. However this time let’s talk fashion. You know when the show is opened and closed by Cara Delevigne it is a big deal and Topshop did not disappoint us with anything. The whole collection is playful and you see the inspiration from college girls to a glamourous girl that is a queen of big City night clubs. I loved the final dress Cara was wearing as it is every girls dream to have a piece like this.

There is something for everybody in the collection and if you love micro minis, burgundy and frills you know where to shop next season. And the shoes are to die for too.

Well, I am already excited about the next season. Enjoy the show.

Kazdou sezonu musim opet a znovu uznat, ze tohle je show s velkym S. Mela jsem tu cest po boku ostatni blogerek sledovat Topshop Unique, ktera je vzdy plna svetovych celebrit a lidi z modniho prumyslu. A je to opravdu zazitek, ale to vas snad ani nemusim povidat. Navic kdyz Cara Delevigne otevira i zavira show tak vite, ze prehlidka proste stoji za to. Nemela jsem teda misto idealni na foceni, ale pridala jsem do postu originalni video, kde muzete kolekci videt poradne.
Cela kolekce se nese v takovem mladistvem a hravem duchu. Navic prinasi zajimavou rozmanitost a to od satu insipirovanych roztleskavackama, pres zajimave textury a take vice glam kousky s flitry. Ja jsem si  zamilovala saty, ktere ma na sobe Cara uplne na konci. Ktera holka nesni o krasnych a zlatavych satech s flitry.

Kazdy si v kolekci najde to sve a pokud mate radi micro mini, vinovou barvu a raseni tak urcite vite, kam jit na nakup pristi sezonu. A myslim, ze boty z kolekce vas taky nenechaji chladnymi.

Love Glamazon xoxo

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