What SKINCARE products you should use as a 40 + years old woman?

skin of a 40 years old woman

Skincare for 40 + years old women

When it comes to skincare I am a bit of a skincare junkie however since I turned 40 I am more listening to my body and really trying to stick to certain products long-term and I simply wanted to share what works for me.

We are all very different when it comes to skin but hopefully some of you may have a similar story. As a teen I suffered from severe and cystic acne and nothing helped until Accutane treament. And I would do it again without a doubt.

Just when I thought I am finally clear and can enjoy skincare with focus on anti-aging I started to have major changes like hairline eczema that is coming and going. What I am trying to explain that I feel I am battling all issues. I still get pimples, my texture is not great (with some acne scaring left around mouth and chin), the special computer skin analysis also showed sun damage which nobody would be proud of.

I learnt few things and first one if things get bad less is more. Get your skincare to 2 steps and see how you get on. Led masks are a wonder. I use the Currentbody one and it has been a game changer. I have an ongoing discount code Eva15 in case you want to treat yourself to this wonderful device. Exfoliating and double cleansing makes a huge difference and of course SPF and hydration.

However, here the products I really feel made a difference in the last 6 months.


La Mer Moisturising Cream

We always need to keep our skin hydrated and this cream got my heart from the very beginning. It is my number one hydrating cream out there. Together with their Micelar water they make my favourite duo. In the summer I sometimes prefer the gel version however I personally am a huge fan of rich creams.

La Mer resurfacing treatment

This product is actually quite well priced considering this brand’s price range and especially taking in account the power of this product. My skin is definitely more glowy. They way I can also tell as I had to leave it behind when I travelled all summer due to taking so many things for myself and my family and my skin go to so much worse. In general gentle resurfacing makes a huge different long-term. At least for me.

Currentbody Led Mask

The IT mask is worth the hype. You can even use my discount code EVA15 which is ongoing on all currentbody devices. As soon as I stop using it my skin tells me to get back on it. It also works well for the eczema I mentioned previously. It takes weeks to notice the difference however I find this the easiest and most convenient beauty tool. I remember how much I wanted it when I saw so many positive reviews and now I happily joined the crowds promoting this fantastic device. All you need is 3-5 times a week for 10 minutes. You can wear it evening during your chores as it is super easy to use.

Dermalogica cleanser

I have tried many many cleansers during my life but this one seems to really agree with my T-zone skin. It keeps the pimples away and leaves my skin glowy without feeling too oily. Again I noticed how well this works for me after I finished my bottle and tried to use different cleanser. Never ran faster for a new bottle.

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