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3 Skincare Tips I wish I knew sooner

3 Skincare Tips I wish I knew sooner - picture of myself wearing red dress and natural makeup
Dress: Meji Moda

3 Skincare Tips I wish I knew sooner

Thanks to social media ageing is even bigger topic than ever and with that comes skincare and all the ways how to make our skin look it’s best at any age. Tiktok is full of useful videos, educational videos about all different ways including invasive treatments however I wish I knew these three things sooner. And when I say sooner I mean 20 years ago. I know things would be even better now when I am in my 40s.

Double cleansing

I really find huge difference if I double cleanse. And that is something I was not doing consistently since my 20’s. To be honest I was not one of those girls who did not take makeup off after a night out as my skin was so severely affected by acne. I simply could not do that. However double cleansing is so powerful and really makes a huge difference for your skin. One of my favourite cleansers is this one from Dermalogica. And I love to use as the other step La Mer Micelar water. I know sometimes after a long day you want to keep things simple but each time I consistently push myself I find my skin is just better.


Led Therapy

LED therapy is huge these days and I wish it was so common as it is now when I was younger. The changes it can make to your skin whether it is healing and it really treats different issues. And now with so many LED home masks we do not have to go to salons anymore. I use my Currentbody so often and I also have discount code for you EVA15 in case you want to try for yourself. This applies on all Currentbody products.



I grew up surrounded by people who believe that the most important thing is to come extremely tanned after going abroad on holiday. Young girls at the time not only refused to use any SPF they even used home remedies to look even darker or used oil accelerators. I really wish the fashion back then was more like today. SPF is so important and sadly the damage cannot be reversed. I have seen my skin on the computer after they analyzed it several times and could not believe my eyes. And I have not been really tanning since my 20s. I am that person that comes pale from the holiday. Do not get me wrong I think tan is attractive and I am often admiring other people’s tan but nothing beats beautiful skin when you get older. So I wish I was using factor 50 at least on my face since day 1. I know things would be different now.


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Victoria Beckham approves this facialist – Sarah Chapman facial review


It is known that Sarah Champan is a facialist for many A-listers including Hollywood stars, supermodels and Victoria Beckham herself shared that she is the secret to her glow.

I was over the moon to be able to try one of their more express facials which is great solution for those who are looking for a quick fix. If you prefer to get out and have it done in the salon rather than home spa. I may not have had Sarah Chapman herself but I had the honour to be treated by the loveliest facialist Charlotte. Sarah Chapman’s store and salon is just off Sloane Square – Skinesis clinic. The store is so well located and downstairs amongst all the fantastic products you have something called Glow Zone where these shorter period facials are done and you also find more private space with LED light machine.

I opted for Glow Boost + LED therapy and loved every second. Charlotte created comfortable environment, gave me water when I had to fill in health form and then provided cosy blanket for the treatment. The glow boost took 20 minutes and then it was followed by LED therapy. This treatment costs 65 £ and if you decide to try the LED therapy the total is 100 £. The focus is for the client to leave with glowing skin. I can swear the result was exactly what the brand promises. Although I am not a supermodel I decided to show you the picture after the facial without any makeup, filter or retouching.

The facial is very relaxing. We started with cleansing steps and Charlotte suggested 10 % lactic acid peel to help with my texture. It is usually one of the main concerns. My favourite part as always was the massage which Sarah Champan is so famous for. When the facialist gave me sheet mask she did hand massage when the mask was doing it’s magic. And that is always very relaxing and incredible touch.

I can highly recommend this as a quick facial on the go or if you have important occasion and you want to get your skin ready for the big event. It is also fairly priced considering the location and the name of the brand.

I was keen to share with you also the products Charlotte shared specifically during my bespoke facial.

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How to remove blackheads? Skincare tips


As somebody that dealt years and years with sever acne… blackheads are very familiar to me. However, you do not need to have acne issues as blackheads are a common thing for so many of us. They are simply clogged follicles mainly with excess oil and dead skin.

It sounds not particularly appealing however that is the cycle of our skin and we constantly have to think of cleansing and also removing the dead skin cells on a regular basis. A good news is they are harmless and sometimes they just look worse than they are.

Even as a teenager I was having regular facials so I am pretty used to having manual extraction but there are so many things you can do from comfort of you home. And you can minimise the amount of blackheads. I am sure if you are on Tiktok you came across some of those viral videos and couldn’t stop watching some sort of tool used for blackhead removal. I am still not sure if I find these videos satisfying or just gross.

Ok so what can we do to prevent them and deal with them less and less. I loved this tool which I also gave my sister as a present but as with anything you need to be consistent and keep up with your tailored skincare routine. You can browse my BLACKHEADS HEROS EDIT.

From experience if you decide for extraction at home it is always good to open your pores. If you prefer actual product that does that you can go down that route or opt for traditional steaming. These machines are very convenient or simply use hot water in a bowl.

However, you can achieve a lot with skincare. The key is to keep avoiding the build up on your skin so using specific cleansers and exfoliating will do lot of work for you.



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What SKINCARE products you should use as a 40 + years old woman?

skin of a 40 years old woman

Skincare for 40 + years old women

When it comes to skincare I am a bit of a skincare junkie however since I turned 40 I am more listening to my body and really trying to stick to certain products long-term and I simply wanted to share what works for me.

We are all very different when it comes to skin but hopefully some of you may have a similar story. As a teen I suffered from severe and cystic acne and nothing helped until Accutane treament. And I would do it again without a doubt.

Just when I thought I am finally clear and can enjoy skincare with focus on anti-aging I started to have major changes like hairline eczema that is coming and going. What I am trying to explain that I feel I am battling all issues. I still get pimples, my texture is not great (with some acne scaring left around mouth and chin), the special computer skin analysis also showed sun damage which nobody would be proud of.

I learnt few things and first one if things get bad less is more. Get your skincare to 2 steps and see how you get on. Led masks are a wonder. I use the Currentbody one and it has been a game changer. I have an ongoing discount code Eva15 in case you want to treat yourself to this wonderful device. Exfoliating and double cleansing makes a huge difference and of course SPF and hydration.

However, here the products I really feel made a difference in the last 6 months.


La Mer Moisturising Cream

We always need to keep our skin hydrated and this cream got my heart from the very beginning. It is my number one hydrating cream out there. Together with their Micelar water they make my favourite duo. In the summer I sometimes prefer the gel version however I personally am a huge fan of rich creams.

La Mer resurfacing treatment

This product is actually quite well priced considering this brand’s price range and especially taking in account the power of this product. My skin is definitely more glowy. They way I can also tell as I had to leave it behind when I travelled all summer due to taking so many things for myself and my family and my skin go to so much worse. In general gentle resurfacing makes a huge different long-term. At least for me.

Currentbody Led Mask

The IT mask is worth the hype. You can even use my discount code EVA15 which is ongoing on all currentbody devices. As soon as I stop using it my skin tells me to get back on it. It also works well for the eczema I mentioned previously. It takes weeks to notice the difference however I find this the easiest and most convenient beauty tool. I remember how much I wanted it when I saw so many positive reviews and now I happily joined the crowds promoting this fantastic device. All you need is 3-5 times a week for 10 minutes. You can wear it evening during your chores as it is super easy to use.

Dermalogica cleanser

I have tried many many cleansers during my life but this one seems to really agree with my T-zone skin. It keeps the pimples away and leaves my skin glowy without feeling too oily. Again I noticed how well this works for me after I finished my bottle and tried to use different cleanser. Never ran faster for a new bottle.

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