3 Skincare Tips I wish I knew sooner

3 Skincare Tips I wish I knew sooner - picture of myself wearing red dress and natural makeup
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3 Skincare Tips I wish I knew sooner

Thanks to social media ageing is even bigger topic than ever and with that comes skincare and all the ways how to make our skin look it’s best at any age. Tiktok is full of useful videos, educational videos about all different ways including invasive treatments however I wish I knew these three things sooner. And when I say sooner I mean 20 years ago. I know things would be even better now when I am in my 40s.

Double cleansing

I really find huge difference if I double cleanse. And that is something I was not doing consistently since my 20’s. To be honest I was not one of those girls who did not take makeup off after a night out as my skin was so severely affected by acne. I simply could not do that. However double cleansing is so powerful and really makes a huge difference for your skin. One of my favourite cleansers is this one from Dermalogica. And I love to use as the other step La Mer Micelar water. I know sometimes after a long day you want to keep things simple but each time I consistently push myself I find my skin is just better.


Led Therapy

LED therapy is huge these days and I wish it was so common as it is now when I was younger. The changes it can make to your skin whether it is healing and it really treats different issues. And now with so many LED home masks we do not have to go to salons anymore. I use my Currentbody so often and I also have discount code for you EVA15 in case you want to try for yourself. This applies on all Currentbody products.



I grew up surrounded by people who believe that the most important thing is to come extremely tanned after going abroad on holiday. Young girls at the time not only refused to use any SPF they even used home remedies to look even darker or used oil accelerators. I really wish the fashion back then was more like today. SPF is so important and sadly the damage cannot be reversed. I have seen my skin on the computer after they analyzed it several times and could not believe my eyes. And I have not been really tanning since my 20s. I am that person that comes pale from the holiday. Do not get me wrong I think tan is attractive and I am often admiring other people’s tan but nothing beats beautiful skin when you get older. So I wish I was using factor 50 at least on my face since day 1. I know things would be different now.


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