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Fragrance gifting for the whole family

Christmas is getting so close and so many people may struggle what to get for the people they love. I firmly believe that  fragrance is always a good idea. I know my entire family loves a perfume as a gift and that makes shopping for them much easier.

The only issue I always have is that you cannot post perfumes out of UK so I usually use a Czech online shop Elnino for any purchase of this sort. It is amazing for people in Czech as they stock even brands like Jo Malone and to be fair not every town will have good stores stocking luxury perfume brands. It is super easy for anybody to order online whilst having cup of coffee at home.

If you follow me on youtube you probably have seen my last Product empties video where I talked about my teenage years fragrance and that is Burberry weekend. This old classic scent will always bring memories and I will never get bored of it. And that is a small treat for myself to be honest.

This year I went for combination of the traditional scents my family loves but in few cases I decided to experiment a bit. I chose this Karl Lagerfeld Classic which is a great value and also cool scent by Zadiq & Voltaire Girls can do anything. My mum fell in love recently with Giorgio Armani Si Passione which I don’t blame her to be honest. It is a fragrance I have myself and everything about it is wonderful including it’s bottle.

Vanoce se blizi a protoze mam opravdu shon, snazim se letos byt opravdu o krok v pred a poridit darky s predstihem. Ja pevne verim, ze darovat nekomu parfem je ve vetsine pripadu trefou do cerneho. Alespon moje rodina miluje dostavat parfemy a tak vlastne nakupy na Vanoce jsou pro me v tomto smeru jednodussi.

Muj problem nastava tehdy, kdyz chci parfemy z Britanie odeslat, protoze to je zakazane a tak casto pouzivam sluzeb e-shopu Elnino. Ceny jsou dobre a hlavne maji skvely vyber. A navic neprodavaji jenom parfemy. Sama vim, ze mensi mesta treba nemaji moznost luxusnich drogerii, kde byste podobne veci mohli koupit a napriklad maji na sklade i veci od znacek jako Jo Malone, ktere se daji poridit jenom v Praze ci vetsich mestech a tak se da vse objednat z pohodli domova.

Jestli me sledujete na youtube, tak jste mozna videli posledni video o spotrebovanych produktech a jedna z mych srdcovek je klasika Burberry weekend. Je to vune mych pozdejsich pubertalnich let a prijde mi takova vesela. Mam k ni zkratka vztah a vzdy asi i budu. A tak jsem si poridila malicky flakon pro sebe a skvele je, ze se mi da i do mensi kabelky. 

Letos jsem se rozhodla vybrat pro rodinu jak klasiku tak trosku experimentuju a zaujaly me tyto vune od Karl Lagerfeld Classic a Zadiq & Voltaire Girls can do anything. Panska vune od Lagerfelda je cenove opravdu vyhodna a tak se urcite hodi pro ty, co nemaji na nakup darku velky rozpocet. Moje mama se v posledni dobe zamilovala do vune Giorgio Armani Si Passione, kterou mam doma i ja. Je to velmi luxusni svezi vune a mam rada  i jejich cerveny flakon, ktery krasne vynikne. 

Fahrenheit by Dior has been my dad’s favourite for many years. To be fair I have tried to gift him other fragrances but he is always coming back to this. So no point to experiment anymore if that is what he loves. Another popular fragrance for guys is Calvin Klein Euphoria Amber Gold. I cannot forget to recommend the classic Chloe as that has always been high on my list of fragrances. I went through a period when it was my number one.

Fahrenheit od Diora je vune, kterou ma muj tata leta v oblibe, je to klasika, k niz se porad vraci. Zkousela jsem mu v minulosti dat i jine parfemy, ale zadna ho jeste nedokazala odvratit od jeho klasiky. A tak se toho letos drzim. Dalsi oblibenou panskou vuni je Calvin Klein Euphoria Amber Gold. Ja jsem si take prosla obdobim, kdy jsem ve velkem pouzivala tuhle klasiku od Chloe a tu take mohu jen doporucit. 

Pokud mate pocit, ze darovat samotny parfem neni dostatecne, dobrym napadem jsou darkove kazety, ktere pusobi luxusne a opravdu jsou hezkym darkem. Zkratka kazdy si najde to sve a muzete se podivat i na darkove kosmeticke kazety a vubec cokoli.

Preji vsem prijemne Vanocni nakupy. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 



My latest beauty crush is….

If you have been following me on my blog and other channels for a while you know I love anything beauty related. I love makeup and skincare and experimenting and pampering is part of my job and my life. It has been a while I shared a beauty post with you as majority beauty related content is published on my Instagram and my Youtube. So I wanted to introduce my latest beauty crushes as there are so many fabulous new things I fell in love with recently.

Under your skin body lotion is currently on my side table as I love the smell so much that if I feel my arms need more touch up I want to make sure it is close enough. You can buy it on Oxygen Boutique which also has got amazing fashion section (yes lot of things on my wish-list).

Lift Activ Micro Hyalu Patches by Vichy are just miracle. It has been only few days since I attended a launch of new products from this range but I was dying to try these. My son wakes up very early and the work has been crazy busy so you can imagine my under eye area. I have never tried anything similar as this product simply stays on under your eyes whilst you sleep and there are little spikes that contain hyaluronic acid that is slowly released and absorbed in your delicate eye area. Yes it is a winner.

Another fabulous product and brand I have discovered is Lisa Franklin and  Phyto Gel Wash and Night Treatment became quickly my favourite. The Wash feels so delicate yet it cleans so well and preps my skin for applying serum and cream. The Night treatment is so light and skin looks fantastic each morning when I use it.

Shiseido Treatment Softener stole my heart. I just love this brand so much and they never disappoint me. Everything about this products screams Shiseido…the smell, the texture of it and the quality. It is part of my routine pretty much every day.

Jestli me sledujete uz delsi dobu, vite, ze miluju peci o plet a makeup. Bavi me zkouset novinky, menit a testovat nove vychytavky ve svete krasy. Je to soucast me prace a meho zivota vubec. A tak po delsi prinasim clanek, kde vam chci predstavit par veci, ktere me ted hodne bavi a nemuzu se jich tak nejak nabazit.

Telove mleko Under your skin momentalne stoji na mem nocnim stoliku, protoze jsem si zamilovala jeho vuni. A kdyz mam pocit, ze potrebuji natrit moje ruce a paze, chci ho mit pobliz, at nemusim chodit do koupelny.

Dalsim objevem jsou Activ Micro Hyalu Masky pod oci od Vichy, ktere me opravdu dostaly. Je to teprve par dni, co jsem byla na predstavani novych produktu z teto rady, ale tim jak Liam vstava brzo a mam toho ted hodne, me oci opravdu trpi. A rozhodla jsem je vyzkouset hned v den, kdy jsem je nasla v goodie bag. A je to takovy maly zazrak. Nikdy jsem obdobny produkt nezkousela. Jsou to masky, ktere krasne drzi  pod ocima a muzete s nima spat a v nich jsou napustene jakoby male jehlicky, ktere do rana postupne vpousti do jemne kuze kolem oci kyselinu hyaluronovou.

Lisa Franklin je znacka, kterou jsem objevila diky nedavne navsteve jejiho salonu a okamzite jsem si Lisu zamilovala, je to prijemna dama, ktera zalozila uzasnou kosmetickou znacku. Nejvice me uchvatil Jeji Gel Phyto Wash a Jeji Night Treatment.

A jak vite jsem milovnik znacky Shiseido, prakticky me nezklamal zatim zadny jejich produkt, ale tento Shiseido Treatment Softener je uz pravidelne soucasti me pece o plet. Vse prezentuje znacku tak ja ma jestli je to kvalita, textura ci vune.

Another Shiseido product that I have to mention is Waso Beauty sleeping mask. It really reminds me a product from classic Ibuki Shiseido range and I am so glad they brought this to the market. It is equally fabulous and I love using it.

You know my passion for Pixi Glow Tonic and that also appeared in my latest Product Empties video. However I think that Retinol Tonic is perhaps even better. I have been using it for few weeks now and start to see difference to my skin already. I love products with retinol in general so thumbs up for me.

Vichy Aloe Vera Mask is a perfect on the day when you feel your skin needs a quick pick up but also sooth. Whether you had stressful week or just feel your skin is a bit irritated I can highly recommend this.

I started to include Rodial Collagen Drops quite regularly in my makeup routine as they really prep the skin for applying foundation and at the same time provide collagen for your skin. I feel the skin is very plump after even first application. It is a fabulous product that quickly became a must for me.

Dalsim produktem od firmy Shiseido, ktery musim zminit je urcite Waso Beauty sleeping mask. Je to novinka z rady Waso a hrozne mi pripomina klasickou Ibuki masku, kterou jsem zboznovala. Nanasi se jako posledni krok pece o plet na noc a je opravdu skvela.

Jestli me sledujete uz nejakou tu dobu, vite ze muj top produkt od znacky Pixi je urcite jejich Glow Tonic. Ted se mi ale dostal do rukou Retinol Tonic a ja obecne produkty s retinolem miluju. A myslim, ze toto tonikum se pomalu dostava na predni pricky.

Jestlize mate pocit, ze prochazite stresem a jde to videt na vasi pleti a citite, ze pokozka je hodne iritovana, tak muzu doporucit Vichy Aloe Vera Mask. Je to prijemna zklidnujici maska a i cenove je velmi prijatelna. 

V posledni dobe jsem zacala pouzivat Rodial Collagen Drops a to hlavne pred nanasenim makeupu. Tyto kapky obsahuji vysoke mnozstvi kolagenu a nejen ze jej dodaji vasi pleti, ale opravdu po pouziti makeup uplne jinak vypada a pokozka je krasne hydratovana. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

Products you will love using this summer

Summer always bring change to how I look after my skin, what perfumes I am using and of course I need to think of sun protection as well. Somehow in the summer I get a bit lazier when it comes to makeup and skincare as the nights are long and all I think about is to do fun stuff in the sunshine.

However, your skin still needs to be look after and be protected. You need to hydrate and also think about sun rays. I love to feel the glow too especially in the evenings and I prefer to use lighter creams and serums. So I thought I would bring some of my favourite products I have been using this summer.

When I think of makeup in the evenings I like natural makeup, with juicy lips and lot of highlighter for the glow. When using face masks I love the feel of fresh skin. I have been loving this La Mer Gel Cream that is just perfect for hotter days. The texture is lighter however you are not losing on what the skin needs.

I just love to feel the summer in everything and everywhere not just in my Aperol Spritz glass :)

And you can explore and shop all my summer favourites below. Just get carried away like I do :)

V lete vzdy zmenim kosmetiku a take to jak se staram o pokozku. Casto take menim parfemy, protoze mi jako vetsine zkratka vyhovuje neco lehciho a sveziho. A tak nejak vubec v lete zlenivim, je to asi tim, ze nosim mene makeup, vecery jsou delsi a uz od rana premyslim, co budu delat zabavneho, at uz dny v parku ci u vody. 

Ale tak ci tak pokozka potrebuje hydrataci a take ochranu pred slunickem. Ja treba osobne rada pouzivam produkty s lehci konzistenci, produkty, ktere mi daji pocit svezesti a take lehci sera, co krasne hydratuji. A tak jsem vam chtela par oblibencu ukazat. 

Kdyz se licim, pouzivam spise nejake BB kremy a na vecer mam rada rozjasnovace, zkratka veci, co k letu patri. Libi se mi minimalnejsi makeup, svezi rty a rozjasnena tvar. A tohle leto jsem si hodne oblibila tuhle verzi La Mer kremu, ktera ma lehci formu, pripominajici gel. 

Zkratka mam rada vse co mi pripomina leto, at uz je sklenicka Aperol Spritz nebo jenom svezi parfem. LOL 

Vsechny produkty muzete omrknout nize. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

Serums that are worth to try

Serums for me are that little extra you can do for your skin. And it is that little extra that can make a huge impact and deliver great results. This article is all about the products that are worth to try and I decided to include some great products that may not be marketed as serums however I use them in a similar way in my skincare routine. I would usually use serum just before applying my moisturiser and I love using serums in general. I firmly believe they may add something extra that your skin may need.

Guerlain Super Aqua Eye Serum

As the name suggests this is a serum product for your eyes however I love that it is not heavy on your eyes so use it instead of an eye cream very often. I have seen results straight away and also helps when you feel very tired.

Decleor Aromessence Neroli Amara Oil Serum

This feels like oil and I use it mainly when I feel extremely run down as it gives me a sense of aromatherapy facial massage. It constantly puts in in a relaxing mood as well as hydrates well. Great products for mums especially as it seems to sooth not only your skin but your mind which you need after busy day with your kids.

PIXI Rose Caviar Essence 

If you are a fan of rose you will be in love. The consistency is great too and it just different to all the other products here. It looks pretty too.

DIOR Capture Totale Cellular Lotion 

This feels more like a cream so I use it sometimes on its own however I have been very happy with the product for few years now and it is that thing giving you a touch of luxury.

Guerlain Abeille Royale Daily Repair Serum

I have used this only for about two months but it is as good as most Guerlain products. I always use it when I use cream or oil afterwards. It feels very light, it smells great and really gives your face lovely glow.

Clarins Double Serum

Such a great product and so many women in my family love it too. I was using it a lot for a long period of time last year and it really delivers. The skin feels and looks different each morning. One of my best friends adores this products and her skin looks always perfect.

Rodial Gold Serum

This is another great product by Rodial. It almost instantly works magic on your skin. I use it often before applying makeup as the skin really looks different with it immediately.

Clinique Moisture Surge

This is not technically a serum but I use it when I feel my skin needs that extra touch of hydration. I often bring it on trips as when I am in the cold or hot environment the skin needs to stay heavily hydrated and this is what gives my skin what I need.

La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 Hyaluronic Acid Serum

This must be my number product by this brand. Although it only launched last month I got the opportunity to use it before Christmas and I love it. I use it a lot when I am using my derma roller as it helps skin to recover over night. It has got fabulous consistency too.

And let me know if you tried any of these or you have your own hero serums that I should test too.

Pletova sera jsou skvelym dodatkem v peci o plet. Je spousta lidi, kteri sera nepouzivaji, ale ja v posledni dobe rada experimentuju. Do tohoto clanku jsem zaradila i produkty, ktere nejsou ve sve podstate sera, ale ja je tak pouzivam, jeste nez nanesu krem ci olej. Jsou to super produkty, ktere dodaji vasi pleti neco navic a podle me cim jsme starsi tim vice nase plet vyzaduje. 

Guerlain Super Aqua Eye Serum

Jak uz napovida nazev, tohle je serum na ocni okoli a ja ho casto pouzivam misto kremu. Je to lehoucky produkt, ktery krasne hydratuje a jsem s nim velmi spokojena. A hlavne, kdyz me pali oci unavou. 

Decleor Aromessence Neroli Amara Oil Serum

Tohle je olejove serum, ktere pusobi stejne jako olej a nejradsi ho pouzivam po narocnem a unavnem dni. Dodava mi pocit relaxace a pusobi aromaterapeuticky. A navic k tomu krasne hydratuje.

PIXI Rose Caviar Essence

Pokud mate radi produkty, ktere voni jako ruze, tohle je pro vas idealni. Ma lehkou a zajimavou konzistenci a krasne vypada. Jsem s nim take velmi spokojena.

Dior Capture Totale Celullar Lotion

I kdyz tohle neni uplne jako serum, ja tento produkt pouzivam stejnym zpusobem jako serum a pote nanasim krem. Je to produkt, ktery mam v oblibe uz nekolik let.

Guerlain Abeille Royale Daily Repair Serum

V me sbirce je tohle serum spise novinka, ale stejne jako vetsina Guerlain produktu je to vynikajici produkt. Je lehoucky, luxusni a krasne plet rozzari.

Clarins Double Serum

Ostrilena klasika, kterou jsem hodne pouzivala v minulem roce a pouziva ji take hodne zen v nasi rodine. Jedna z mych nejlepsich kamaradek na nej neda dopustit, stejne jako ja.

Rodial Gold Serum

Dalsi pecka od Rodialu, ktera okamzite prinasi vysledky a prave z toho duvodu tohle serum casto pouzivam pred nanasenim makeupu. Drobnejsi vrasky pak nevypadaji tak drsne po naneseni makeupu. Je to skvele serum.

Clinique Moisture Surge

Dalsi produkt ktery neni ve sve podstate serum, ale ja jej tak pouzivam. Casto si ho beru na cesty, kdy je treba vice hydratace a je vytecny. A pusobi dlouhodobe.

La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Tohle je temer jiste muj nejoblibenejsi produkt od teto znacky a z tohoto vyberu je druhy nejlevnejsi. I kdyz na trh byl uvedem teprve minuly mesic, ja mela to stesti jej pouzivat uz v prosinci minuleho roku a okamzite jsem se zamilovala. Jelikoz ma regeneracni ucinky pouzivam hlavne v dobe, kdyz pouzivam domaci derma roller.

Love Glamazon xoxo