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Get Over Post Baby Issues with Swiss Clinic

When I got pregnant I had no idea what was ahead of me. Well, I had an idea but there are so many small things people are not talking about. It is amazing we are capable of creating a life like that and that our body is designed in that way but those little angels also take a lot out of you. And that is not only when they are inside of your body but also after they are born. I feel I am now slowly getting to my old self but it takes lot of hard work and dedication.

Let’s face it having a baby takes a lot out of you and because the way we look is a lot about what is happening to you inside you can imagine what impact it may have. My big issues were dull skin (lack of sleep really shows on your face), cellulite (I was terrified when I saw how worse it got) , pigmentation and falling hair. I am very lucky to have naturally healthy and very thick hair however breastfeeding took a lot out of me. I did lot of research about this. Obviously, you can take vitamins however I wanted to boost the growth and I still want it. My hair is my thing and I want it to be even longer and thicker but when I was washing brushing my hair I would end up with huge amount of hair in the brush and in my hands.

There are things like laser for your skin but being a new mum and so on it did not work for me. You spend lot of time away and money too.  When you have not baby sitting it can be tricky. I needed something I can do on my own at home. When I received Swiss clinic Skin renewal set I was over the moon. I heard about derma rolling but only the one done at salons which would not work for me that much purely because of the reasons I mentioned earlier. I will not lie I was petrified to try it first but the roller I was using has needles only 0,2 and it does not hurt.

I started this routine when Liam was about 9 months and loved it from day one. Every morning the skin looked fresher and glowing. I would usually do this every second day and then I would have a break for few days. There is a recommended way how to use this but I feel people can adapt this to their own needs. After I was using the roller together with the rejuvenating serum for about a month I took a longer break and I am now ready to start again. It is much easier than it may sound. You use the sterilised roller (the sterilising spray is also available from the brand) on clean face (when I am using this I go for the Micellar cleansing gel) and roll over your skin. I would go maximum three times on each part of the skin and then you apply this serum. The needles will gently break your skin and that means firstly your skin absorbs any products faster but also forces itself to renew much faster. And that is in simple words the whole secret. You can do this even for issues like cellulite.

I was also lucky enough to try also their hair renewal serum. And I can see the baby hair coming out and my hairdresser was convincing me that the hair also grew quite a lot. I keep forgetting to use it every day so trying to do it at least every second day and it just feels good to add a bit of head massage to your routine. It also prevents hair loss so I will be sticking to this product for sure. I do trust my hairdresser when they say the hair has been growing fast. It is sometimes hard to judge these things yourself.

I mentioned some of these products previously on my social channels and also here on the blog but I wanted to talk more about this routine as I feel anyone can benefit from this. Not only new mums but also people that feel they need to start with botox, laser treatments and similar. This is an easy and affordable way how to put these things off for a bit longer. I have seen improvements in my the size of my pores, wrinkles and the overall quality of the skin.

Kdyz jsem otehotnela nevedela jsem ani moc co me ceka. Urcita predstava tady byla, ale spoustu veci mi lide nezminily. Je uzasne, ze nase tela jsou stvorena k tomu tvorit dalsi zivot, ale jak asi vite, tak vam ti andilci hodne vezmou. At uz kdyz v nas rostou nebo i po porodu. Ja se konecne dostavam do stejne formy jako predtim, ale stoji to dost usili.

Jako vetsina zen jsem i ja mela problemy s unavene vypadajici pleti a trosku zasedlou barvou, zvysenou pigmentaci, celulitidou a vypadavanim vlasu. To jsou myslim caste problem zen po porodu. A at si kazdy rika, ze jsou to veci povrchni, kdyz existuji zpusoby jak se dat do kupy, proc ne. Liam ma ted 11 mesicu a teprve ted zacinam zpatky citit celkovou formu, plet se srovnava, celulitida je lepsi a vlasy dorustaji.

Kdyz bylo Liamkovi asi 9 mesicu, dostala jsem nekolik produktu od firmy Swiss Clinic. Nekolikrat jsem zminovala jejich produkty ve videu a na mych socialnich kanalech, protoze jsem byla zkratka spokojena,  rozhodla jsem se napsat uceleny clanek, protoze tento mesic budu zacinat znovu predchozi peci o plet. O derma rolling jsem cetla drive, ale mela jsem tento process spojeny jenom s chozenim do salonu a to v mem pripade nemuzu az tak casto uz jenom z toho duvodu, ze nemam hlidani. A proto mi system od Swiss Clinic opravdu vyhovuje. Zacinala jsem s touto sadou a delkou jehlicek 0,2. Priznavam se, ze jsem se hrozne bala pri poprvnim pouziti, ale vubec to neboli a neocekavejte ani zadne krvaceni. A uz po prvnim pouziti jsem si vsimla, ze plet vypada odpocate a zarive. Samozrejme je doporucene pouzivani, ale ja si vzdy rikam, at si kazdy upravi tyto veci podle sebe a co mu vyhovuje. Ja jsem pouzivala tuto sadu obden a pak si dala vzdy par dni pauzu. Po mesici jsem skoncila a az do ted jsem dala pleti oddych a zkousela.

Pouziti je jednoduche. Na ocistenou ( ja pouzivam pri tomto procesu tento gel) pokozku pouzijete valecek, ktery sterilisujete specialnim sprejem, jez je take k dostani od Swiss clinic a zkratka prejizdite jednotlive casti obliceje ci tela. Tento system se da pouzit i na celulitidu, ale tam myslim, ze jsou treba delsi jehlicky. Zjednodusene se da rict, ze jehlicky na valecku vam propichaji pokozku, ktera pak dokaze lepe absorbovat produkty, ktere pak pouzijete a take sama sebe nuti se rychleji obnovovat. Tim ze se vam rychleji a vic obnovuje vrchni vrstva kuze se zbavujete drobnych vrasek, pigmentovych skrvn, zmensujete pory, zbavujete se jizvicek atd. Myslim, ze to je vyborne a nejen pro maminky, ale i zeny ci muze, kteri premysli o zakrocich jako botox ci laser. Timto zpusobem si muzete tyhle silnejsi zakroky oddalit.

Dalsim strasakem zen po porodu a hlavne tech co koji je asi vypadavani vlasu. Po kazdem cesani jsem videla obrovske chuchvalce vlasu na kartaci a plus Liam je jeste ted expert v tahani za vlasy. Nastesti mam huste vlasy, ale i tak, protoze mam sve vlasy rada jsem chtela padani predejit a take si prala, at mi co nejdrive zacnou zase vyrustat a proto jsem se rozhodla vyzkouset tohle serum. A podle toho co mi tvrdily pri posledni navsteve kadernictvi funguje. Myslim, ze v nekterych pripadech nedokaze clovek sam hodnotit vysledky, ale kdyz vam kadernik rekne, ze vlasy vam opravdu rychle porostly a opet dorustaji, myslim, ze tomu muzu verit.

Ted se chystam znovu zacit asi mesicni rutinu, kdy zavedu derma rolling do sve peci o pokozku. Po mesici si dam zase pausu. Tento proces mi vyhovuje a vysledky se opravdu dostavily. A snad botox i ve svem veku budu moci jeste oddalit. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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My new smile thanks to bonding

When I was 13 years old I walked into a casting of one of the biggest modelling agencies in Czech Republic Czechoslovak Models with dreams about a big modelling world and the owner Milada Karasova that discovered top models like Eva Herzigova told me you have all the right things young lady but you need to sort your teeth as you have gaps and it annoys photographers as there is always so much to photoshop after the shoot. I was happy but dreading braces at the same time. Imagine teenager looking at the her role model Cindy Crawford and the idea of wearing braces just wasn’t pleasing back then.

So I went to see the best orthodontist in the region and after few visits left with one of those old school braces you wear over the night. It was a relieve for me that I did not have to wear the permanent but little did I know. I got rid of the gaps but for how long? My teeth have always been straight but because of its smaller size (that is what I was told) there were small gaps and sometimes I felt optically they do not look straight as my attention used to go always to the gaps. And although it is a small thing it bothered me. It bothered me mainly when I was filming as my eyes would always go on the gaps in my teeth so now so many years later in my thirties I decided to do something about it and started to do research. And I made up my mind I wanted Invisaligns.

After doing more due diligence I realised it is not financially the cheapest thing but I wanted to have them so badly I got few quotes and tried to find a place that is going to do it cheap and well and ideally close to where I live. And I found an amazing dental practice Smile dental. I saw a work of Dr Dadashian and I liked what I saw so I booked myself for consultation and his words were like Eva you don’t need Invisaligns. I could not believe my ears as he was a first person that did not give me just another quote of 4000 £. Finally a first person that is not making my gaps bigger than they are and just trying to get lots of money out of my pocket.

He explained to me I always have the option to go for Invisaligns however that there is also a method called bonding where he simply uses technique how to model the teeth and bond them together. He showed me couple of examples and I decided to try to use it one one gap and see how I feel afterward. And guess what I loved it so I decided to have it done on all the gaps. Firstly it does not hurt, secondly it is much cheaper so you pay 120 £ per gap and it brings instant results. After creating a plan of action and three appointments later I have a new smile without gaps and pain free.

I could not be happier with the results. You know there is always advantages and disadvantages of the treatments but you have the option. If I feel I really want Invisaligns few years later I know I can still go for it but at the moment I am over the moon and so happy. I decided to share this with you as there may be so many of you having the same problem and looking for the right doctor to help you. I found mine and I can only speak highly of him. He really changed how I feel and that is what is very important.

Kdyz mi bylo 13 objevila jsem se ve zname agenture Czechoslovak models na castingu a snila o velkem svete modelingu. V hlave mela obraz tenkrat sveho idolu Cindy Crawford a s velkym odhodlanim se na casting tesila. Milada Karasova, ktera objevila napriklad top modelku Evu Herzigovou mi tenkrat rekla, ze vse dobry, ale ze mam mezery mezi zubama. No to bylo neco na trinactiletou holku, ktera mela uplne jine predstavy. Rekla mi, dej si rovnatka a prijd za dva roky.

A tak jsem se rozhodla, ze to udelam, ale predstava, ze mam permanentni rovnatka me desila. Nenecham se prece sikanovat ve skole a tak jsem se rozhodla pro takove ty klasicke stare rovnatka pres noc. Zadne terno to nebylo a mezery to do urcite miry srovnalo ale na jak dlouho? Po par letech se vse vratilo tak jak to bylo a nejak jsem si v posledni dobe rekla, ze s tim chci neco udelat. Neberte to spatne, mam zuby rovne, nebo mi to alespon rikaji zubari, jenom jsem mela par mezirek. A nejak mi to tak vrtalo hlavou a hlavne jsem mela pocit, ze to jde videt, kdyz tocim a tak jsem se rozhodla, ze zkusim Invisalign. 

A tak jsem zacala delat pruzkum, kde si je necham udelat, je to levnejsi v CR, jak bych to vubec udelala? Byla jsem v par klinikach a samozrejme jsem se snazila najit pokazde levnejsi, ale stejne dobrou variantu. Po nejake dobe jsem se rozhodla, ze chci kliniku, ktera bude i bliz k memu bytu, protoze kvuli Liamkovi a hlidani nechci nekde hodinu a pul cestovat na kazdou konzultaci. A nasla jsem skvelou kliniku Smile Dental Practice. Videla jsem praci doktora Dadashian a libilo se mi jak provadi kosmeticke upravy zubu a vubec vse.

Nemohla jsem uverit svym usim, kdyz mi po prvni konzultaci oznamil, ze zadne Invisalign nepotrebuju, ze mam proste rovne zuby a ze mu prijde zbytecni utracet pres tri tisice liber na takovem malem kosmetickem problemu a zminil se o metode bonding. Ukazal mi par prikladu a ja jsem zasla, protoze jsem o tom slysela poprve. Zubar vam zkratka vymodeluje zuby tak, ze je spoji a zbavi vas mezer. Jako vzdy ma vse sve vyhody a nevyhody, ale ja se rozhodla, ze to zkusim na jedne mezere. A po vyzkouseni jsem byla nadsena. Za prve to vubec neboli, za druhe je to mnohem levnejsi a za treti je vysledek videt ihned. Nevyhoda je, ze treba za sest let a vice si mozna budete muset zuby nechat zase upravit, ale zalezi na osobe jak se o zuby stara atd.

Ja jsem si rekla, ze to zkusim a ze kdybych se rozhodla za par let jinak, Invisaligns si muzu dat i pak. Zkratka me doktor presvedcil, ze tohle je pro me ted mnohem efektivnejsi reseni. A ja jsem nadsena. Stacily tri navstevy, zadna bolest a mezery jsou pryc.

Ted se budu smat snad jeste vice. Rozhodla jsem se napsat tento clanek, protoze mozna mate stejny problem a vubec o teto moznosti nevite. A taky se snad musim pochvalit se svym novym usmevem. LOL 

Love Glamazon xoxo

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Current Skincare Routine and your chance to win some products

Changes of season may also bring changes to your skincare routine. The sun, the sea, the hot weather always has got some sort of impact on your skin. Higher SPF protection however also consistency of products, level of hydration. You know I love to try and test new things and I wanted to share with you my new current favourites I have been using for few weeks now. These seem to really nourish my skin in the hot weather and they are all very light. I love waking up every day to see changes in my skin.

As always using skincare should start with preparing your skin and I start with La Roche Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel followed by this amazing Facial Toner. Before I start to use any creams or serum I apply Vichy 89 Mineral. One of my issues have always been tendency to have pigmentation marks so I am currently using this serum from La Roche Posay. And I cannot forget taking special care of area round your eyes. This Kiehl’s eye cream has been one of my favourite products for some time.

However, one of the hottest additions is definitely this amazing set by Frais Monde which is an Italian brand. This set is called 5 Puntozero Renewal. It contains mineral waters and really made a difference to my skin. I am not sure if it is available in UK but I am really impressed. My favourite is definitely the serum for night which smells divine, is super light and the skin looks so glowy and tight each morning.

One of the lucky readers will be able to win this set however this is only applicable for readers from Czech Republic.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the hottest additions in my skincare collection and let me know if you have any amazing products I should try.

Zmeny rocniho obdobi prinasi casto i zmeny v peci o plet. Slunicko, more, teplo urcite ovlivni plet a pokozku. Samozrejmosti je urcite vyber dobreho kremu s vysokym SPF, ale pro me jsou dulezite i veci jako konzistence kremu, hydratace a vyziva. Jak vite, hrozne rada zkousim nove produkty. Rada veci menim, i kdyz tomu tak drive nebyvalo. Tohle jsou produkty, ktere me ted hodne bavi a velmi casto je pouzivam s tim, ze obcas neco obmenim a take pridavam nocni krem apod. 

Jak to vetsinou byva je dulezite plet poradne ocistit a pripravit. Ja ted zacinam s La Roche Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel a pak nasleduje tento uzasny toner. Nez pouziju nejaka sera a kremy, aplikuju 89 Mineral od Vichy, ktery jsem zacala pouzivat nedavno. Nesmim zapominat take na to, ze mam sklony k pigmentovym skvrnam, tak samozrejme pouzivam i kremy s SPF a kdyz nemam krem, tak pouziju makeup s SPF a bojuju ted momentalne i pouzivanim tohoto sera na pigmentove skvrny. A nesmim zapominat na specialni peci kuze kolem oci, ktera je velmi delikatni. Velmi casto pouzivam tento ocni krem od Kiehl’s, ktery uz mam v oblibe nejakou dobu. 

Ale horkou novinkou je pro me urcite tato sada od Frais Monde 5 Puntozero Renewal. Tento produkt obsahuje termalni mineralni soli a maltrodextin. Znacka nabizi sety v peti variantach pro ruzne typy pleti, ale obecne se doporuceje proti starnuti a bojuje proti faktorum, ktere zpusobuji starnuti pokozky. Produkty jsou urcene pro plet 30 +, ale ja si osobne myslim, ze v prevenci proti vraskam se muze zacit i drive. Pres den pouzivam jejich denni krem, ktery ma prijemnou lehci texturu, dobre vsakuje a krasne hydratuje a osobne priznavam, ze serum na noc je jeste lepsi. Je lehoucke, strasne prijemne mi vonni a pokozka je rano nadherna, rozzarena a napnuta. Jedina mala nevyhoda je, ze mi sera rychle ubyva :) LOL Myslim, ze za to muze castecne aplikator, ktery aplikuje po zmacknuti az moc stedre :) 

A jeden z vas ma moznost vyhrat sadu Puntozero podle vaseho typu pleti. Soutez bude probihat na mych strankach na Facebooku. Staci me sledovat na Facebooku, dat like fotce. Jako bonus vas dam do slosovani dvakrat, kdyz prihodite pod tuto stejnou fotku i koment a budete ji sdilet. Preju vsem hodne stesti, protoze je to opravdu skvely produkt. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

Summer Hair with S Factor by Tigi

I have partnered up with TIGI and their S Factor range to get my perfect summer hair. I am the most traditional person when it comes to my hair.

I personally love natural long hair with a lot of volume. After so many years of trying different colours and even cuts I decided that being blond suits me the most. However, it is always good to try something different even if that would be a small change that gives your hair a bit of structure or movement.

 I am not going to lie that I wasn’t afraid a bit to get even subtle lowlights and highlights but the fear is over and I love the result so much. Lovely Evelina at Andrew Jose salon did such an amazing job. When I was leaving the salon after several hours of their hard work I was over the moon. You may have also seen a video where she and Andrew just took care of me in the best possible way. Evelina understood exactly what I was after and the way she mixed TIGI Copyright Colours gave me exactly the result I wanted. Well, to be specific I marched in with a picture of Candice Swanepoel and she managed to create the same thing for me (I know this does not make me a VS angel LOL) . The balance of all the tones just works so well together and I couldn’t be happier.

And to keep that gorgeous summer style going as long as possible I started my new hair routine straight away. I would love to keep this fresh look for the whole summer and keep the shine and tones going as long as possible so I started to use S Factor by TIGI True lasting colour shampoo and conditioner the same week I got my hair done.  I wash my hair usually around three times a week depending on how much it is needed. Both products are fantastic but the conditioner from this range is just on another level. If you have been following me for a while you know I need to keep my hair hydrated a lot so that means good conditioners and hair masks are key thing. And this one is just fantastic. My hair is so soft, the frizziness is gone and it is so hydrated. I also started to use S Factor by TIGI True lasting colour hair oil as an addition as oil is my number three most important hair product. This totally exceeded my expectations plus bonus points for the smell of all these products. I feel the colour is not fading away and it still looks the same as when I was leaving the salon few weeks ago.

I have also tried some of the S Factor styling products and again those deserve so much recognition. The S Factor Body Booster spray works exactly for people like me that love a bit of volume and diva hair.

I am definitely sticking to my new hair routine as I simply love the results I see every day.

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Tento mesic jsem mela to stesti spolupracovat s vlasovou kosmetikou TIGI a konkretne jejich radou S Factor. Jak asi vite, pokud me ctete pravidelne, jsem docela konzerva, co se vlasu tyce. A po letech, co jsem menila barvy vlasu jako na bezicim pase jsem se proste rozhodla pro blond.

Vlasy si barvim doma sama, nasla jsem odstin, ktery mi vyhovuje a hlavne je to pro me vyhodne casove. Uz tak mam co delat zvladat vse co delam, nedovedu si predstavit jeste kazdy mesic hledat vikendovy termin na barveni vlasu v kadernictvi. Ale diky spolupraci s TIGI jsem prodelala malou zmenu a to krasny a prirorezeny melir, ktery mi udelali v salonu Andrew Jose. Mozna jste videli video z dne, kdy jsem sla na moji mini promenu a pokud ne muzete se podivat tady. Priznavam, ze jsem se opravdu bala. Nerada si necham sahat na vlasy, protoze jsem se nekolikrat spalila. Ale Evelina, ktera mi vlasy barvila presne pochopila, co mam na mysli. Nakracela jsem do kadernictvi s fotkou Candice, ktera je andilek Victoria Secret a doufala, ze vysledek bude uplne stejny a taky ze byl. Ale do VS modelky mam porad daleko. LOL

Hned po meliru jsem se rozhodla i zacit pouzivat vlasovou kosmetiku z rady S factor, ktera pomaha udrzovat svezest barvy a zatim jsem velmi spokojena. Pouzivam sampon a jejich kondicioner, ale dostala jsem take olej, ktery nadherne hydratuje. A opravdu se mi zda, ze barva krasne drzi a vypada porad dobre. Nejvice me prekvapil jejich kondicioner, ktery je na me vlasy jako delany a dodava jim hodne hydratace. Moje vlasy jsou sussi, protoze jsou od prirody vlnite a proto musim dbat na dostatecnou hydrataci co nejvice.

Takze se svou novou vlasovou rutinou jsem velmi spokojena a urcite v ni budu pokracovat. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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