Outfit: 9th Month Uniform

Wearing: Bag: Valentino, Jacket: Zara, Trainers: Adidas, Sunglasses: Rayban, Leggings: Asos

This can definitely be called my current uniform. Only 12 days left until due date and my bump is growing and growing and not just my bump. I do not know what it is but I have been craving naughty food like pizza, sugar and ice cream. So basically from a healthy person I went to totally unhealthy.

I am still coping quite well but that is only because I have now freedom to rest when I need. There are days when I am full of energy and days when I have to stay at home and do absolutely nothing. I am sure if you were pregnant you understand.

So back to my current uniform as you can see there is a lot of black, lot of comfort and denim. The only way I can spice this up is with my Chanel brooch, Valentino bag and nice sunnies. I wish I could wear this until the end of pregnancy but what kind of fashion blogger would I be? LOL

Tento outfit muzu nazvat moji soucasnou uniformou. Jsem ve fazi, kdy mi zbyva 12 dni do terminu a bricho roste snad kazdou vterinu a nejen bricho. Ale co se da delat, to se snad pak nejak zhubne. A vubec nevim cim to je, ale ted ke konci mam nejvetsi chute a to na same nezdrave veci jako hranolky, pizzu a zmrzlinu. To jsou veci, ktere normalne nejim. Na pizzu si vzpomenu parkrat do roka. Doufam, ze hubnuti po porodu proste nejak zvladnu.

Na to ze mam opravdu jenom par dni do terminu porodu toho jeste zvladam docela dost a jsem za to rada. Mozna je to tim, ze jsem zvykla na obrovske tempo a z niceho nic jsem doma a mam svobodu si jit lehnout, kdyz citim, ze to potrebuju. Mam dny, kdy je to horsi a dny, kdy mam spoustu energie. 

Prala bych si, abych tuhle moji uniformu mohla nosit az do porodu, ale to bych asi nebyla spravna fashion blogerka co? 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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