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Pregnancy Update – 2nd Trimester

Wearing: Bag: Fendi, Blazer: Zara Men Shoes: Zara, Sunglasses: Versace, Necklace: Missoma
Pictures: by Hollie

I am at the final stages of 2nd trimester and realised I have not talked much pregnancy on this platform. Perhaps it is time after 7 months to share a word or two. You know what they say better late than ever.

Well, let’s talk first trimester briefly despite it feels so long ago. I admit that I found both pregnancies first trimester the hardest. You just cannot beat hormones and you cannot predict what the first few weeks will bring. I experienced significant nausea and much stronger and longer than with Liam. I was not getting sick as much just simply 24/7 nausea. I celebrated my birthday with friends and then the delicious truffle pasta ended up in toilet and I could barely eat my birthday cake. Well, I am not here to sugar coat things am I? I was waking up at night, running to toilet and then nothing. So the sleep was not great either. I had to eat constantly as that made me feel slightly better but sadly only for short periods of time. That resulted in weight gain which was bigger than my previous pregnancy.

I had to drive everywhere as walking made me feel sick so most school runs were happening by car. I admit that I felt lot of depression first pregnancy and luckily not so much this time however everything and everybody annoyed me. It is just shocking what it can do to your mind and body. I learnt my lesson first time round and did not push myself to things, I rested more, slept if could and just went with the flow. There are so many changes in your body, hormones are all over the place so you cannot blame yourself for how you feel.

Well and now I am almost at the end of second trimester and I feel much better however I felt so much more energetic when expecting Liam. Most mums are telling me that it because I already have another child. Well, possibly. I also thing it is due to age as I am simply older than I was before. However, second trimester is my favourite and was with Liam too. The energy kicks in, you are not as big as third trimester and you start to enjoy things again. My sacral chakra feels in balance and that means I have lot of creativity coming out and I just feel more me again. I cannot do things every day so I really decide carefully what I am doing and who with and really try to prioritise. And I also started to gather things I need for little one’s arrival. We decided that we do not want to know the gender so really focusing to shop for neutrals that will suit both boy or girl. Although my intuition tells me it will be … (well I keep it for myself). At my 20 weeks scan they were shocked I did not want to know and kept suggesting they will put it in the envelope in case I will change my mind. LOL

Well, 3 months to go is not that long so hopefully time will fly and I can enjoy my last trimester as much as possible.


Jsem u konce druheho trimestru a uvedomila jsem si, ze jsem se k tehotenstvi na blogu moc nevyjadrila. Mozna je v sedmem mesici uz trochu pozde, ale vite jak se rika, ze lepsi pozdeji nez vubec.

Zacnu asi prvnim trimestrem, prestoze mi to prijde tak davno. Stejne jako u prvniho tehotenstvi mi to prislo velmi narocne. Hormony jsou opravdu nepredvidatelne a dokazi divy, ne vzdy velmi pozitivni. Asi nejsilnejsim symptomem byly neustavajici nevolnosti a trvaly docela dlouho. Asi do 17 tydne. Nezvracela jsem az tak, ale bylo mi spatne i v noci. Casto jsem se budila, utikala na zachod a nic. Musela jsem jist mnohem vic a casto, to mi trosku pomahalo, ale bohuzel jenom na chvili. To se sazmorejme ukazalo na vaze a pribrala jsem mnohem vic nez kdyz jsem cekala Liama.

Narozeniny jsem oslavila tak, ze lanyzove testoviny nakonec stejne skoncily v zachode a dort jsem sotva ochutnala. Opravdu zeny nikdy nevi, co s nima zacatek tehotenstvi udela. Ale jsem rada, ze pres nevolnosti a jine klasicke symptomy probehl prvni trimestr v poradku. Poucila jsem se z prvniho tehotenstvi a opravdu zpomalila. Pokud to slo, spala jsem, nenutila se do niceho, musela jsem vic jezdit autem, protoze pri chozeni mi bylo neskutecne zle, takze vetsinu dni jsem vozila Liama i do skolky. U prvniho tehotenstvi jsem prozivala docela depresivni stavy, tomu jsem se nastesti tentokrat vyhnula, ale presto mi vsechno a vsichni lezli na nervy haha. Jeste ze tuhle fazi mam za sebou.

Druhy trimester je temer u konce a nechce se mi ani verit, jak to utika. Stejne jako u Liamka si toto obdobi vice uzivam. Sakralni cakra je krasne v balancu a to se u me projevi zvysenou kreativitou, ktera byla v predchozim trimesteru na bode mrazu. Mam vice energie, ale priznam se, ze zdaleka ne tak moc jako u Liamka. Spousta maminek tvrdi, ze je to tim, ze uz jedno dite mam. Ja si osobne myslim, ze je to vekem. Kazdopadne tim, ze me nektere dny vice vycerpavaji, opravdu si vybiram co delam a s kym. Netlacim na sebe a posloucham sve telo jak to nejlepe jde. Dopravam si tehotenske masaze a staram se o sebe. Tentokrat jsem se take rozhodla, ze nechci vedet pohlavi. Na ultrazvuku ve 20. tydnu mi porad rikali, ze mi to napisou do obalky, ale ja se nedala. Vim, ze by me to lakalo a tim bych si zkazila skutecne prekvapeni. Je mi vlastne jedno jestli to bude holka nebo kluk, protoze zdravi je na prvnim miste. A tak porizuju hlavne neutralni veci v prirodnich barvach.

Takze vzhuru do posledni faze, ktera snad probehne v poradku a bez komplikaci. Tri mesice nejsou tak dlouha doba, takze se musim predspat:) Kez by to tak slo :)


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Home Decor and Nesting for new mums


I clearly remember when I was pregnant that the closer to the due date I was, the more frustrated I got because of our flat. I felt nothing was ready and I felt I need to finish things, change them, improve and welcome baby Liam to a stunning new clean home. Then I found out it is an actual thing called Nesting. Not all women have to go through that but there are loads that experience this urge to improve their homes.

Well, no wonder. Firstly your life will change massively and you will probably spend more time home than ever and secondly your priorities will change and there is a new addition to your family. That means more things from clothes to toys and also you will have more and more visitors. The entire life as you knew it will be different and even if you want it or not you have to adjust things in your home.

I am huge fan of decor and especially when it is chic and practical at the same time. If you are a new mum or mum to be you have to think about practicality as well as design and they can go hand in hand. And if you live in a smaller flat like me you have to think about furniture and decor even more. So I thought about what would I advice any new or mum to be to get for their homes. We all have different views but I would go for these 5 items.

Top 5 picks to make life of a mum comfortable, easy and keep the touch luxury

  1. Comfortable bed with storage and bonus points for stunning design – You will spend lot of time in bed at least first few weeks so make sure your choice is the best. You will also lack sleep for the few months so the right choice of bed is crucial to make those few hours of sleep very comfortable.
  2. Day bed for your spare room or nursery – That is one of the first things I got for my house and there are so many reasons for that. Firstly you and your partner may need to sleep in separate rooms (not all men want to end up tired at work every day). Secondly you may use it for yourself when you are starting to teach baby to sleep in their own room. Thirdly you can use it for guests that come to your place. And if you chose a day bed with storage you can use it for bedding, toys, clothes or anything really. And I know few of my friends then ended up using it for kids when they grew up as their bed for the bedroom. What a great investment.
  3. Foot Stool ideally with storage – Imagine that you have to nurse every two to three hours in average. Who would not like a bit of comfort whilst doing it and what better way to do it than with your feet up.
  4. Comfortable chair for nursing and bonus points if it looks great – I have been looking for a nice feature chair that I could use as a nursing chair for a long time. We all have different tastes but I tend to find the actual nursing chairs not that great. So why not to go for a lovely design and comfortable chair and it is another excuse how to bring a lovely piece to your family home.
  5. Dining table and ideally extendable – With a new arrival you will probably have to shift your life a bit. It can mean that you will host dinners instead of going out or you have visitors and family over for lunch. So a lovely dining table where you can fit few people is a key for me. And if it is extendable you do not need to worry if you have have few more guests.

Whatever your priorities are we all want to make sure we make family life happy, comfortable and easy. So make sure that your next home purchase is the right one for you.

Pamatuju si, ze kdyz jsem byla tehotna, ze cim vice se blizil termin porodu tak tim vice jsem stresovala ohledne naseho bytu. Manzel si vzdy chce delat vse sam a dopada to tak, ze ziju permanentne v prachu a obklopena naradim ( a to si nedelam srandu). A o to vic jsem snila o tom, ze privedu Liama domu do krasneho, utulneho cisteho bytu. Chtela jsem vse menit a upravovat. S uklidem mi pomohla maminka, ale doted si preju si poridit par novych kousku domu, ktere by se mi hodily vice nez drive. A ono je to vlastne i normalni ukaz u zen v ocekavani tzv. Nesting, ze maji potrebu upravovat svuj dum, uklizet, vylepsovat apod. 

Nektere veci jsem si jiz splnila a nektere jsou stale na mem wish listu. Clovek si az pozdeji uvedomi, ze zivot se mu trosku zmeni. Neni to nic strasneho, ale jsou to veci jako potreba vice ulozneho prostoru, chcete pohodli a zaroven i hezke veci, protoze doma travite s ditetem jako matka vice casu. Neni nad to si poridit hezke a prakticke veci a ktere kousky jsou teda podle mne dobre? Vetsina z toho vychazi hlavne z faktu, ze ziju v mensim byte, ktery ma dve loznice, obyvaci pokoj a kuchyn, takze o nakupuju nabytku musim premyslet dvounasob. 

  1. Dobra a hezka postel idealne s uloznym prostorem. Prvnich par dni jsem stravila v posteli. Za prve po porodu vas vse boli, zvykate si a take hodne kojite a tak je skvele mit hezkou a pohodlnou postel a kdyz ma ulozny prostor tak je to nejlepsi varianta. 
  2. Rozkladaci denni postel tzv. day bed idealne s uloznym prostorem. To byla jedna z veci, kterou jsem poridila do vedlejsiho pokoje jeste pred narozenim Liama. Za prve ji muzu pouzivat ja az si bude zvykat na svuj pokojik, nebo tam muzeme spat i ted (kdyz se potrebuje manzel vyspat) a v neposledni rade slouzi jako postel pro hosty. Vybrala jsem rozkladaci s uloznym prostorem a pocitam s tim, ze v budoucnu muze slouzit i jako postel pro deti. 
  3. Stolicka/Lenoska pod nohy – V prumeru vas ceka kojeni kazde dve az tri hodiny a proc si u toho neudelat pohodli. Ja uz svou mam a ta ma ulozny prostor, ale pokud doma zadnou nemate, urcite je to dobra investice. 
  4. Hezke a pohodlne kreslo na kojeni – Tohle jsem hledala pekne dlouho a konecne nasla. Opravdova kojici kresla se mi designove nelibi a tak jsem chtela takove, ktere bude pohodlne a hezke a bude hezky zapadat do naseho interieru. 
  5. Velky jidelni stul idealne rozkladaci – S prichodem miminka se mozna zmeni i vas spolecensky zivot a je skvele napriklad poradat vecere u vas. Muzete pozvat pratele uz kdyz je miminko male. A take musite pocitat s tim, ze vas ceka hodne navstev, alespon z pocatku. 

At uz mate priority stejne ci odlisne, je treba o investicich do vaseho domova hodne premyslet, aby vam nove veci proste vyhovovaly. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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Last Maternity Outfit


I can finally show you the last maternity outfit. I know I gave birth almost three weeks ago but this outfit will close my pregnancy fashion posts and we can all move on. It is time to start to create new content and focus on new phase in my life. I am slowly starting to get used to having a little one and although it is hard work it is also so nice to have this little munchkin in my life. We already made it to our first event together however so far I need to reject almost all events. He is too tiny to be left home and plus there is the breastfeeding. We are pretty much chained to each other at least for now.

And now about my outfit. As you can see leggings were my thing in the last month of pregnancy however it is again about how you dress them up. I picked one of my favourite maxi cardigans. Unfortunately that is no longer available to buy but this Missoni baby is very similar when it comes to style. And I also took my new Saint Laruent blogger bag for a spin. I cannot get enough of that cute little thing.

So now it is time to catch a new breath and bring lot of new and exciting content to you. Challenge is on.

Konecne vam muzu ukazat posledni tehotensky outfit. Vim, ze jsem porodila uz skoro pred tremi tydny, ale timto postem chci uzavrit kapitolu tehotenstvi a tehotenske mody. Ted se budu snazit tvorit obsah jako drive jenom s tim, ze mame navic v rodine maleho clovicka. Uz si pomalu zvykam na novou rutinu a i kdyz je to hodne prace tak kdyz ho mam u sebe nebo vidim jak kazdy den dela nove a nove veci, tak to stoji za to. Uz jsme spolu zvladli prvni blogerskou akci, ale i presto skoro vsechny odmitam. Bud jsou pozde vecer a hlavne je jeste hodne malicky. A diky kojeni je vse slozitejsi. Kojeni na verejnosti mi neni moc prijemne, ale snad si zvyknu i na to. Zatim jsem k malemu zkratka pripoutana.

Co se tyce meho outfit tak jak vidite leginy v devatem mesici tehotenstvi zkratka vedly. Tento krasny svetr je sice uz vyprodany, ale pokud mate radi znacku Missoni, tak se urcite podivejte na tento, ktery jsou stylove velmi podobny. A samozrejme jsem momentalne zamilovana do me zanovni Saint Laurent kabelky. Jak jsem rekla uz tisickrat i leginy se daji doladit. Staci jenom spravne kousky a doplnky.

Love Glamazon xoxo


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Outfit: Embroidered Dress

Pictures by Anna Sandul
Wearing: Dress: Asos, Shoes: Zara, Bag: Gucci

I still have two outfits to show you from the last month of pregnancy. It would be pity not to share this cute embroidered maternity dress. After a long time I felt I wanted to be a girly girl and went wild with prints, colours and flowers. When I say wild I mean wild in my world. For some people this can still be very subtle. LOL

You are probably keen to have some update about the baby, my feelings and motherhood. It is a hard job, I will not lie and there is so much to learn and so much to do. The worse thing is the unknown and fear if I am and will be good enough. Hopefully, with time I will be more confident every day. Liam is one week and even small tasks like changing the nappy seems to get easier. So fingers crossed. I would be glad to hear your stories about being a mum.

Jeste mam dva tehotenske outfity z posledniho mesice tehotenstvi a byla by skoda je schovavat. Navic kdyz jsem se v tomto pripade rozhodla docela pro zmenu a oblekla si tyhle holcici a roztomile tehotenske saty opet s vysivanim. Myslim, ze jsem trosku pridala na pilu, protoze v posledni dobe byla moje tehotenska moda spise kombinace legin a neceho. Ale co pro nekoho muze zrovna tohle byt ta spravna kombinace.

Asi cekate na nejake zpravy ohledne miminka a take toho jak se citim. Je to narocne nebudu vam lhat, ale to asi vsechny maminky vi. Hlavne je toho tolik se naucit a poznavat sve dite. Nejhorsi je, kdyz neco nevite nebo nemuzete dojit na to, proc miminko place. Ale to asi taky jiste znate. Urcite je ve me i davka strachu, zda to vsechno zvladnu, ale budu se snazit a verit, ze casem to bude jenom lepsi a lepsi. A ja budu pevne stat v kramflecich. 

A urcite uslysim rada vase pribehy o tom, kdyz jste se stali mamou a jak jste se citili? 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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