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My skin has always been a challenge. I went through terrible acne during puberty and then even as an adult it really has never disappeared. Then in my early 20’s I developed pigmentation marks and now I am at the age where I am fighting fine lines. Too much to handle right?

Well, I worked with Rodial last year and I fell in love with some of their products and this year I got a chance to try more of their stuff and after a very short period of time I already see improvement. One of my favourite products of all times is Super Acids x-treme acid rush peel and I have been using it for almost a year. You use it twice a week and it is perfect for skin like mine – pigmentation, fine lines and breakouts. So I decided it would be great to try other products from this range as well.

As for fine lines and daily care I was recommended to use eye cream from Bee Venom range as well a daily cream and the texture and the smell is fantastic. I have not been using it long enough to tell you yes my fine lines have improved however from my experience with this brand I have good hopes.

There are two more products I would love to test but that will have to be some other time and those are Hangover Mask from the Super Acid Range and also Dragon’s Blood Advanced XXL Sculpting serum.

Not sure how many of you tried anything from Rodial however if you get a chance I  highly recommend to give it a go. You will not regret.

Moje plet byla vzdy velky boj. V puberte jsem mela nezkrotitelne akne a za sebou milion procedur, navstev lekare a dokonce i v dospelosti se to az tak nezmenilo. Ve dvaceti se mi zacaly delat pigmentove skrvny a ted jsem ve veku, kdy se mi delaji vrasky. Takze mam snad vsechno mozne pod sluncem. Ale co nadelame, musime proste bojovat dal.

Se znackou Rodial jsem spolupracovala uz loni a oblibila jsem si par produktu, ktere stale pouzivam. Tentokrat jsem mela moznost poradne konzultovat sve problemy a bylo mi doporuceno nekolik produktu, ktere by mely sedet me pokozce. Jeden z mych nejoblibenejsich produktu vubec je  Super Acids x-treme acid rush peel, ktery uz pouzivam asi rok. A je presne perfektni na plet jako ta moje – zacinajici vrasky, akne a pigmentace. Rush peel pouzivam asi dvakrat tydne a kdyz si ho dam pred spanim, tak plet je rano zkratka uplne jina. 

Na denni peci a take jemne vrasky mi byl doporuceny denni krem z rady Bee Venom a take ocni krem. Sice je nepouzivam az tak dlouho, abych mohla rict jaky je vysledek, ale vzhledem k predchozim zkusenostem myslim, ze budou oba dva fungovat. 

V budoucnu bych rada vyzkousela i tyhle dva produkty a to Hangover mask z rady Super Acid a take Dragon’s Blood Advanced XXL Sculpting serum. 

Nevim, jestli nekdo ma s Rodialem zkusenost, ale pokud se vam naskytne moznost, urcite po konzultaci jejich veci vyzkousejte.

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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