Birthday Girl in Biba Dress

Wearing: Biba Dress via House of Fraser, Christian Louboutin Shoes, Swagga and Soul Leather Jacket, Chanel Bag and Chanel Earrings 

Yes, this is my birthday party look. I feel it is dark and very sexy and why not?! At the end of the day it was my birthday. I love this Biba Dress as the cut is good enough to hide your full belly and the print and colours are striking enough to attract the attention. Just what we need at any birthday party right?

And I think it matched so of my cocktails. I think of everything.

And I could not miss my leather jacket. I have a good collection of different colours but I always find it hard to resist to get another one. I have been thinking to get some white one but there are so many to chose from. This classic BB Dakota biker is still on my mind and I also like this Alexander Wang Biker West. He is a genius right?

Have a fab day my dears.

Tohle je muj narozeninovy outfit. Ano velmi tajemny, tmavy a asi i sexy. Ale co narozeniny slavime jednou za rok. Tyhle saty Biba jsou super, protoze jejich strih zakryje prejezene bricho, ale jejich potisk a barvy upoutaji pozornost. Presne to co je na narozeninove oslave treba, ze?

A taky ladily s mym koktejlem. Ja zkratka myslim na vsechno.

A samozrejme jsem nemohla doma zapomenout jednu z mych nejoblibenejsich kozenych bund. Tech mam doma slusnou sbirku a zrovna si pohravam s myslenkou si poridit bilou na leto. Ja vim, ze udrzba musi byt silena, ale kdyz ony jsou tak krasne. Strasne se mi libi tahle BB Dakota a taky

jsem zamilovana do teto Alexander Wang vesty. On je proste uzasny.

Love Glamazon xoxo

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