Boho Tunic in Paris

2 Photos by David Nyanzi and Atosa

I wore this outfit on a day 3 in Paris and loving the boho and 70’s vibe of this combo. I must say I have noticed that some bloggers change their outfits even 3 times a day. I am actually thinking there is so much to learn from girls that are at the top of this field. However, it scares me as I had super big suitcase for few days. Not the most comfortable to travel with. Imagine if you change your outfits so many times. Hard life right?

And I hope you love those walking photos. I am so mad about them. Thank you David for taking them. He is just so talented!

Tento outfit jsem si dala treti den v Parizi. Strasne se mi libi ta boho tunika a vubec nadech 70. let. Mozna to nevite, ale ja jsem si vsimla, ze nektere blogerky se na fashion weeku prevlekaji az trikrat denne. Urcite to ma co docineni s tim, ze na urcitou show chteji jit prave v obleceni daneho navrhare, ale hlavne i s tim, ze si je pak street stylovy fotografe foti nekolikrat za den. Nechapu jak zvladaji to cestovani, protoze ja jsem jela na par dni s opravdu velkym kufrem. Jak vidim, mam se co ucit. Zahranicni blogovani je opravdu uplne o necem jinem. Tezky zivot co? 

Doufam, ze se vam libi fotografie. Nektere z nich jsou od Davida Nyanzi, ktery je jeden z top street stylovych fotografu. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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  1. I love the small detail of le Tour Eiffel in the background, c’est trés belle? My French is not good but this outfit is! I love the chain quilted Chanel bag, such a beautiful bag for a beautiful city!

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