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How to stay motivated even when you are tired?

Pictures: Hazel Hurley

Outfit: Bag: Balenciaga, Jumper: River Island, Shoes: Minna Parikka, Coat: Zara, Jeans: Asos

I am confident to say that I am a self-motivated person. I do not need others to tell me to work, I can push myself more and more and somehow I am lucky to have that hidden inner drive.

Of course, I am still a human and  I get days when I am down but all you can do is to get over that feeling and just keep going again in the morning. However, lately I have been experiencing a new thing and that is lack of motivation caused by lack of energy. I experienced being extremely tired in my previous sales job whilst blogging do not get me wrong. However, I was in charge when I can rest. I could plan according to my needs so I somehow always managed to balance it out.

Now I have a completely different biorhythm as it depends on my son when he sleeps and when he doesn’t and also the time I would invest in blogging I need to split in between this job and being a good mum to Liam.

So how do I stay motivated even when I get up 4:30 every day? (yep motherhood at its best LOL)

The absolute number one thing is to write down your dreams, goals and milestones or create a vision board and look at it. Look at it when you wake up, during the day and even on the day when you feel exhausted. This helps so much on a daily basis.

Here are few other things that i do and help me to stay on track?

  1. Start the day right – no matter how early I am woken up by Liam I start with hot water and lemon and then coffee! I need my dose of caffeine every day.
  2. Start to be active early – I have always been a morning person and sometimes by 8 pm I have done my workout, put on a wash, wrote a blog post and prepared breakfast for Liam and myself. My experience is that the longer you put things off the lazier and more tired you will get.
  3. Try to look good – How you look and what you wear really changes how you feel. Why do you think old school sales people taught the trainees to stand up whilst pitching? Even a small thing like how you carry yourself can change the outcome. So try to put a bit of makeup and nice clothes even at home. I am not saying jeans but a nice lounge set will do the job.
  4. Surround yourself with proactive people – This helps me on the day when I am lost. Even if I am just on the chat with my best friend and she tells me how much she has achieved that day it pushes me.
  5. Do things that make you happy – If I am really struggling I set my day right by doing something I like. It may be a bath, reading a book for a while, put on one episode of favourite series, putting on a face mask. Whatever it is it may set your day in a good direction.

We all have days when we are up and down but we can get over it. It is ok to have a bad day but try to always do your best at any situation.

Muzu pevne rict, ze se dokazu sama motivovat. Nepotrebuju ostatni, aby me hnali do prace a muzu se vyhecovat sama. Mam zkratka stesti, ze jsem takova a ze mam nejaky vnitrni hnaci motor.

Samozrejme jsem jenom clovek a take mam dny, kdy se necitim dobre, mam pochyby a chci se na vse vykaslat, ale vetsinou to do druheho dne prejde a jsem opet pripravena pokracovat. Ale v posledni dobe bojuju s tim, ze jsem extremne unavena a to je potom o hodne tezsi se vnitrne motivovat. Ono drive jsem byla unavena taky a jako cert, ale to jak se zregeneruju bylo pouze v mych rukou. Ted si zkratka nevybiram, kdy se vyspim a jak dlouho, protoze mi to urcuje moje dite a ze je zkratka nepredvidatelne.

A jak se teda motivuju, i kdyz casto vstavam uz pred patou a nejradsi bych zalezla unavou zpet do postele? 

Moji osvedcenou radou je sepsat si vase cile, ceho chcete dosahnout a nebo si vytvorit tzv vision board, na kterou se kazde rano ci jindy podivate. Kdyz jsem opravdu vycerpana, vzdy me to nakopne jit dal. To je pro me snad nejdulezitejsi vec. 

A tohle jsou me dalsi osvedcene tipy, ktere me motivuji a nezustanu cely den na gauci. 

  1. Zacnete den spravne – U me vetsinou nezalezi na tom, jestli se Liamek vzbudi ve 4 ci v 5, kazdy den zacinam teplou vodou s citronem a pak kavou. Davku kofeinu proste potrebuju. Ale tento ritual me naladi na lepsi den.
  2. Zacnete den aktivne a s nadsenim – Nekdy to me brzke vstavani ma vyhody. Casto se podivam na hodinky a kolem osme uz jsem si zacvicila, dala oprat, napsala clanek a pripravila nam hezkou snidani. U me totiz plati, ze kdyz lenosim a veci odkladam, pak uz se den nese ve stejnem tempu.
  3. Snazte se vypadat hezky – To jak vypadate muze ovlivnit i to jak se citite. Ne nadarmo ostrileni lidi v oblasti sales tvrdi, ze kdyz delate cold calling, mate u toho stat. Zmeni to totiz to jak se citite a jak konate. Takze i to, ze si udelate byt slaby makeup a hezky se oblecete ma neco do sebe. I prestoze se nechystate ven, muzete si dat hezky domaci ubor.
  4. Obklopte se lidmi, kteri vas inspiruji a motivuji – Tohle mi pomaha kazdy den. I kdyz nikam nejdu, pisu si s kamaradkama, ktere me nabiji a motivuji.
  5. Delejte veci, ktere vam delaji radost – Kdyz uz to opravdu nezvladam, tak delam veci, co mam rada. At uz je to vana, pletova maska, ctu si, ci si pustim serial. Zkratka udelejte cokoli, co vas nahodi do dobre nalady a doda vam radost a energii. Den se pak nese v uplne jinem duchu.

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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How to make February more glamorous

Pictures: Hazel Hurley

Wearing: Dress: Motel Rocks, Boots: Stuart Weitzman, Bag: Chanel, Jacket: Oasis, Hat: Asos


January is gone. Yay for lot of people. I remember when I used to work in an office how people did not like January. There were constant complaints about lack of money after Christmas, lot of moaning, evenings in and beans on toast for lunch. People were saving money, eating healthy and almost stopped having fun. And social media isn’t much different however people on social media do not show the real face so it is more about being vegan for a month and dry January.

And although February still means cold weather and for some people it is still that “boring” period of the year I want to cheer you up and motivate you and show you how can you bring more fun and glam to your winter days.

  1. Throw a party – It can even be pyjama party however try to make it special. Invite your friends, bring lovely eye masks and start the evening with bubbles, good movie and nice canapés. The whole point of this to make it more glamorous and it is all about the small touches. If you can go big, throw a property party with nice food and cocktail dresses. Just keep a touch of glam whether it is nice wine glasses, good quality wine or lovely presented food.
  2. Buy something nice – Treat yourself. If you do not have big budget you can buy a nice lipstick. I am now so much into the new range of Dior Lip glow. It is for everybody as it is more tinted lip balm. I have been using the original for many years so it is such a treat to have option of new colours. Or it can be a nice treat like a cashmere scarf something that will give you a sense of luxury.
  3. Experiment with makeup – When we look good, we feel good or at least that is in my case. All of a sudden I feel more confident and I feel more glamorous. So why not to change something in your every day makeup. Who says that you cannot do more dramatic eyes on dress down Friday in the office? Put on that new lipstick or just look glam even when you have a weekday cinema date.
  4. Make your own cocktails – Even if you want to make your evening with favourite series more special this is worth it. Imagine sipping tasty cocktail from lovely decorated glass from your sofa watching Netflix. Touch of luxury and happy taste buds will make the difference.
  5. Do a cool workout class followed by a healthy brunch – Every time I go on social media or open my favourite magazine I find a new way how to work out. It is a fabulous way how to change your routine. And how about to go with your girlfriends and find the hottest spot in town for a brunch afterwards.
  6. Be part of Fashion Week season – I am not saying you have to sit front row but make fashion week part of your life. There are options how to stream the shows live and you can get the feel for new collections. You can even do it with your friends and organise a lovely afternoon in your flat and discuss the collection afterwards.
  7. Add one glamorous piece to your look every day – I love earrings and also my Chanel brooch. These things can add so much glam to your ordinary jumper. It is about making things more special, luxurious and feel good.
  8. Dine in style – If your budget does not let you to try a new restaurant or a luxurious brasserie you can dine in style at home. Find a new recipe and remember it is all about presentation. Even a simple roast chicken will look more high end if you serve it differently.

I wish you all successful and happy February and try to bring as much glam and luxury as possible. And remember luxury can be just to have time for yourself.

Leden je za nama a diky za to. Pro spousty lidi je to jeden z nejdepresivnejsich mesicu v roce. Velmi dobre si pamatuji, kdyz jsem jeste pracovala v kancelarskem kolektivu, jak lide nemeli radi leden. Porad si stezovali, ze musi setrit (to vite po Vanocich), jedli skrome, nechteli pit, ci drzeli dietu. A leden se pro vsechny vzdy tahnul. A tak nejak se vzdy vsichni tesili, az tento mesic skonci. 

A tak tu mame unor. Dalsi zimni mesic, ktery se muze nest v nudnejsim duchu. Uz se mozna nestmiva az tak pozde, ale jeste je zima, ponuro a lide se tesi na jaro. A tak me napadlo sepsat clanek s tipy, jak si tento mesic zprijemnit. Nejsem zastance extremu a proto ani uplne nesouhlasim, ze lide po obzerstvi pak proste propadnou an mesic veganstvi, jenom protoze je leden. Ocista je vzdy dobra, ale nemusi byt zrovna leden, aby jste se k ni odhodlali. A jak si teda ja budu zprijemnovat dalsi mesic?

  • Usporadejte vecirek – a muze to byt pyzamovy vecirek s kamaradkama, ale udelejte si ho lepsi. Kupte si treba sampanske ci prosecco, prineste si krasne ocni masky, udelejte si nehty u hezkeho filmu a udelejte si dobre jidlo, ktere taky hezky vypada. A pokud je vas rozpocet vetsi, klidne usporadejte poradnou party, kde urcite dress code – coktail party. A proc ne? Je sice unor, ale jde o to udelat neco takoveho prave v unoru.
  • Kupte si neco pekneho – Ja jsem se zamilovala do nove kolekce Dior Lip Glow. Originalni lip glow pouzivam jiz nekolik let a prijde mi skvele, ze si muzu poridit nove barvy. Muze to byt ale treba nova kasmirova sala, zkratka neco co vam doda pocit luxusu.
  • Experimentujte s makeupem – Nemusite si na sebe nalepit flitrove rasy, ale staci mala zmena. Co treba v patek do prace udelat vyraznejsi oci, ci si dat sytejsi rtenku. Staci mozna zmenit jednu vec. Ja kdyz mam hezky makeup, tak se citim uplne jinak.
  • Namichejte si koktejl – Jak si udelat normalni vecer doma u televize trosku jiny? Co tak si namichat nejaky dobry koktejl, sklenicku si nazdobite a prece jenom vecer u oblibeneho serialu nabyde trosku vice luxusu. Je to tak jednoduche.
  • Zkuste nove trendy cviceni a pak si zajdete na zdravy brunch – Pokazde, kdyz otevru Instagram ci oblibeny casopis, najdu nejake nove trendy cviceni. A myslim, ze je to prijemny zpusob jak trosku zmenit rutinu. A muzete si na hodinu zajit s kamaradkama a po te si rezervovat brunch v krasne restauraci ci kavarne. Udelejte si proste radost tim, ze vyzkousite veci a mista, ktera jsou “IN”.
  • Zucastnete se tydnu mody – A nemyslim tim, ze musite zjistovat jak se to dela. Muzete proste k vam pozvat kamaradky a podivat se na par prehlidek v primem prenosu. A po skonceni, muzet probrat, co se vam libilo. A samozrejme to muze byt u dobre kavy ci vina. To zalezi na vas. Jde o pocit, udelat neco jineho a prinest trosku mody do vaseho zivota.
  • Pridejte nejaky glam ci luxusni kousek k vasemu outfitu – Ja rada nosim svoji Chanel broz, ale opet to nemusi byt zavratne drahy kousek. Co treba bizuterie z retezce, ktera pusobi luxusne ci jinak uvazany satek. Jde o to neco zmenit a citit se dobre.
  • Jezte stylove – Ten kdo me sleduje delsi dobu, vi ze casto pisu i o dobrych restauracich. Rada zkousim novinky, restaurace, ktere jsou vyhlasene. Ale kdyz vam dam tip, at jite stylove neznamena, ze tim myslim jit do restaurace a utratit tam penize, ktere treba potrebujete na neco jineho. Ale muzete si napriklad vyhledat dobry recept a hlavne i kdyz veceri varite doma ji hezky presentovat. Hezka presentace a jak je jidlo naservirovane totiz udela hodne.

A tak vsem preju prijemny mesic unor a hlavne si ho uzijte. A hlavne si pamatujte, ze luxus muze spocivat i v tom, ze si udelate vice casu sama pro sebe.

Love Glamazon xoxo

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The Dress Edit


I have had a little bit of more time on my hand when staying in Czech for winter holidays in the last few weeks and that could mean also one thing….creating wish lists and browsing on favourite on-line shops. Yes, you are reading it correctly. I love to procrastinate in this way.

And because I am counting days until first spring and summer days I am also dreaming about beautiful dresses we get to wear so here is a little selection of beautiful dresses. Whether you love luxury or your budget is more high-street hopefully you find something in my latest Dress Edit.

Ted kdyz jsem na dva tydny v Cesku tak mam o dost vice casu nez doma v Londyne a to taky znamena hodne prokrastinace. Prichytala jsem, ze travim hodne casu na ruznych e-shopech a tvorim si wish listy a prohlizim si veci, co se mi libi. Co uz se mnou, ze? 

A nejak me to chytlo za srdce a taky si uz snim o jaru a leta o tom jak budu nosit vice satu. A tak jsem udelala vyber krasnych kousku. Snad si kazdy vybere, zaradila jsem do vyberu levnejsi i drazsi kousky.

Love Glamazon xoxo 


2018!!! New Year New Start? Not Really!!!

Photography Hazel Hurley

Wearing: Boots: Stuart Weitzman, Bag: Gucci, Skirt: Shein, Top: Zara, Jacket: Oasis, Hat: Asos

Every year I sit down and I write down huge summary of what was the previous year like. I talk about achievements and personal life but this year I already did a summary of key things on my Instagram stories and you can still find it in highlights. Looking back it was a great year, full of great campaigns, new relationships with leading beauty and fashion brands, trips and also more great days with my baby boy Liam. And actually I am proud of that. What a year! One thing I set myself last year I failed big time and that is to finish the book I am writing. It was purely because I have been so busy with blog and setting up Youtube channel that the book never became a priority.

However something tells me 2018 will be even bigger and better. People always have resolutions however I am not here to talk about it either. I put together list of goals which I will focus on but the main thing is to work on myself. I want to focus on love…by that I mean work on how I see things, stay positive, focus on positive thoughts and how to master that process, smile more, do things I love. Put myself first a lot more as I did not do it in the past and so much more. Please, just do not confuse this with being selfish.

I want to surround myself with like minded people that bring me joy. I will be definitely focusing on my youtube channel and focus on improving quality of the videos, Instagram pictures and work on new relationships. And the reason why I called this article that it is not really a new start is purely because these are my continued decisions from last year. Focusing on positive things is a process and long term it is almost way of life isn’t it?

So let’s start the year right, focus on positivity and make our dreams come true.


Kazdy rok tady pisu clanek o tom jaky byl pracovne i osobne ten predchozi . Tento rok jsem uz udelala instagram stories a muzete se podivat v mych highlights, pokud vam to uniklo. Ale mela jsem skvely rok, Liamek roste jako z vody a dela nam radost a co se prace tyce, tak jsem vice nez spokojena. Mam za sebou nekolik skvelych kampani, vybudovala jsem si nove vztahy a to hlavne v oblasti kosmetiky a dokonce navrhla saty, coz je asi nejvetsi uspech jakeho jsem zatim dosahla. Kazdopadne tady nejsem abych vypisovala vsechno, protoze jak jsem jiz zminila najdete to v mych highlights na Insta stories (evglamazon). Jedno rozhodnuti z minuleho roku jsem nedodrzela a to je, ze jsem nedokoncila knizku, kterou pisu a to zkratka protoze vzdy byla nejaka jina priorita a take jsem se soustredila na novy youtube kanal, ve kterem hodlam pokracovat a venovat mu hodne usili.

A nechci se ani bavit o predsevzetich, protoze jsem se v roce 2018 rozhodla soustredit na lasku. Tim mam na mysli to, ze chci pracovat sama na sobe. Verim v dobro a zakon pritazlivosti a chci delat to co me bavi, mam rada, mit kolem sebe lidi, kteri mi delaji radost, chci se naucit pracovat s pozitivnim mysleni, mit pokazde ten spravny uhel na svet a delat radost ostatnim. A to vlastne neni uplne predsevzeti, protoze tohle bylo moje rozhodnuti i predchozi rok. Takze je to takove pokracovani. 

A tak chci vsem poprat to nej v roce 2018 a at jste zdravi a splni se vam vsechna prani. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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