Dune Press Day AW2014


This week I attended another press day and this time it was one of the most beautiful settings ever. Dune really did amazing job. The whole set up was so chic, expensive looking and the collection reflected it as well. If I could I would leave with at least ten pairs of shoes straight away. I mean colours, snake skin, pony skin and thigh high boots. Although, the summer only started when I saw some of the designs I wanted autumn already so I can wear all those beautiful shoes.

As you may or you may not know Bertie is another part of the business and the collection for autumn and winter had some fantastic shoes as well.

Well, I can only say you will be in for a treat with all those stunning shoes!

Tento tyden jsem byla pozvana na krasny press den znacky Dune. Nejsem si jista jak znamy je Dune v Cesku, ale ja jejich boty miluju. A cely press day byl opravdu uchvatny. PR tema vybral prekrasnou lokaci a cela dekorace se nesla v luxusnim duchu.

Mela jsem chut odejit alespon s deseti pary bot. Pokud si rikate, ze na fotografiich vidite taky Bertie, tak vidite spravne, protoze je to znacka, ktera spada pod Dune. V Bertie jsem nasla take nekolik uzasnych paru bot a pri pohledu na nektere modely bych klidne brala podzim. Dune predstavil tolik veci, ktere mam rada…hadi potisk, krasne barvy, vysoke kozacky. Nebylo mozne si snad ani vybrat.

Muzete se tesit na podzim, az bude mozne si vsechny tyhle krasne boty poridit.

Love Glamazon xoxo


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