Maxi Skirts Winter Inspiration,,,
Hello Guys,
Ok we are not talking to do this in minus 20 but after I realized how many maxi dresses and skirts I have in my closet I have to start to wear them more in the winter. And as you can see they can be as cool as in the summer if not even cooler :)Also do not forget to try your luck in my Giveaway. 

Samozrejme ze maxi sukne nebudou pravou volbou do minus dvaceti, ale kazdopadne budou prijemnou zmenou v chladnem obdobi. Po tom co jsem si uvedomila kolik jich v satniku mam, je opravdu musim vice nosit. A jak vidite vypada to skvele. Pokud opravdu prituhne, staci vymenit kozenou bundu za kozisek. Myslim, ze v Londyne se v nektere dny bude dat vydrzet i v te bunde a teplejsim svetru. 
Co vy na to? Jdete do toho se mnou? PS: Zkuste stesti v giveaway, ktera probiha az do pulnoci 23. prosince.

Love Glamazon xoxo

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