Outfit: Duster coats

Wearing: Shirt: Zara, Jeans: Mayarya, Coat: Asos, Sneakers: Adidas, Bag: Valentino, Sunglasses: Dior

You may remember my article about the maternity uniform I really like. And part of this styling are duster coats and different sleeveless coats like this. I had several duster coats from few years ago and they are becoming very hand especially now in this typical London “summer weather”. They are light, make any look more chic and they hide what you want to hide (well not the bump obviously … they are not that magical LOL) .

I feel I have been saying this all the time but dressing is so challenging now. It is harder as the bump grows and the options are there but I just feel I look weird in everything. LOL

I am sure all mummies and future mummies will understand. And now when the summer sales started it is even harder as I walk in to a shop and I cannot wear most of it or at least not yet. Few more weeks to go though guys.

Mozna si pamatujete na jeden muj starsi clanek venovany typicke materske uniforme, kterou mam moc rada. Soucasti tento uniformy jsou prave plaste a plaste bez rukavu jako treba tento. Ja jich mam nekolik uz z drivejska a jsou idealni na to nase Londynske leto. Jsou lehke, vypadaji sik a zakryji co je treba (no az tak zazracne nejsou, protoze na velke tehotenske brisko nestaci haha).

Mam pocit, ze to pisu po kazde, ale oblekani je ted opravdu fuska. Ve vsem si prijdu silena, ale to snad maminky a budouci maminky pochopi. A ted kdyz jeste zacinaji vyprodeje tak mi to drasa srdce, protoze vetsinu stejne zatim nemuzu nosit. 

Love Glamazon xoxo


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13 comments on “Outfit: Duster coats

  1. Wow, You look amazing in this outfit! :D
    Do you wear these sneakers without socks or with those really short ones?

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