Outfit: Floral Love


Wearing: Jacket: Swagga & Soul, Boots: Daniel, Bag: Bulgari, Dress: Zara, Sunglasses: Rayban

Last two weeks feel like a blur to me. I am normally super positive person however it was hard even for a cheerful person like myself. Liam got very poorly and I honestly have not ever experienced anything like that. I thought I was going insane. I cried, I did not sleep, I did not eat and all I was dealing with was crying baby in pain. I went to A&E four times and spent hours and hours sitting and waiting (which at two cases was pointless). I spent lot of time on the phone with friends and family trying to discuss home remedies and did endless washing. It is the hardest thing to watch your baby scream and you are not being able to help. Today is the first day when things seem a little bit normal. And I feel so grateful for that.

I set myself lot of resolutions for this year and one of them was to work hard but it was not physically or mentally possible the first two weeks. However, things are looking better and I am ready.

And lets just appreciate my new floral dress that brings a bit of boho vibe to current winter weather.

Posledni dva tydny mi prijdou trosku jako spatny sen. Mam to v hlave nejak vse smotane, ale neni se cemu divit. Liam byl hodne nemocny a prestoze jsem hodne vesely a pozitivni clovek, tohle byl opravdu masakr. Neni prekvapujici , ze se mi to zdalo jako sen, protoze kdyz clovek nespi a snazi se pomoci zoufale neustale kricimu diteti, tak se z toho pomalu ale docista poblazni. Poprve muzu rict, ze jsem nemela cas jist a obcas se ani napit a jedine co mi znelo v usich byl krik miminka. Je to opravdu srdce rvouci videt toho prcka v bolestech a nebyt schopna mu pomoci. Stravila jsem hodiny na telefonu s kamarady a rodinou a snazila se najit nejake domaci zpusoby lecby apod. Doktori tady stoji za starou belu a akorat cloveku pridaji stres. Dneska byl prvni den, kdy jsem mela pocit, ze veci se lepsi. 

Jedno z mych novorocnich predsevzeti bylo, ze budu opravdu poradne pracovat, zlepsovat blog, a ze do toho dam maximum. To se ale opravdu ted nedalo. Nastesti veci se maji k lepsimu, takze se pomalu ale jiste chci vratit do starych koleji.

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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3 comments on “Outfit: Floral Love

  1. You look stunning! Love your style, especially the fact that you are not afraid of experimenting.

    did you think about going to more natural hair color? I think it would definitely suit you more than this yellow bleach blonde, i think subtle tones would look way more classier.

    1. Hi Emma. Thank you. I am not thinking of changing. I am happy with my colour and honestly I think it looks different on the pics rather than real life. It is all about the light x

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