Flower Power


Hey Darlings,

This is exactly the romantic feel outfit I mentioned in my previous post. What a wonderful occasion to wear printed floated dress and headband like this. Well my Havainas do not count and the colour coordination with those purple tones was not intended. I was planning a white dress but when I discovered this old dress in my closet, it was a winner.

Tohle je presne takovy outfit jaky jsem mela na mysli v poslednim postu, romantika na druhou. Kvetovane volne saty s volanky a k tomu kvetovana celenka. Na slunny den v parku jako delane. Az na zabky Havainas, ty jsem si vybrala zkratka za ucelem pohodli :)

Puvodne jsem si chtela dat bile saticky, ale jak jsem znovuobjevila tyhle v satniku, nevahala jsem. Bile si muzu dat jindy, treba az na dovolene :)

Love Glamazon xoxo

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Wearing: New Look Dress, Havainas Flip Flops, Atmosphere Flower Headband

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