Outfit: Gucci Marmont Belt


Wearing: Jeans: Asos, Top: Kit & Ace, Shoes: Adidas, Belt: Gucci, Coat: Zara, Bag: Chanel, Sunglasses: Celine

Gucci marmont belts are another top Instagram piece. That tells me one camp will love them and the other will hate them. One thing for sure is that they are becoming hard to buy as all the bloggers just snap them. That is also why I decided to get a slightly different version to keep the belt more interesting. There are those simple once or you can buy version like this. Everybody can find their personal favourite. I know lot of girls that just bought it in the mens version as it has got perfect width and looks cool.

I have been wearing mine a lot and I know you will se it on me even more. I am thinking belted blazers, coats and dresses. The list is endless really.  So which camp are you gonna join?

Gucci marmont pasky jsou dalsi Instagramovou senzaci. Je to presne ten kousek, ktery bude jedna polovina nenavidet a druha milovat. Jedna vec je jasna, ze se uz spatne shani, protoze blogeri je zkratka vykoupi. Hodne lidi si kupuje pansky, protoze je siroky a je levnejsi jako treba tento siroky z damske kolekce. Nekdo preferuje jednoduchou verzi, ale treba se budou jinym libit i vice zdobne kousky jako treba tento. Jedna vec je jasna a to ze ja uz ten muj vynosila docela hodne.

A napadaji me skvele kombinace jako prepasat s nim saty, saka ci kabaty. Takze jej urcite jeste hodne uvidite.

A co vy, ktera polovina budete? Love or hate? 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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