Outfit: Reality check motherhood can be hard

Wearing: Dress: Tularosa/Revolve, Shoes: Mango, Bag: Chloe, Sunglasses, Chloe

I always say I do not want to talk negative on my site and social media but sometimes humans like to slip and break even their own rules. The reason for that is that people have enough of their worries, problems and I personally do not want to go online and read more bad stories and literally swim in lot of negative information. I am not even the one for controversial tweets although I know it helps us to increase engagement.

Anyway here I am sitting on my sofa on Friday with my heart pounding. I think I totally lost it today and looking at it is for not such a big deal. However sometimes and especially if you already had a long week and not enough sleep you just lose it and then explode. Everything you managed to hold inside just goes out. I am just very happy it is Friday already.

Simply just another day as a mum and as somebody that is trying to juggle it all. In between mortgages, solicitors, helping other people (even though you are the one that needs help the most), my upset son as the cartoons went off whilst I was trying to install new router I wanted to scream bring a shot of vodka right NOW (and I do not even drink it otherwise LOL).

The rack with clothes I was drying felt down as Liam wasn’t happy about the cartoons and me trying to figure out again how come the password on a new router doesn’t work. Just a bit of mess. And my to do list getting bigger and tasks were not ticked off. At 12 noon I have already been to the doctors, unpacked Ocado shopping delivery,  prepared lunch, did one load of washing, played with Liam, sorted out some emails, cleaned the kitchen and somehow the list isn’t just getting smaller.

At moments like this although it may not seem that bad I really always dream please somebody just walk in through that front door and help me. So I am sitting here, trying to breathe and calm down and hoping writing this will somehow help. And of course I am thinking off an evening when the little one is in bed and I can switch off. Oh hang on I can’t as I will be more likely filling in mortgage and solicitor paperwork. Well, maybe I need that Vodka after all.

Ja jsem vzdy tvrdila, ze na svych sitich a blogu nechci moc rozebirat negativni veci, ale jako vetsina jedincu i ja nekdy nedodrzim sve zasady a pravidla. Hlavnim duvodem pro toto rozhodnuti je fakt, ze kazdy ma sve starosti a ja osobne nechci chodit na Instagram a webove stranky a cist o samych negativnich vecech. Vim, ze hodne lidi to bavi se v tom koupat a resit to, vim ze kontroverzni clanky lidi bavi, maji velky dosah. Ja osobne to nechapu, ja chci cist o krasnych vecech, snit a nechat se odnaset do prijemneho sveta radosti, stesti a uspechu. 

Kazdopadne ted jsem mela doma totalni zkrat. Znate to, ono se ani nic tak hrozneho nestane, ale tim, ze treba byl tyden trosku narocnejsi, je patek, moc toho clovek nenaspal vam to v jednom blbem momentu ujede. Ja se momentalne placam mezi blogem, Liamkem, pravnikama, hypotekama a do toho se vynoruji dalsi veci a lidi, kteri chteji pomoct (pritom ja bych sama tu pomoc uvitala uplne nejvic). Seznam veci, ktere je treba udelat se zvetsuje a prestoze je teprve patek kolem obeda tak uz jsem stihla docela dost veci. Byla jsem rano u lekare, oprala pradlo, vybalila nakup, ktery privezli uz v 6:30, povesila pradlo, snidane, pak priprava obeda, vyridila emaily a prave v momentu, kdy dorazil nas novy router na wifi jsem totalne ujela. Abych se mohla soustredit na zapojeni (jsem hrozna nesika na tyto veci) tak jsem zapnula Liamkovi pohadky a hele novy pristroj proste ne a ne fungovat. Uz jsem to zkousela zapojit asi po ctvrte podle navodu a Liam se pekne nastval, shodil ten susak s pradlem a ja jsem si v ten moment prala panaka vodky, i kdyz vodku vubec nepiju. 

V tyto chvile si vzdy preju, aby prisel nejaky andel strazny…zkratka nejaka pomoc a trosku mi ulevil. Ale co je patek a tak se budu tesit na vecer az si dachnu. Vlastne ja nemuzu, ceka me tuna papiru na vyplneni pro pravniky a banky. Takze nic..kde je ta vodka?


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