Home Decor

I can spend days searching lovely images on pinterest (you can follow me evaglamazon). One of my favourite boards is definitely home decor.
Creating cosy home with small touches like candles, throws or cushions can be fun.
I put together some great products and inspiration for you. These lovely items are not only for yourself but surely would make a great present for others.

And it is truly great to make your home cosy. This is the best time of the year when you appreciate it. Christmas is all about warmth and comfort of your own houses.

Dokazu travit hodiny brouzdanim na pinterestu (najdete me pod evaglamazon) a hledanim inspirace. Jedna z mych oblibenych nastenek je urcite vybaveni domu.
Strasne rada menim doplnky ve svem byte, protoze prave tyhle drobnosti jako svicny, polstare, deky dokazou zmenit tvar vaseho domova.
A tak jsem dala dohromady mensi inspiraci. Hodi se jak pro vas tak pro druhe jako darek.

A hlavne ted o Vanocich jsem rada, ze se muzu uvelebit na pohovce a uzivat si teplo domova.

Love Glamazon xoxo

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