Last Maternity Outfit


I can finally show you the last maternity outfit. I know I gave birth almost three weeks ago but this outfit will close my pregnancy fashion posts and we can all move on. It is time to start to create new content and focus on new phase in my life. I am slowly starting to get used to having a little one and although it is hard work it is also so nice to have this little munchkin in my life. We already made it to our first event together however so far I need to reject almost all events. He is too tiny to be left home and plus there is the breastfeeding. We are pretty much chained to each other at least for now.

And now about my outfit. As you can see leggings were my thing in the last month of pregnancy however it is again about how you dress them up. I picked one of my favourite maxi cardigans. Unfortunately that is no longer available to buy but this Missoni baby is very similar when it comes to style. And I also took my new Saint Laruent blogger bag for a spin. I cannot get enough of that cute little thing.

So now it is time to catch a new breath and bring lot of new and exciting content to you. Challenge is on.

Konecne vam muzu ukazat posledni tehotensky outfit. Vim, ze jsem porodila uz skoro pred tremi tydny, ale timto postem chci uzavrit kapitolu tehotenstvi a tehotenske mody. Ted se budu snazit tvorit obsah jako drive jenom s tim, ze mame navic v rodine maleho clovicka. Uz si pomalu zvykam na novou rutinu a i kdyz je to hodne prace tak kdyz ho mam u sebe nebo vidim jak kazdy den dela nove a nove veci, tak to stoji za to. Uz jsme spolu zvladli prvni blogerskou akci, ale i presto skoro vsechny odmitam. Bud jsou pozde vecer a hlavne je jeste hodne malicky. A diky kojeni je vse slozitejsi. Kojeni na verejnosti mi neni moc prijemne, ale snad si zvyknu i na to. Zatim jsem k malemu zkratka pripoutana.

Co se tyce meho outfit tak jak vidite leginy v devatem mesici tehotenstvi zkratka vedly. Tento krasny svetr je sice uz vyprodany, ale pokud mate radi znacku Missoni, tak se urcite podivejte na tento, ktery jsou stylove velmi podobny. A samozrejme jsem momentalne zamilovana do me zanovni Saint Laurent kabelky. Jak jsem rekla uz tisickrat i leginy se daji doladit. Staci jenom spravne kousky a doplnky.

Love Glamazon xoxo


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