Layer your Necklaces

Wearing: Zara Everything, Necklace Marc Jacobs and Fiorelli via Nigel O’Hara, Marc Jacobs Clutch, Rayban Sunglasses

You know my passion for chunky jewellery however I have a good collection of more delicate pieces. And I have enjoyed the layers trend in the last few months. Everytime when there is a sale on jewellery on some online sites I go crazy to get more pieces (like with anything you can never have too many).

I fell in love with this necklace with a blue stone on Nigel O’Hara few weeks ago and I probably was not the only as it is now sold out. There are some other wonderful pieces in case you like this one. Oh man, I could browse and shop there forever. I layered this piece with this Marc Jacobs wishbook that you have seen many times.

I think this blue necklace is definitely great for summer and as you can see it looks amazing with baby blue tones.

And how about you? Do you prefer delicate or statement? Can’t wait to find out.

Vite, ze miluju vyrazne sperky a nahrdelniky, ale mam taky slusnou sbirku drobnejsich kousku. Bavi me trend vrstveni a nosit jich nekolik dohromady. Nedavno jsem se zamilovana na Nigel O’Hara do tohoto krasneho nahrdelniku s modrym kaminkem. Ted je teda vyprodany, ale pokud se vam neco takoveho libi, urcite se daji sehnat podobne kousky. Jeste premyslim o tomhle, protoze ten se bude taky skvele kombinovat a bude se hodit i do chladnejsiho pocasi. Ten druhy nahrdelnik uz znate a nosim ho casto. Je to klasicka Wishbook od Marca Jacobse.

Musim uznat, ze ta vyrazna modra s tou blankytne modrou je fakt skvela na leto. Doufam, ze se vam taky libi.

A co vy jste spise na vyrazne kousky ci delikatni?

Love Glamazon xoxo

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