Outfit: Proud memories

Wearing: Jacket: Rails La, Bag: Chanel, Shoes: Valentino, Sunglasses: Dior, Skirt: Pimkie

I never forget how proudly I wore this jacket with Liam’s name for the first time. This jacket will always give me proud and beautiful memories and will always have place in my closet. And I love it. It is a cool piece and I am a sucker for customised anything. And customised things are great as present. The last thing I gave somebody was customised Aspinal diary and my husband loved it.

However, this post is more about memories and today I realised how time flies. I am enjoying every moment with Liam and being a mum is just beautiful. He is going to be ten months!!! 10!! Who would believe. He has got 8 teeth, lots of hair and loves to walk when you hold his hands and now his latest thing is to stand up and crawl :) He loves his food and his dada. Haha It is incredible to watch him growing but if you are a mummy you know what I am talking about.

Nikdy nezapomenu, kdyz jsem si hrde oblekla tuhle bundu s Liamkovym jmenem poprve. A myslim, ze mi vzdy bude prinaset krasne vzpominky na to, kdyz se narodil a zarovne vypada fakt cool. Ja osobne mam rada inicialy na vsem a prijde mi to skvely napad. K vanocum jsem dala napriklad manzelovi diar z Aspinalu s jeho inicialy a moc se mu libil. 

Tento clanek je ale spise o krasnych vzpominkach a o tom jak cas leti. Liamkovi uz bude 10 mesicu. Neskutecne. Roste jako z vody a ja si to vylozene uzivam, ale zaroven bych chtela zastavit cas. Je to milacek, ma osm zubu, strasne moc vlasu a miluje sveho dadu :) A taky jidlo haha No a uz hezky lozi, chodi kdyz ho vedete za ruce a sam si porad stoupa a je strasne zvedavy. Je nadherne to sledovat, ale to vy mamy vite. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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