Life: Mornings in Paris

6 My last trip to Paris was typical girly weekend and unlike during Fashion Week I actually had lot of time to enjoy myself and have lazy mornings in bed. I stayed again in a lovely boutique hotel near Arch de Triomphe – Monhotel.

It is a real luxury for me to spend mornings like this. When I  wake up I start with cup of coffee in the bed and do a bit  of blogging, reading and just relaxing. And I actually can afford to have a bath without feeling stressed and thinking about my agenda. I cannot express how much this means to me as I am always on the go.

And hotel breakfasts are one of my favourite things in the world. I wont lie…I always eat way too much as I  feel I need to try everything. However, it is holidays after all so why the hell not? Mornings like this are the best moments and I wish I could have this more often.

I would love to hear from you about your mornings when you are away?

Pri me posledni navsteve Parize jsem narozdil od Fashion Weeku nemusela nikam spechat. Byl to takovy skvely holcci vikend a uplne nejvic jsem si uzivala rana. To je pro me luxus. Opet jsem se ubytovala v butikovem hotelu Monhotel, ktery je kousek od Arch de Triomphe.  Misto toho abych spechala jsem si kazde rano udelala kavu a stravila alespon hodinu v posteli. Cetla jsem si casopis nebo blogovala a uzivala si ten pocit, ze nemusim nikam spechat.

A dalsim luxusem je pro me moznost si dat velkou vanu plnou bublin s tim pocitem, ze nemam pred sebou kopu prace nebo dalsi schuzku. Opravdu silene relaxujici moment. A obcas si ve svem uspechanem zivote preju tohle mit alespon trikrat tydne. Budu skromna…haha

A samozrejme jak vite, tak hotelove snidane si uzivam na maximum. Priznavam se, ze tim, ze chci vzdy zkusit vsechno se vzdy prejidam, ale kde jinde bych to mela delat nez na dovolene, nemyslite?

A jak prozivate rana vy, kdyz jste na vylete ci dovolene? 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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