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Hotel Nobu Shoreditch

The Nobu fever started many years ago thanks to Nobuyaki Matsuhisa and he really made an impact on the hospitality industry. And plus you may know about Nobu in connection with Robert de Niro who is an investor. Yes that is right!

Having visited Nobu in Mayfair I had certain idea about what to expect and those things would be quality, good food and good service. However, the question I had before the stay at Nobu Hotel in Shoreditch is how is the East London going to projected here. Most people know that West and East London have got totally different vibes and style.

And I think the designers and the teams behind this project did a good job. It reflects the far east influence and the Japanese style without a doubt. Every corner of the hotel is sleek and stylish and they thought of every small detail. However, it is not fully my style. I am more traditional kind of girl but no harm to experience a bit of change. The disadvantage would be definitely that the rooms are really dark and so are the corridors. I kept getting lost as the directions are pretty much non existent. Yes, it looks mysterious and chic but I would prefer to find my way back to room at all times. The whole building and the interior is a perfect fit for more industrial East London and the building is hidden really well giving it a bit of privacy.

After we checked in there were some issues with getting in the room so we were offered a different room. I think overall you can tell the hotel is new. The staff isn’t working well in between each other, they definitely need to improve their knowledge and work more on their team work. However this is probably caused by most people being new and it only opened few weeks ago. I am sure they will get there and will represent the Nobu brand moving forward. I do not want to list all the issues we experience in this post as I have Tripadvisor for that and that is where it belongs.

And now on the other note and that is food. Oh my….I had such a culinary experience when I decided to order in my room. I loved the sound of sashimi tacos and the staff was so kind and they made me those famous nobu fries even though it was not a dinner option. And I am definitely coming back for those. I simply cannot get them out of my mind. I was also happy with the breakfast and ordered the Japanese fusion english breakfast that had interesting touch. Although I still missed a piece of toast or bread but that may be just me. LOL

Another fab thing is the bed. Yes, let’s talk about that super comfortable large bed that deserves plus points. I even forgot I cannot have a bath as it was not simply an option with only a shower. On the other hand that gold basin is a dream, don’t you think.

Well, as you can see my feelings are mixed but then on the other hand you are not paying for that standard room too much money. I am definitely interested to go back and firmly believe there will be an improvement. You know I am still thinking of those fries so another visit is a must.

Nobu horecka zacala pred asi triceti lety a to diky zakladateli Nobuyaki Matsuhisa. A ten vytvoril ikonickou sit restauraci a hotelu.  A mozna vite o Nobu i diky Robertu de Niro, ktery je jeden z investoru. Ano a to je opravdu holy fakt. 

Ja jsem vyzkousela Nobu na Mayfair a kdyz jsem zjistila, ze stravim noc v nedavno otevrenem hotelu Nobu v Shoreditch, byla jsem zvedava. A to hlavne protoze vychodni a zapadni Londyn jsou dva velmi rozdilne svety. Maji jinou atmosferu, styl a vubec pusobi uplne jinak. Mela jsem tuseni, co by me tak mohlo cekat, ale i presto si nemuzu zvyknout na fakt, ze Nobu restaurace a navic i hotel se proste nachazi v techto koncinach. 

Myslim, ze architekti a interiorovy navrhari si s projektem poradili velmi dobre. Neprekvapil me vubec vliv dalekeho vychodu, ktery na vas okamzite dychne. Uprimne to neni uplne muj salek caje, ja mam radsi utulne a tradicni hotely, ale obcas zmena neuskodi. Je to otazka vkusu, kazdopadne je to velmi dobre udelano. I kdyz jsem byla zklamana z velikosti pokoju a take ze je vsude silena tma, neustale jsem se ztracela na chodbach. Nemaji tam skoro zadne navigace a radsi bych mela treba mene sik chodbu, ale hlavne, ze najdu bez stresu zpatky cestu do pokoje. 

Hned napoprve nastal problem s tim se vubec do pokoje dostat a tak jsem musela s kamaradkou Atosou zpatky na recepci. A vubec obdobne veci se nam dely porad. Neustale nam nosily cizi objednavky na pokoj apod. Vse davam za vinu tomu, ze je to misto nove, personal neni poradne zaskoleny a sehrany. Nebudu tady zachazet do detailu, na to mam tripadvisor, ale maji co dohanet. Doufam, ze pri dalsi navsteve bude vse lepsi. Myslim, ze to chce jenom cas anebo taky lepsi management. Kdo vi. 

Ale minusove body, ktere jim uberu za servis, jim musim pridat za jidlo. Objednala jsem si veceri na pokoj a to byl kulinarsky zazitek. Jeste ze tak. Zaujaly me sashimi tacos a chtela jsem vyzkouset Nobu hranolku, ktere si kazdy, kdo tam jedl hrozne chvali. A ze jsem nelitovala. Vratim se tam uz jenom kvuli hranolkam, opravdu vynikajici. A nejvic me potesilo to, ze nebyly vubec na vecernim menu a kuchari mi i je i tak udelali. A zajimava byla take snidane. Vyzkousela jsem English breakfast, ktera jako ve vsem mela japonsky vliv. Bylo to vyborne, ale klasicky toast ci kousek chleba by mi k tomu nevadil. 

A dalsi uzasnou veci byla super pohodlna postel, ktera byla velka, pohodlna a hrozne dobre se mi na ni spalo. Na druhou stranu mi chybela vana, i kdyz zlate umyvadlo jsem si chtela odnest domu. LOL 

Me pocity jsou po pobytu v tomto hotelu trosku smisene, ale zase si rikam, ze nas pokoj nestoji majlant a tak nemuzu ocekavat obrovskou vanu a spoustu mista. Pevne doufam, ze se zlepsi jejich pristup a personal, protoze bych se tam rada vratila, i kdyby jenom na ty vyborne hranolky. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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Serene Paradise at Castell Son Claret

It has only been two days since I have left this paradise and already want to go back. Who can blame me? Let me take you on a little journey to Mallorca and feel the beauty of this stunning place Castell son Claret. 

Although I was meant to go with my plus one and baby Liam we had a big hurdle when boarding the plane and my friend could not leave UK due to some visa issues. I was terrified to travel on my own with 9 months old but I decided to go and really do not regret. The hotel staff made sure I had help at the airport and from that point they made my stay even better than expected. I kept saying to baby Liam we are a bit like a royalty, aren’t we?  LOL.

This place really is a hidden gem and luxury at Mallorca.

Je to jenom druhy den, co jsem zpatky v Londyne z tohoto raje a uz bych se nejradeji vratila. A nemuzete me obvinovat, protoze tento prekrasny hotel na Mallorce Castell son Claret je skutecny raj na zemi.

Prestoze jsem letela na Mallorcu s kamaradkou, tak diky problemu s vizy nemohla odletet. No nebudu vam lhat, bala jsem se jet sama, mela jsem sebou jenom Liama a tunu veci. Kdo cestuje s detmi tak asi vi, o cem mluvim. Riskla jsem to a i diky uzasnym zamestnacum hotelu vse zvladla. Na letisti me cekal taxikar a se vsim mi pomohl. A od te chvile jsem Liamkovi porad rikala, ze se mame jako princatka. LOL

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Travel: Santorini Photo Diary

It has been a while since I published any travel/photo diary post and because I am pregnant this may be a last one for a while. I am definitely planning to travel with my little one after birth but I think I will need a bit of time to adjust to my “new” lifestyle.

Anyway, I wanted to publish some of the photographs from our trip as Santorini truly is magical island. Endless stunning views, white houses, amazing food and unpredictable geology around you. I went to the red beach and visited beaches with black sand and everywhere you go there is another surprise. It would be a great trip for girlfriends just for few days as the island really is small so it is enough time to see everything.

I swear after three days we have seen everything so we decided to go back to places we loved the most like Amoudi bay. That is definitely my favourite spot. If you go do not forget to do your research about where it is good to watch the sunset as that is one thing you should do when visiting Santorini. You may use help of online tips or just ask the locals.

There is enough to do and enough to see. One thing I stayed away from was actually hiring the donkey. I am not a huge fan of using them going up and down from ports back to town. They always look so sad poor little things. Although I appreciate years and years ago the locals had no other option. Well, it still does not change the fact I do not want to support this.

Anyway, I hope these photographs will at least a bit show the beauty of this island and bring its atmosphere to your homes.

Uz je to nejakou dobu, co jsem vydala posledni travel post a jelikoz sem tehotna, tak letos cestuju opravdu mene a myslim, ze to chvilku potrva i po porodu. Budu se muset holt prizpusobit novemu zivotnimu stylu, ktery me ceka.

Kazdopadne jsem vam chtela ukazat par fotografii z posledni dovolene na Santorini. Je to opravdu prekrasny ostrov a rada bych se tam vratila. Myslim, ze uplne idelani by byla holcici dovolena na par dni, protoze ostrov je opravdu malicky a ctyri dny bohate staci. Santorini ma co nabidnout, ale nejvice jsem asi ocenila ty dechberouci vyhledy a dobre jidlo. Navic najdete v kazdem koute ostrova neuveritelnou geologii a v nekterych castech i velmi rozmanitou. Navstivila jsem red beach i plaze s cernym piskem a vubec kazdy kout prinesl neco noveho. Je to podle me idealni misto na holcici dovolenou na par dnu. Myslim, ze tyden je na ostrove docela dost vzhledem k velikosti. Mela jsem pocit, ze za tri dny jsem byla vsude a pak uz jsem se chtela vracet jenom na oblibena mista jako napriklad Amoudi bay.

Take se vyplati najit nejake dobre misto na sledovani zapadu slunce, ale o tom vam kazdy pruvodce ci mistni reknou sve. Jedna z veci, ktere jsem se vyhnula byl pronajem oslika. Nejsem fanousek toho, ze se pouzivaji na noseni zbozi a lidi a prijde mi, ze v ktere zemi jsem, tak vypadaji tak strasne smutne. Nemaji to v zivote jednoduche. I kdyz chapu, ze pred lety to byl jediny zpusob dopravy z pristavu nahoru na skaly a take zpusob jak dopravit zbozi do mesta.

Doufam, ze vam fotografie alespon trosku priblizi krasy ostrova.

Love Glamazon xoxo

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Tip of the week: Sunset Taverna by Paraskevas


What a place!!! Under the red cliffs of Oia there is this stunning romantic spot called Ammoudi bay. A dream spot for food lovers and people that appreciate fresh sea food and romantic atmosphere. I loved this place after visiting one day and this gorgeous taverna got my heart so much we had to come back. Sunset Ammoudi taverna is a place we just came across but after having quick lunch there one day we decided to come back for full dinner after trying many places on Santorini. This restaurant is definitely at the top of my list. It is a fantastic spot to watch sunset but be aware if you want to experience this it is definitely important to actually book a table in advance.

There was just something about this lovely taverna. It was not just about good service and fresh sea food but the fact you feel you are almost dining in the sea. Everywhere you looked there was something beautiful to see and I could not stop soaking in local atmosphere. If I ever come back to Santorini I will come back. I had a thing for calamari on this trip and this placed served the best I tried on the island. However, their other sea food and other Santorini specialities are worth to try.

We really loved everything about this place and hopefully the pictures can bring you closer to this picturesque place.

Pod utesy Oia, ktere maji specifickou cervenou barvu, ktera se casto nachazi prave na ostrove Santorini, se nachazi tohle prekrasne misto – zatoka Ammoudi. Romanticke misto, ktere asi oceni hlavne milovnici morskych plodu a romanticke atmosfery. Behem naseho pobytu na Santorini jsme se zde stavili na lehky obed a hrozne mi tam chutnalo. A tak jsem jednoho dne rozhodla, ze bych chtela Tavernu Sunset vyzkouset i na veceri. Spousta turistu na ostrove si rezervuje stul v podobnych restauraci a ceka na proslaveny zapad slunce. A proto pokud se chystate na tyhle mista kolem osme hodiny tak urcite potrebujete rezervaci. 

Ja jsem se nemohla nabazit mistni atmosfery a pocitu, ze si uzivate vyborne jidlo temer v mori. Myslim, ze jsem nikdy nejedla tak blizko more. Mela jsem i pocit, ze kazdou chvili muzeme spadnout do vody, ale zkratka to melo neco do sebe. Servis, kvalita jidla a vyhled se opravdu neda srovnat s nekterymi misty, ktere jsem navstivila. 

Doufam, ze fotografie vam alespon trochu priblizi vyborne jidlo a tuhle prekrasnou zatoku pod utesy mesta Oia. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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