Michelle Keegan for Lipsy Launch

Last week I attended fantastic launch of a new Lipsy collection that was hold on the top floor of a stunning hotel ME London. And it was not an ordinary collection as it was designed by Michelle Keegan who put a lot of her personal touch to these designs. I must say she is very lovely but I do not recommend to take selfies (which you may have seen on my instagram) with her as everybody looks a bit pale and below average next to to her. LOL

You should be excited as this collection will be available soon and some pieces  really stand out. My favourite is that black and white tuxedo dress, navy pencil dress with gold lace detail and that biker jacket. I feel that the collection is versatile enough for anybody to chose their favourite piece. There are casual everyday tops and much more.

So stay tuned as you will be soon able to snap your personal favourite.

Love Glamazon xoxo

Minuly tyden jsem byla pozvana na predstaveni nove kolekce Lipsy, kterou navrhla popularni Britska herecka Michelle Keegan. Akce se konala na strese hotelu ME London, kde to mam uz nejem diky uzasnemu vyhledu moc rada. Az do te doby jsem nevedela, jak popularni Michelle vubec je, protoze po pridani selfies s Michelle na instagramu se dely silene veci. Ziskala jsem hrozne moc novych fanousku na instagramu a na  druhy den v praci kolegove uplne omdlevali a byla jsem zahlcena otazkama. Jeden se me dokonce prisel jenom tak dotknout (no jako chapete to?).

No ale radeji zpatky ke kolekci. Nektere kousky me zaujaly a to hlavne ty cernobile saty a ta kozena bunda. Pro ty co me znaji, to neni asi novinka, ze se mi libi tyhle dva kousky.

Doufam, ze se vam fotografie libi a teste se na vice postu ze skvelych akci a v zaloze mam take par outfitu.

Love Glamazon xoxo

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