Outfit: Mummy to be

Wearing: Dress: PINKO, Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Yes, the secret is out. I am joining all the bloggers that started a new trend – Mummy to be trend! Well, do not get me wrong. It is not like I said to myself all these bloggers are having a baby so I will do it as well. It was more of a case I am at that age and although I did not have any maternity instincts I decided it is time.

You know I can be quite personal and I do not think I share as much as some other bloggers. However this is something you cannot hide and all the readers deserve to know. I would need to stop blogging for a while otherwise and then one day say here we go I am back and I have a baby. LOL

I firmly believe this will push Glamazon to the next level and open new opportunities. I am sure there are so many mums or mums to be that like to read about the experience, inspiration and share everything with each other. I am not any different. This topic was never of interest until now and I am currently obsessed with all pregnant bloggers or new mums.

My baby is an adventurous baby already travelling to Malaysia, Hong Kong and experiencing fashion weeks and front rows. LOL

I will answer some of your questions by saying I am now in half of my pregnancy which is 5 months (20 weeks) to be specific. I thought it is a good time to announce these news to you. And I am so happy I could show off my growing baby bump in this gorgeous Pinko dress. Well, no harm to wrap that belly to something glamorous. It is a Glamazon blog after all.

Tak a tajemstvi je venku. A pridavam se ke vsem tem blogerkam, ktere rada sleduji a zacaly novy trend – Mummy to be trend! Pripada mi, ze se na svetove blogove scene roztrhl pytel s tehulkama. A nemyslete si, ze jsem si proste jednoho dne rekla, ze si taky dite poridim, kdyz ho maji teda svetove blogerky. Zase tak posedla nejsem. Spise jsem dospela do veku, kdy jsem si i presto, ze jsem nemela zadne materske instinkty rekla, ze je asi nejvyssi cas.

I kdyz to mozna je na muj vkus strasne osobni, tak i presto to musim na blogu sdilet, protoze je to zkratka neco, co nezakryju a ani neschovam a mozna se mezi vami najdou lidi, kteri oceni clanky venovane tehotenstvi a tehotenske mode. Myslim, ze to posune Glamazon jinym smerem, ale kdo vi jake se tim otevrou nove prilezitosti a moznosti. A navic mam stejne pocit, ze inspirace pro tehotne je strasne malo. Takze proc tohle obdobi s vami nesdilet.

Miminko uz ma v brisku hodne za sebou. Cestovalo do Malajsie a Hong Kongu a taky ma za sebou dva fashion weeku a zazitky z prvnich rad na prehlidkach v Milane. To se nekdo ma, ze? 

A abych predem odpovedela na vase otazky tak zatim muzu prozradit, ze jsem v polovine a to v patem mesici (20. tyden). A prislo mi, ze je to takovy idealni meznik, kdy tuhle novinku na blogu oznamit. A jsem rada, ze jsem si k teto prilezitosti mohla obleci nadherne saty Pinko a odhalit rostouci brisko. No, jak vidite mimco uz o sobe dava vedet a chce se svetu ukazat. A proc si na tuhle prilezitost nedat krasne glam saty? Vzdyt je to prece Glamazon blog, ne? 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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22 comments on “Outfit: Mummy to be

  1. Evi, to je skvela zprava! Gratulovat se ma, az pry je mimco na svete, tak si to jeste schovam. :)
    Jsi porad stejne krasna a ty saty jsou uzasne! Moc ti to slusi.
    Tehotenske inspirace moc neni a i kdyz ja se zatim nechystam na dite, tak se rada koukam na outfity pro tehotne. :)

  2. Jeeeej, congratulations! You look absolutely stunning with your cute little bum.
    I’d be more interested on how you came to the decision, and I am struggling with it too, as you said – not really much of mother instinct, but the time is ticking…. And it scares me a lot.
    Have a fab day,
    Anami, xx

    1. Haha, no rodina na me docela tlacila a kdyz jsem videla holky kolem me, ktere maji problem tak jsem si rekla, ze nechci riskovat a pak to treba nemusi jit! Ja bych asi rekla go with the flow…vysadit prasky a uvidis x

  3. Wow congratulations on the news! I am sure you will be a great mommy (and a stylish one at that). Your bump is the cutest and you look great in this chiffon maxi dress. I wish you the best and I can’t wait to see your baby bump style in the months ahead!

  4. Evi, to je krásná novinka. Nevím proč, ale myslela jsem si už delší dobu, že čekáš miminko. Moc blahopřeji. Věřím, že tvůj blog bude o to pestřejší.

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