Hey Sweethearts,
Over the years I have been working to stop spontaneous shopping and I am getting better. Two weeks ago I felt I need to have another beanie (to sit in my wardrobe with the other twenty….oh somebody help us). And I got this Boy London beanie here and still not sure if to keep it. It is kind of cute and very warm and good quality. So struggling a bit to decide. I kind of see it with leather trousers and jackets as well.
Cele roky se snazim ovladat svou nakupovaci vasen, hlavne ty spontanni nakupy veci, ktere vubec ale vubec nepotrebuju. Vetsina z vas to urcite zna. Je to asi dva tydny zpatky, kdy jsem mela pocit, ze si potrebuju poridit dalsi cepici (asi aby tech zbyvajicich dvacet melo dalsi kamaradku). A vyhrala to tahle cepice Boy London. Docela se mi libi, je hlavne hrozne tepla a i kvalitni, takze se nejak nemuzu rozhodnout, zda si ji nechat. Jenze uz ji vidim, jak skvele vypada treba ke kozenym vecem. Jsem asi ztraceny pripad !!!
Love Glamazon xoxo

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