Outfit: Love for Embroidery

4 Pictures: Anna Sandul
Wearing: Bag: Gucci, Shoes: Daniel Footwear, Leggings: Asos, Top: Tchibo, Jacket: Asos

How do you feel about embroidery? I have always had a thing for anything embroidered whether it is a delicate and simple one or full of patterns and colours. This piece I am wearing is currently on sale (yay how much we all love that word) and is more on the simple and delicate side. For those who love it I can just say it is not a maternity piece. Hooray. So ladies with the bumps or without can wear it. And I still cannot get enough of this Gucci bag. I really wish I had another size and colour as well as these designs are just dreamy.

Londoners probably know that we have got a proper heat wave coming these few days and I am dreading to go to work. Public transport on these hot days is a nightmare even for non pregnant women. I am now over 35 weeks and the challenge is on. I guess cold water is needed at all times. So let the week begin on a positive note.

Jak se vam libi vysivani? Ja jsem byla vzdy fanouskem vysivanych kousku, at uz se jedna o delikatni jako treba tahle bundicka, ktera je momentalne ve sleve, nebo vice komplikovanejsich a barevnejsich modelu. Kazdopadne je to bundicka normalni a tak ji vynosi i ty s briskem i ty bez briska. Mam pocit, ze stejne jsem behem tehotenstvi zatim nosila nejvice normalni konfekci. A samozrejme nechybi moje oblibena Gucci kabelka. Vubec bych se nezlobila mit i jinou velikost a barvu, protoze me tento model zkratka porad bavi. 

Dneska a zitra nas cekaji v Londyne horka a priznavam se, ze se docela hrozim. Jsem uz vice nez 35 tydnu tehotna a cestovat v takovych teplotach z prace a do prace je opravdu narez i pro netehotne. Ve vetsine vlacich tady totiz neni klimatizace a samozrejme ani v metru. Ale jsem vybavena vodou kdyby nahodou. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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8 comments on “Outfit: Love for Embroidery

  1. Auch… I hope that you’ll have it as easy as possible going to work this week… I can only imagine how it must be/ feel like being pregnant, using the public transportation and fighting the heatwave. When I was in last trimester of my pregnancy, it was already Winter and I didn’t depend on public transport either, so I was really lucky.

    Anyway, you’re once again rocking “maternity” outfits like no others!! Wow! Love, love your heels and jacket. :)


  2. You look oh so stunning yet again! I love that you have managed to keep your sexy style with the baby bump. I think that is so awesome, especially you killing it in those leather leggings. I am loving the mini Gucci bag with your heels. I am not sure how you are still so tiny, but you look amazing!

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