Paris Fashion Week Street Style


 Paris Fashion Week has got very different vibe and street style to London. People are mostly more chic, they have great hair, great skin and they just carry their outfits with so much grace. I wish I could snap more for you but to be honest I was so busy and most of the times it was me that was posing rather than taking pictures. Here are few photos that will hopefully inspire you.

Parizsky Fashion Week je opravdu jiny. Je tam jina atmosfera a street style je mnohem lepsi nez v Londyne. Lide jsou hrozne sik, maji upravene vlasy a skvelou plet a nosi outfity s velkou gracii. Proste vse melo mnohem vyssi uroven. Nemela jsem moc casu fotit, protoze jsem opravdu nestihala a hlavne jsem to byla spise ja, kdo pozoval, ale podarilo se mi trochu inspirace zachytit.

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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