Please Santa

I have been a bit quiet here but that is purely that most my energy and time is going into vlogmas on my youtube channel. So if you have not subscribed yet and you would like to win amazing prizes you know what to do.

Anyway as every year I put together a little wish list of things I would love to find this year on Christmas day. Well, you know it is not about materialistic things but you know what I mean. I think sunglasses in general are a great present. I love changing mine and I have been wearing my classic Celine shadow so much so thought would be great to try the Celine Thin Shadow. And you know how much I have been craving some nice velvet Saint Laurent bag. Well, we always want something right? Here is a little wish list and you may find some things you like too or you could perhaps purchase for your loved ones.

Trosku to tady utichlo, ale to je hlavne tim, ze veskera energie i cas jde do vlogmas na mem kanale na youtube. Kazdy den muzete vyhrat krasne ceny, takze pokud jste se jeste neprihlasili k odberu, urcite to nepromeskejte.

Kazdopadne jako kazdy rok jsem Vam chtela ukazat, co bych si prala od Jeziska. Vim, ze to neni o materialnich vecech, ale proste mam rada hezke veci a tyhle by mi udelaly velkou radost. Ja si treba osobne myslim, ze slunecni bryle jsou super darek, ja opravdu moc nosim moje klasicke Celine shadow a zjistila jsem, ze existuje i novejsi model thin shadow a ty me zaujaly. Jenom uz z toho duvodu, ze ty klasicke nosim opravdu porad. A jak asi citite z mych insta stories a take vlogu, tak jsem si opravdu udelala zalusk na nejakou hezkou kabelku Saint Laurent a idealne sametovou. Zkratka ty prani nikdy nekonci co? LOL 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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