Hey Darlings,

Sunday was great. It was day when after a long time I had time to do things I normally do not do. Things like lunch just with my boyfriend, watching movies, stay in, go swimming, do my nails and just forget about everything else. Well, it is mid week now and I feel I need another day like this. I have no time to workout properly, catch up on my favourite series, see friends or sort my hair out. If only the day was longer or we could work shorter hours. That would definitely help.

Anyway, I wore this old Mango mini dress and Topshop coat for a lunch out and as you can see it was snowing a bit. Not exactly perfect outfit to weather like this but I survived.

And how about you and lazy days like this? Do you ever have them?

Nedele byla skvela. Konecne byl cas na veci, na ktere neni jindy cas. Zcela jsem ignorovala svet a vsechny kolem, jenom jsem si zasla s pritelem na obed, koukala na filmy, sla si zaplavat, udelala si nehty a proste delala veci, ktere se delaji presne v takove dny. Ted uz jsem zase v pracovnim kolobehu a nemam cas si poradne zacvicit, dohanim mozna po praci v posteli oblibene serialy a moje vlasy vypadaji kazdy den jako po vybuchu. Asi bych potrebovala delsi dny nebo proste pracovat na zkraceny uvazek. 

Tyhle Mango saty jsem si dala v Nedeli na obed a jak vidite zacalo trochu snezit, ale neumrzla jsem. Mozna to neni idealni outfit do snehu, ale do klasicke britske hospudky jako delany.

A co vy? Mate nekdy takove dny, kdy se stavate na chvili sobcem a vsechen cas je zkratka jenom vas?

Love Glamazon xoxo

Wearing: Topshop Coat, Necklace and Earrings, Mango Dress, Oasis Boots, Vivienne Westwood Bag

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