The Irish road trip

8 Far away from fashion parties, busy London streets and daily stress. I decided to do a little road trip down the West Coast of Ireland together with my bestie from Prague and our other halves. My friend Iva who is a model and blogger had this genius idea to spend long weekend together away from everything…eat, drink and enjoy the nature. And it was a blast!

Straight after we left Dublin we did not forget to open our first bottle of wine. That girl thinks of everything LOL. We rented cosy apartment down the sea side in a little village called Liscannor. And how convenient it was it was just next to one of the best sea food restaurants in County Clare. Vaughans Anchor Inn really got me and we ate there almost every day. First night we ended up in a local pub and I wish I could say what happens in Egan’s stays in Egan’s. LOL

Iva swapped the dance floor for a table and turned this little cosy pub into the best spot in the whole county. And boy she got famous…nothing stayed in Egan’s as people were recognizing her following morning in the town ten kilometres away. This is how the Czechs can party.

However the trip was not just about Guinness and local sea food specialities. We visited some of the most beautiful spots from Cliff of Mohers to a charming lighthouse in Loop Head. This was my third time at the well know Cliffs and this magical place did not lose anything from its charm. It’s breathtaking views and nature around are just astonishing however you have to keep the respect because of the the 200 metres scary looking vertical drop. As you can see some of the pictures had to be taken lying down. And the winds can be very strong. However all this creates dramatical atmosphere that you never forget about.

I have been to Ireland many times but it was my friend’s first visit. It must be fascinating for them as the Irish culture is just all around.

I came back rested and found lot of pictures in my camera which I have to share with you. This beauty just cannot be hidden in my picture folder.

Love Glamazon xoxo

 Daleko od vsech vecirku, Londynskych ulic a kazdodeniho stresu…o tom vsem byl nas kratky road trip po zapadnim Irskem pobrezi. Moje kamaradka Iva, ktera je blogerka a modelka a zije v Praze mela uzasny napad si spolecne pronajat dum u more v Irsku a konecne si poradne uzit prodlouzeny vikend. Tim ze zijeme kazda v jine zemi, tak si nemame nekdy ani moznost poradne popovidat. A ze to byl skvely napad! Uz po vyjezdu z Dublinu jsem si na zadnim sedadle otevrely vino a tim to zdaleka nekoncilo.

Pronajali jsme si na nekolik dni prekrasny bytecek hned u more, ktery byl hned vedle jedne z nejvyhlasenejsich restauraci v tomto regionu. Vaughans serviruje hlavne morske plody a ryby a ja si tam pochutnavala skoro kazdy den. Prvni den jsme se rozhodli zavitat do mistni hospudky s zivou hudbou, kde to Iva rozbalila na stole. At v tom Irsku vidi, ze Cesky nejsou zadne sucharky. LOL

No a predstavte si, ze vsichni mistni byli tak nadseni, ze ji na druhy den poznavali na ulici ve vedlejsim meste. Proste moje holka sikovna co? Alespon budeme mit i za par let na co vzpominat. Samozrejme vylet nebyl jenom o parbe a Guinnessu. Kazdy den jsme podnikali uzasne vylety do prirody a musela jsem Ivu a Petra vzit na vyhlasene utesy – Cliffs of Moher. Tohle byla moje treti navsteva, ale tohle misto me dostane pokazdne znova a znova. 200 metru vysoke utesy, silny vitr a neskutecna vegetace vas nenechaji chladnymi. Tohle misto ma proste nepopsatelny charakter a kouzlo. Jenom se chvilema clovek boji, ze spadne dolu a jak vidite nektere fotky je bezpecnejsi je delat v leze. Projeli jsme snad vsechna turistika mista na pobrezi vcetne Spanish point, Doolin a take majaku v Loop Head. Vsude bylo neco k videni a Irska kultura cisela vsude kolem. Pro nekoho, ktery navstivil tuhle zemi poprve to musi byt opravdu neskutecny zazitek. 

Ja jsem se vratila odpocata a spokojena a taky s velkou zasobou fotek jak vidite. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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