Thomson Scene Party with Made in Chelsea Crowd

What a party! You know what guys…Thomson is definitely my favourite travel agency ever! Not only I went on the most amazing press trip with them but they also threw an amazing party on Wednesday. I love them although I was half dead following day at work.
Anyway, welcome to My Scene party took place in one of the top bars in Shoreditch Callooh Callay…hashtag you probably have seen all of instagram. They got involved lot of people from Made in Chelsea show and Jameela Jamil was behind the DJ counter and things can only get better as they invited ME! hehe
And this time I had a company as my friend Bex (who you may remember from my previous posts) was invited as well and because good things happen to good people she won holidays to Ibiza!!! As I said what a cool night.
So what is my scene? Well, think about young people like me (I bloody hope I am still in that category) and think about favourite travel destinations. I genuinely think that even young people can use travel agencies for booking their holidays as they have so much to offer – Ibizia, Mexico, Thailand and I could go on. These are all super cool destinations where you can relax and party as well.
Some of you maybe saw the amazing red sparkly lips on my instagram feed and I am in love and probably going to order the same shade from Glitter Lips. I had that done at the party and I am telling you that it is definitely glam and glitter style.
And I hope you enjoy the official Thomson video from the event…And lets play a game…who can spot me in it?

Tohle byla uzasna party, myslim, ze cestovka Thomson se pomalu ale urcite stava moji nejoblibenejsi. Nejenom ze me loni pozvali na uzasny press trip, ale ve stredu jsem byla pozvana na neskutecnou party na zahajeni jejich nove kampane My Scene. Tento hashtag jste mozna videli na instagramu. No a soucasti kampane jsou predstavitele z Made in Chelsea a za dj pultem stala sama Jameela Jamil. Myslim, ze lepsi uz to byt nemuze…no a samozrejme jedna z hostu jsem byla ja…hehe.
Nejlepsi na tom je, ze jsem se nenudila, protoze byla pozvana i moje kamaradka Bex, o ktere jsem se uz driv zminila a predstavte si, ze tam vyhrala zajezd na Ibizu. Proste uzasny vecer…priznam se, ze ve ctvrtek v praci jsem byla malicko nevrla, ale znate to. Cilem kampane je oslovit mlade lidi a predstavit nove destinace, ktere se hodi jak na relax tak na party…napriklad Ibiza, Thajsko nebo Mexiko.
Mozna jste videli na instagramu uzasne flitrove rty, ktere jsem mela ten vecer na sobe…to mi udelali prave na party a muzete se podivat jak na to na strankach Glitter Lips.
A na zaver jsem vam chtela ukazat oficialni video z teto akce a doufam, ze me v nem najdete. Muzeme vlastne hrat takovou hru, kdo me najde? LOL

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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IMG_0008 IMG_0030 IMG_0029
IMG_0028 IMG_0022 IMG_0041 IMG_0042 IMG_0018 IMG_0021 IMG_0019 IMG_0030

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