VOGUE festival

 Hey Everybody,

When I am writing this post I am still crying as I missed out tickets to see Victoria Beckham. I was never so upset over tickets but they were sold out and you could get them for crazy money like 300 £ which is even worse.
Anyway, I ended up to see a fantastic Michael Kors and stunning Yasmin Le Bon and it was a great experience. Michael and Yasmin were telling stories from 80’s and 90’s naming funny stories from shows and how they started. You could see very old pictures of Naomi Campbell and hear great stories about top models of that era…name them all Paulina Porizkova (so proud to be Czech), Linda Evangelista or Christy Turlington. And it is amazing to see how much has Michael developed and how he sees things. I must say one thing he is very funny and has got great sense of humour.
I loved his statment: I think there are better ways to be comfortable on flight than to wear a tracksuit :)
I could not agree more on that.

Kdyz pisu tenhle post o navsteve Vogue festivalu, porad jeste smutnim z faktu, ze listky na Victorii Beckham byly vyprodany. A jeste vic se mi chce brecet, ze je prekupnici prodavali na internetu za 12 tisic a vice.
Nakonec jsem si Vogue Festival opravdu uzila. Mela jsem tu cest byt ve spolecnosti skveleho Michaela Korse a topmodelky Yasmin Le Bon. Jejich pribehy z pocatku jejich kariery staly za to. Navic se clovek dozvedel zajimave a vtipne historky o topmodelkach jako Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Pavlina Porizka (v takovych chvilich jsem vzdy hrda Ceska) nebo treba Christy Turlington. Michael vsechny zasobil vtipnyma historkama z prehlidek, kdy zacinal a musim rict, ze ma opravdu skvely smysl pro humor.
Nejvice me pobavil jeho koment: Myslim, ze existuje lepsi zpusob jak se citit v letadle pohodlne nez si dat na sebe teplakovku :)
Naprosto s nim souhlasim :)

Love Glamazon xoxo

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