VOGUE girl

Hey Everybody,
Well I am not a Vogue cover girl however I went to a great event today…VOGUE festival. And of course it felt there like on a new Fashion Planet. The concentration of the most stylish people in there was unbelievable. Why does everybody make me then feel like the most ordinary girl in the world? Anyway it was fabulous event and this is what I wore.
I will be a good blogger and will bring more pictures in another post.
And by the way…Michael Kors really has got a great sense of humour.
Ne bohuzel nejsem Vogue cover girl, pouze jsem navstivila Vogue Festival. A opet jsem se tam citila jako na zvlastni fashion planete. Koncentrace skvele oblecenych lidi byla neuveritelna. Popravde se vzdy citim jako seda mys ( a to ta uplne nejvic seda, ktera se da najit).
Akce to byla skvela a urcite vydam post s fotografiema.
Nikdy bych nerekla, ze Michael Kors ma tak skvely smysl pro humor. Opravdu me pobavil.
Love Glamazon xoxo
Wearing: Emilio Pucci Boots, Swagga & Soul leather jacket, Francesco Biasia Bag, Oasis Skirt, Rayban Sunglasses
Love Glamazon xoxo

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