Outfit: I’ll be there in a prosecco

Wearing: Skirt: River Island, Shoes: River Island, Sunglasses: Rayban, Top: River Island

I’ll be there in a prosecco! Yes, what a perfect slogan t-shirt for somebody that loves being punctual and also loves a glass of bubbles. Slogan pieces are fun at least for me and this was a great summer choice for me. It evokes lot of things I love sea, sun, summer, warm weather and fun. And people should surround themselves with things that make them happy and do things that make them happy. That should be a philosophy of your life. The whole world will be happy place then.

Talking about things that make me happy. How gorgeous is this stunning Saint Laurent bag? I can totally see it with this outfit. There is also a white version and I cannot decide which one is better. One is for sure this navy one is definitely more practical. LOL

I’ll be there in a prosecco! Super triko se super napisem a to obzvlast pokud jste jako ja a mate radi dochvilnost a take sklenicku bublinek! Tricka se slogany me bavi a nejen tricka. Tohle u me navic evokuje leto, slunce a plaz a proc si neporidit neco, co vam pripomina veci, ktere milujete.  A lide by se meli obklopovat vecmi, ktere miluji a delat jenom veci ktere miluji. To by mela byt filozofie kazdeho. Svet pak bude veselejsi a radostnejsi. 

A kdyz uz se bavime o vecech, ktere nam delaji radost co rikate na tuto krasnou Saint Laurent kabelku? K tomuto outfitu jako delana a dokonce je i v bilem provedeni. Nemuzu se rozhodnout, ktera je lepsi. Jedno vim jiste, ze tato tmava je urcite praktictejsi. Alespon neco vim jiste. LOL 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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