Wolford Bra

Wolford has always been for me about amazing tights. They offer some amazing designs however when I came across this amazing bra it changed all of a sudden it also helped it was one of the treasures found in TkMaxx (thanks for that place honestly). I found out I am now in to mash bras and all about see through and lace. Well this one is a beauty as well. What do you think?

Kdyz se rekne Wolford, tak si presdstavim vzdy kvalitni a zajimave punchochy, ale nikdy by me nenapadlo si koupit Wolford spodni pradlo. Jenomze kdyz clovek vleze do TkMaxx nikdy nevi, co tam najde a tak jsem si necekane poridila tuhle krasku. Hrozne me ted bavi podprsenky bez vyztuzi, pruhledne a s troskou aplikace, ci krajky. Treba jako tahle.

A co vy? Jedete si svou klasiku nebo obcas uletite i na spodnim pradle?

Love Glamazon xoxo


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