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I have personally been thinking of investing into microcurrent home beauty device for a long time and I finally found one that suits me and I am very happy with the results. The reviews are incredible and when I read some blogpost from women and saw the before and after I was sold on this particular one. Since I hit my 40’s I am more eager to invest in devices that save me time to go to salon and also stimulate my skin.

It will be about a year since I got my hands on ZIIP HALO and here are my thoughts. I have tried few things until now but ZIIP and also my Currentbody LED Mask (use CODE EVA15) is the only two devices I stick to religiously. And the main reason is that you see immediate results and it is so easy to use and takes minutes. The main reason for that is that this device has dual wavelength technology. You are not getting just microcurrent (this is giving you the immediate effect) as most devices provide but also nanocurrent (this is working on long-term improvment of skin).

I am using mine at least 3 times a week and usually I just opt for the easy 4 minutes facial however you can connect your device to your app on the phone and chose your favourite facial. Some target areas you want to treat and only last 2 minutes some are more complex and can take 12 mins. I also like the one for lips so sometimes I do that after my 4 minutes. It is so straightforward and you need your microcurrent gel before you star which comes when you order your tool in the box. The gel lasts so long as you do not need that much.

The immediate results are often things like overall face lift, face is more sculpted and also less puffy. From my experience when you do just half of the face without a fail I have always seen the lift and the most obvious is my brow and my jaw. You really see the face being lifted and the jaw more defined. It basically delivers what face gym facial would do in about 30 minutes.

So far I do not have any botox and I can really see after months of using it that the wrinkles are less visible. Of course there is not a miracle and they will always be there but just not as prominent and this is all the work of the nanocurrent doing it’s magic. Your skin will look more lifted, toned and also glowing more. The combination of the dual wavelengths is very powerful. And you will probably see first long-term results after roughly of 2 months of using it regularly.

Today where I wanted to share the results I have bit of eczema on my eyelids but wanted to really share unfiltered raw images and demonstrate the lift. You see that the mouth is higher the face is defined and the brow is higher.

I hope this is helpful for anybody thinking of investing and it is available to purchase here and do not forget to use EVAZIIP as a discount code.

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