10 European summer outfits

Belen Hostalet wearing simple white dress with chunky gold necklace and burgundy bag
Source: Belenhostalet

10 European summer outfits to wear this year


Summer is here at least according to calendar. Being in London makes summer more difficult this year and so far it has been the worst summer I can remember in the last 20 years. The other day I had to wear full on autumn outfit and I can only keep dreaming of wearing these cut fits right now.

So European summer is on hold at least until I go to Czech and then Croatia and I am hoping the weather will be better than what we have now. However I love scrolling and looking at these girls living their dream in cute looks all around Europe so thought I would share some of my favourites so you have them at one big folder to come back to.

I personally love white in the summer, sequins and also adding bit of fun colour or print and this is what these outfits are about. Whether your style feels fun and you like bit of unusual looks or more classy there is one for you. I would not mind to have them all right now. And how different are the pink shorts?

And if you are still looking at perfect Eras tour outfits I have so many fabulous options here. And I promise you will have the best night of your hlife. I certainly loved every second of it.

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Lilac christopher esber dress
Source: Audreyafs
outfit cute lemon tshirt and striped shorts
Source: Nadiyalyalko
stunning white dress with high mules
Source: Juliesfi
pink tailored longer shorts
Source: Maynik
Stunning sequin gold and blue maxi dress
jeans, trainers and checked blouse with hearts on sleeves
Source: Nadiyalyalko
Blue summer set with large birkin
Source: Emilisindlev
leopard mini dress with cherry dior bag and cherry heels
Source: Ninasandbech
Elegant waistcaoat with black maxi and chanel burgundy bag
Source: Elodiepulici

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