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If you have been following me for a while you know how much I love skincare and discovering new products and also you know how much I love personalised things. I have recently discovered a perfect combination of those two things and added them to my usual skincare routine and wanted to share this unique concept My Blend developed with all of You.

My blend has been founded by Dr. Olivier Courtin, the son of the founder of Clarins Group and offers a new concept that is tailored to your needs and your lifestyle. That got my attention straight away and I decided to go on this little journey to test it.

The first step of the process was a call with a Beauty coach (you can also do an online test which may be easier for lot of you) who diagnoses your skin by asking you relevant questions about your lifestyle, diet, where you work, how much you sleep and so on. So the content of your creams may change few months later. My Blend offers 5 essential formulas and my test showed my creams have to focus on stress management. There is no surprise as if you even follow my youtube channel where I have mentioned My Blend in few of my vlogs, you realise I do a lot in one day and look after a toddler at the same time. I also do not sleep enough, have early starts and so on.

However, it is not just about 5 different creams but you are then diagnosed which boosters does your skin need at the moment the most? It all depends on things like size of pores, dullness of your skin, redness etc. My blend basically offers 350 different possible blends which is definitely a lot and it only confirms how tailored the skincare is.

It honestly is a great concept and although I first had a feeling it is very overwhelming I found it very easy to mix the boosters with the creams and started to use them straight away. In the end I actually had fun mixing it and felt like I am working in a lab at least for few minutes. The night and day creams are now part of my skincare routine and I am seeing first results after just few weeks. The biggest impact I have noticed is definitely in the size of my pores. They are less visible and also the skin seems to be more radiant. My skin feels hydrated but you do not have to be worried that the cream feels heavy or too oily. It has got a lovely consistency and packaging as well.

Both day and night cream became smoothly part of my routine and I am very happy with them.

Jak asi vite, mam rada veci site na miru a mam rada i kosmetiku. Bavi me objevovat nove veci, stridat a menit rutinu a vyzkousela jsem spoustu produktu vcetne produktu na zaklade vaseho DNA.

Ale nedavno jsem mela moznost vyzkouset novy koncept navrhnuty doktorem Olivirem Courtinem, ktery je zakladatelem skupiny Clarins a prisel na trh s novym produktem a znackou My Blend. Jedna se o kremy site na miru na zaklade vasich momentalnich potreb a vaseho zivotniho stylu. Nebudu vam lhat, ze jsem castecne chtela produkt vyzkouset uz jenom diky jmenu Clarins, protoze jejich veci mam moc rada, ale cely projekt mi prisel zajimavy. 

Cely postup zacal tim, ze jsem mela skype pohovor se specialistou (tento test se da udelat i online), ktery mi polozil serii otazek, aby identifikoval muj zivotni styl. Na zaklade toho mi specialista vybral jeden z peti zakladnich kremu a ten muj je vhodny pro lidi, kteri citi denne stres a natlak. Neni se u me ceho divit, malo spim, hodne pracuju a do toho se staram o batole. Jestli sledujete muj youtube kanal, urcite se nebudete ani divit. A tam jsem vlastne My blend ve mych vlozich nekolikrat zminila. Ale kremy to nekonci, dale jsou vam urceny specialni boostry, ktere budou take pokazde jine. Muzete mit problemy jako rudnuti, velke pory atd. 

Nebudu vam lhat, kdyz mi prisel balicek s produkty, trosku jsem se bala, nerada ctu navody atd a musite si samy boosters do nocniho a denniho kremu namichat, aby se vse udrzelo cerstve. Ale nakonec me to bavilo a bylo to opravdu jednoduche. Nejlepsi na tom je to, ze vlastne za tri mesice se mohou me kremy zmenit, opravdu zalezi na tom co ted delate, kde zijete, pracujete, drzite dietu, spite vice ci mene atd. 

Ja jsem s kremy velmi spokojena, nejsou hutne a presto krasne hydratuji a uz vidim prvni vysledky a uplne nejvice ve velikosti poru. Ty se znatelne zmensily a kremy mi opravdu sedi. Libi se mi i baleni. Mozna nepusobi extra luxusne, ale myslim, ze jsou sik a lehke. Opravdu s radosti jsem kremy zasadila do me kazdodenni rutiny. A je to kazdopadne zajimavy koncetp, mozna uplne idealni pro ty, kteri stale jeste hledaji ten svuj vysneny krem.

Love Glamazon xoxo 


In collaboration with My Blend. 

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