Reiss A/W 2014 Collection Preview

Wow, what a collection! Reiss kindly invited me to their press day to see the collection for the next season. And I am telling you there was so much to see. If you think of something it was there – pastels, leather, feathers, suede, darker colours, sequins, gowns and much more. I loved it. And the first picture that leather skirt with lace. You know how much I love this combo right? I wanted secretly to take at least half of the collection and take it home with me. Hmmm, that would be a bit tough to do.
Honestly, you should be excited when Reiss brings this to their store. I also loved their archive collection that includes the most popular best sellers with a new twist. So if you missed that best seller last time…stay alert as it may end up in your closet in the end.

I am glad I can share some pictures with you and one cheecky selfie of myself!

Reiss predcil ma ocekavani a po navsteve Press Day jsem byla v oblacich. Cela kolekce na dalsi sezonu byla prekrasna. Samozrejme nechybelo uzasne zpracovani (ktere maji vzdy), ale v kolekci bylo tolik krasnych kousku. Navic jsem zahledla hodne veci, ktere mam rada…kuze, flitry, semis, pastelove barvy a mnohem vice. Mela jsem chut si odnest pulku kolekce sebou v tasce…hmmm,trosku nerealne, ze?
Myslim, ze se mame ale na co tesit, az v Srpnu zacnou pridavat jejich podzimni a zimni kolekci do obchodu. Taky me zaujala jejich kolekce archiv, ve ktere predstavili ty nejvice prodavane kousky, ale trosku je pozmnenili.

Jsem rada, ze vam muzu par fotografii ukazat. A taky jednu selfie v zrcadle. LOL

Love Glamazon xoxo

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